A mean mother fucker called Stagger Lee

Oh sweet god. These guys have figured out how to fucking overclock a FUCKING CD-R Thats fucking nutty.

Uhhh if you have never listened to much Nick Cave and the bad seeds I suggest you go download Red Right hand and Stagger lee. Both off the Murder Balleds cd. That whole cd was insanely fucked up

Oh god I'm tired. Work early ugh.
Lets see what else before I pass out...

I'm all about freedom of speech and everything. But this is still kind of fucked up..

Remember Johnny Mnenumic (sp?) and uhh the part with the dolphin. It was retarded in the movie, in the short story by william gibson it was pretty bad ass. That was a pretty lame work up to this link.

Oh god. This weekend girl and I went to her younger brothers cub scout thing and they had to make these cakes of like around the world shit.. And then they auctioned off the cakes (some were just normal sheet cakes with cool icing and shit) and they were selling for like OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS A PIECE!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH that made my mind explode..

Girl and I also watched some bad ass movies this weekend. Check out the watcher, and way of the gun. She slept thru The watcher... but I thought it was bad assed. We also watched (err started to watch) high fidelity. We only got about 30 minutes into the movie when it was obvious neither of us were going to be watching it anymore...

Sooo uhhh this last weekend rocked...

I had posted this before. But the fact that someone out there decided to go THIS IN DEPTH into some star wars shit is pretty... cool. Its a good read...

God dammit. People need to stop stealing ideas out of my head and taking them as their own ARGH. I was sOOOOOOOO going to do a redesign in all pencil.. damn you person!

I find it simply amazing that people who thing that THIS IS A GOOD IDEA HAVE SUCH A STRONG GRASP ON THE DOPPLER EFFECT!

Boy. This could definatly be cool. I fucking LOVE the onion. A onion movie would be pretty sweet I think

This is wrong. Its the god simulator.
OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo shiney. I want a personalized action figure!!!!!!!!

This makes me want to poop myself in joy. UNDEROOS ROCK! And... My girl in spiderman undies... Tingly....

And now some very nice sites for all of you. Check out PARTY GATOR. Its wonderful.

And uhh.. Oh god... How can I even find words for this.. Its uh... well.. Ok.. Its EROTIC HAND PUPPETS! AHHH

And ummm here we seem to have a comic strip made entirely in ASCII! UGH

Its nice to know that www.american-psycho.com points here. Very comforting.

And you KNOW its definate BLECH OF THE DAY material when the page is entitled "Eatin turds in public"

Ok. Well on that note. If I haven't scared lexi away then I would like to say welcome to jons news dot com on behalf of all the readers and myself. Hopefully with the addition of lexi and another yet to be named poster that I am in talks with (and then random posting by Girl and Cory and Scott) this should all round the site out nicely and then when I am away there will be nice posty things for you all to read.

Well I am fucking cold and tired. I had massive blood loss tonight because my cat mauled me in the ear and took a huge chunk out of it which bled forever. And then he went away and faked that he was sorry then charged me and hung UPSIDE FUCKING DOWN ON MY LEG AND BITE THE ASS OUT OF MY TOE. So I think he wants me to go to bed. And I am sure he will make me get up early in the morning when he fuckstarts my head... Ugh. My cat is fucking satan.

Keep skanking to the beat.!!!

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