Merry Christmas!

Yay!! I'm sleepy

Wesley Willis would like you all to have a merry christmas. Rock over london! Rock on Los Angelas

Drink from the penis cup and learn all about funky cold medina..

Wheelbarrow freesyleeeeeeeee BOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I watched Kung Pow the other day and I really enjoyed it.. One interesting thing on the dvd that I found out about was that Steve Oedekerk (besides being behind a million really funny things) was the guy responsible for the thumb wars video and will be releasing a DVD of thumb movies sometime this year.. that would fucking rock! There is actually even a clip from thumbwars hidden on the dvd... On the bad side he is also partly responsible for Juanna Man.... But I guess everyone makes some bad decisions.. Cause his next movie Bruce Almighty sounds like it has alot of potential..

Well.. its time to head off and have my employee meeting again at 8:30 in the morning.. kick ass...



Alive and blogging

Been really super busy the last week or so.. I had my first employee meeting tonight and had to kick some ass.. Tommorow I start with all the manager stuffs..
Hopefully I will have some more time to blog once shit gets settled down..
Since only two people were into my porn extravaganza idea how would me just selling shit like movie posters and other cool shit (and porn) on ebay super cheap be? Anyone out there interested?
more later..