The best part of wakin up, is hot links in your cup..

I'm in the process of finishing watching the "vengeance" trilogy by Chan-wook Park. I would have to say out of three "Oldboy" so far has been my favorite, I am just finishing "My Lady Vengeance", and "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" was pretty badass. His directing style is quite stunning, and all three movies are visual treats. I loved the one-take fight scene in Oldboy, probably one of my favorite fight scenes of all time.

On to the linkies!

Wow.. talk about old school internet greatness. All your base belong to Calvin and Hobbes.

Is Batman the greatest ninja of all time? He's definatly in the top ten according to this list.

Slashdot has a pretty interesting post about bugs as features in programs. Interesting read for the comments.

Jim Halpert is Dead?!?!?!!? If your not watching The Office, do yourself a favor and go get the first two seasons and catch the fuck up. Also, if you haven't seen the I.T. Crowd yet, get the fuck to it! And while I'm speaking on TV stuff.. get "The Mighty Boosh" as well.. Genius stuff!!!!

What should I do with 300 porn DVDs? Questions like that are the reason I love ask.metafilter. Also, Adam Savage posts there occasionaly, which is kinda cool.

This is some horrible live action Street Fighter goodness..

Allthough I'm not a huge fan of their name change from dailyWTF, to worse than failure, the content is still as gooas as ever, so check out this wonderful error message.

Fucking MC ROVE in the hizzouse!!! The rappin resident! Colin Mochrie on the beatbox!Now with bonus old school linkage!!!!! Its Princess Leia the yodel of life!!! ahh the headly innocent days of the internet, when the sky was the limit.. now its all mashups and torrents and blah blah blah. Oh god.. I think I may be becoming a internet geezer. Doomed to sit on my porch in a rocking chair mumbling about animutations, and the day we were set up the bomb..

Want to fix computers the GeekSquad way? Then check out their leaked manuals.

Ok.. this is some crazy sci-fi future shit right here.. a fucking deep fat frier/gold fish tank

Here is a great clip from an excellent British show called "Spaced", its by the guy behind Shaun of the Dead..

Check out this crazy flash life sized whale!

I've never heard of this band, but the songs pretty good, and the video is very cool. Filmed entirely in reverse for some cool effects.

A conversation at the Grownup Table, as imagined at the Kids table.

Did you know that the Super Mario Brothers song has actual lyrics? Me either!

Dear video game industry, please note, this is how you sell video games. LOTS AND LOTS of video games.

Ok. get ready for two crazy ass videos, Human Slingshot and Robot Ride.

Man these are some very pretty desktop backgrounds.

Ok.. I think that should keep you crazy kids busy for awhile. But let us not forget our BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!


bleep doop bleblebe beep

Hmm I read some news sites this morning, and joystiq has a pretty decent article about how "dwarf fortress" is the future of gaming. Man.. If there was a tight gui for it, it would rock even more ass..

I think one of the things I love most about it, is the different game modes, and how they interact with the persistant world. If you play a few successful games of Fortress mode, and build some awesome dwarf civilistaions that create some epic weapons, later you can play adventure mode and discover the ruins of your old civs and plunder the loot you created before. Everything in this world functions and has names. Everthing is also generated when you first run the world generator. Its a awesome game if you get into it..

So, on to subject number 2 for todays post. Faith.

I have faith. I don't talk about it much, unless asked. I don't feel its my right to judge others based on their faith, or any other factors. But HOLY SWEET FANCY MOSES! How can some people of faith be so stupid?!?!?!! I watch these two videos, notice their complete lack of a grasp on science and reality, and then I want a peanut butter and bannana sammich. Ok. I guess in the second video maybe he is unwittingly touching on some quantum physics, because I guess that while the lid is on the jar, the peanut butter could be in multiple states (there/not there/a teeming civilization).

If you've ever played any of the "grow" games (Grow RPG being the best IMHO) then you may enjoy this.

Haha the Ninja from 'Ask a Ninja' interviews Will Farrell and Jon Heder from Blades of Glory

Ever wonder what would happen if you throw a big bowl of dry ice into a hotel swimming pool?! Pure awesome.

Its been a hard days night of the living dead!

This is one of my favorite skits from UCB..

Exploding Cds!

I think I am going to make this site a daily visit "Does Today Suck?"

People say retarded shit every day, why should their court visits be any different?


Man.. I would allways get in trouble in school for writting smart ass answers on my tests.. SOme of these are great!

B.00..0.0..// K KL KJ

. .0


G 0

]\0G ./]\




My daughter and niece just typed that last bit.. I'll leave it in there, just cause..

Sweet god. I've allways despised Alex Albrecht. This clip has made it all worth while.

Could the Onion be coming out with some compitition for the Daily show?

Hmmmm did this guy travel into the future and meet the future version of himself? His cameraphone says yes..

And to wrap it up, there are some real jems in B3ta's Bumper Book of Sick Jokes.


Oh it would've been, could've been worse than you would ever know.

I'm really digging the new Modest Mouse cd. Its pretty bad-assed. I've been a fan of theirs since like 2000 and its great to see them getting some recognition. If you haven't seen it yet, check out their new video for Dashboard, its fishtastic.

Pimps up, Ho's down, Gmod is in da club!

See.. Ideas like this are what make our society great. "Hey Honey, Tonight I need you to taser me while I'm shotgunning a beer! Yeah yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but its going to be GREAT!!"Its how great things are born.

I;m sure you've all seen the exploding whale video. If not, you should go back through the packet you got when you first used the internet. I know its in there.. Well anyway, I had no idea that they tended to blow up by themselves.. GROSS!

God I love me some 'This American Life'. I'm excited for the upcoming Showtime show of it. Also I'm pumped that they are finally offering free MP3 downloads, and not just streaming realaudio versions of the show.

So yeah.. Short one today.. Maybe tommorow I will get to pick through my "bag o' links" some more.


Get ready to have your tiny little minds blowen.

Hooray! I have finally found a offline blogging software in ubuntu that I really like. Bleezer is pretty sweet! If your a linux user and blog, then definatly check it out. It works great in windows and mac Os too (cause its java based) so feel free to check it out if you haven't switched yet.

In a few moments I am going to link to you, what I feel may be one of the most in depth and insane games I've ever played. I've put a huge amount of hours into it, and still have barely scratched the surface. It's one of those games that the first time you play it, you'll probably dismiss it.. You'll download(4.8megs and its amazing) and play it for about 5 minutes, and then exit.. But then an hour later you'll get that nagging feeling in a dark recess of your mind. Maybe it was me.. Maybe I need to give it another chance.. And if you do, you'll discover that your made some fool mistake, read some more of the help files, or check out the wiki and plunge back into it.. And quite honestly, you'll think of games in a different way. It's seriously that good.. Its like watching a whole world unfurl in front of you, and your in control. Some people will be put off by the "graphics" but get over it.. If you do, you will be changed.. I can't say it enough, the more I play this game, the more I fall in love with my little dwarfs..The slogan of the game is "Losing is Fun!" and its true with this game.. It is amazing to watch the world grow over each successive play.

Ok.. So onto the "meat" of the post.

TONIGHT! WE DINE IN HECK!!! a Family Friendly version of 300

This is how the truely hardcore eat their pancakes!

Girls costume warehouse. We got a lot of fuggin costumes here!

I love me some Mc Chris. Check out his take on Kingdom Hearts 2 Vs Resident Evil 4

Is it possible that Linux MCE could be better than Windows MCE? Check out this video for a side by side comparison.

Mmmm Yes.. I'd like a 'Big Bowl bow of immerses from fish head' and a 'Fragrant bone in garlic in strange flavor" Please..

Sometimes you need to look back and ask yourself, was dyeing my hair worth it swelling up to giant football size?

This is probably one of the coolest pieces of WOW fan art ever.. I love this pic.

This is why you're not allowed to play with my action figures!

I've been considering learning the art of 'wet shaving' for awhile now.. maybe I should..

I know I can't be the only one who has wanted to see what would happen if you microwave a furby...

Man.. I think I posted this awhile back, but i can't get enough of watching a windows install get throughly raped by spyware..

I love this french ad for "March of the Penguins" Its genius!

This SOOOOO badly needs to be made into a series on cartoon network's adult swim..

Well.. Thats it for now.. till next time kiddies!



Call me a traitor

Well... I switched a couple weeks ago. Both at work and at home. I'm running Ubuntu full time at home, and duel booting at work, only when I need to do something with Infopath.

Overall I have to say I am really impressed where ubuntu has brought the linux desktop experience. My wife adopted it without a problem. She's using it exactly to the level she was using windows before. I would allmost feel comfortable switching my mom. Its seriously that good now.

With the package mangers, installing new programs is a breeze. Pretty much everything just worked on both of my installations. The only real tweaking I had to do was at work, getting my dual monitors working the way I wanted them..

But.. enough about that.. On with the links!

If you're a security minded person, feel free to follow the NSA's guide to locking down your PC.

Next time your having a shit day, pop open these pictures and you'll feel better..

Man.. What would I do without crazy ass Japanese TV shows? Watch it till the end to see the Natto Bomb!!

Man.. This looks like the most delicious swarm ever!

Haha. This clip of people who have no idea how to handle a rifle shoot a really high caliber gun is quite funny!

This is the same method I use to cook my steaks. Watch this video for the key to making a perfect steak..

Well.. My supper is done.. so I guess thats it for now.. I gotta get through all the links I got sitting here waiting to post.. so stay tuned for more.

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Turn around, bright eyes...

I can't even count how many levels of crazy this shit is.. so watch it and enjoy.


Check out this bad assed TV Guide thingy.


Jonathan Coulton, the genius behind "Code Monkey" and "Re: Your Brains." (You can hear the songs and more, or even purchase some of his awesome music on his site) did a cover of Sir Mix-a-lots classic "Baby Got Back". Now someone has taken that and sync'd it with the original video. Its cool because all of his stuff is released under the Creative Commons liscense, which means that cool little projects can use it to make new content.


Man.. Imagine looking at your town on google maps and seeing this shit overhead!


NWA's Fuck the Police, censored in real time.. Funny shit..


What if we took a Harry Potter book and replaced every instance of "wand" with "wang""


Oh god.. Its Rap-Cat. Yeah Boyeeeeeeee


I know you've all been waiting to see what a Japanese Bruce Willis would look like.. So here you go!


Everyone loves to see people getting the sweet fancy moses scared out of them.. So, enjoy!


Ugh.. well time for magic beddy by land.. more tommorow.

All that...


And a bag of chips!


I'm a fan of "Tower Defense" games, heres a pretty sweet one where you can create a maze out of them.


I thinkjust about anyone that knows me, knows my love for Non-newtonian fluidss. So here are some sweet videos of them.


Henry Rollins: A Love Letter To Ann Coulter


Here's another bad assed time wasting game. Navigate a field, and then avoid versions of yourself going back in time.. Its a weird game that I found pretty addicting for awhile.