Merry two days after christmas

Things have been kind of hectic. Tons of running around for christmas and all that. I finally have a new computer, Now I just need to build up the funds to get the internet turned back on.
Now that I finally have a really nice computer that kicks ass I need some games. If any of you knows anyplace that I can download games from (iso would be nice) quickly please let me know. I have my computer at my brother in laws for the next day or so and I would like to grab some games before I go home and back to no internet. I need some sweet games to tide me over. Please email me if you know anywhere I can get some from fast.

Hopefully as soon as I get some internet posting will return to normal for once.


Your ass is playdoh and I'm the fun factory!

Hey boys and girls.. I think everything that could have gone wrong has since I've last posted (Slightly over a month ago). I left my post at movie gallery. My computer has shit the bed (Harddrive died and screeches now). Life is poop. But.. Life is good too. Girl and I go for our ultrasound this friday so we will find out if its going to be a Jon Jr. Or a Jonina. So with no computer I have nothing cool to post. I'm actually posting from work which is helping my brother in law at his business selling games on ebay. So howc an you help me out you ask? Well. I've tried tons of things, the whole donate a dollar thing never panned out, blah blah you know how I allways beg for money.. Well this time its kind of better. Go buy stuff from us. We have games for all the major systems, and you can email us for stuff that we don't have and we can just cut ebay out completely. If you buy games through us instead of at the store or whatever then I make a little money and I can get my life in something resembling order and get my computer fixed. So please, if you play any video games buy them through us and help me out. We also have systems for sale, and everything we sell is brand new, in its factory seal. Use buy-it-now to get free shipping too.. joy!

I'll update more as I can..