MMMMM mmmm good

I love wario ware inc mega mini games. Its addictive and insane. And it appears that the kind of gaming style it uses is catching on!

Rather reek havoc in real life instead of in a game? Then build your own PVC flame thrower!

Mario and Zelda Big Band. BAD ASS

Is it a toaster oven? HELL NO BEYOTCH! Its a PVR!

Help Hulk Hogan, Fatass He-man, and Mr. T bring down bush and fight the power!

Toyko People Packer! I think that would be a great name for a band

Dial a number and be transported to another place

Here is a leaked potential script, and some footage from the next spidermand movie.

Ever get really tired of doing your day to day bullshit? Why not just throw together a golem to do your shit for you

I know alot of you have probably considered signing up for this DVD rewinding service, but save your money! You can now buy a dedicated DVD rewinder for your home!

Ask the Tech Girl, a hot techy sexy babe answers your questions

Ever wonder how tape is made? Well, here is how!

How much do you know about spiderman? I got one wrong on this, some of them are quite hard...

Check out some of these awesome pencilmations, Some are very very very cool

Want to know about every spiderman villian EVER! then make with the clicky

Cooking with google, This is fucking awesome, I can't believe I have never seen this before.

Ok.. well I guess i am gonna go find a good nethack client and mess around with it, I have been forcing myself to try to play warcraft3 for the last three days and I have decided beyond a shadow of a doubt IT FUCKING BLOWS


Early in the morning, rising to my feet

Holy shit. Evil Dead the musical was one of the best fucking things I have EVER seen in my entire life. I fucking cried because I was laughing so hard. Seriously, If they have another run next year it is sooo worth the drive to toronto. Plus its a pretty nice city, I wish Nate and I would have had more time to explore the city, There was a pretty sweet Comic book shop next door to the theater, and Honest Eds was right down a block or two! (scroll down and look at the pictures, the place was CRAZY). Then we went and had Thai for supper before the show. While waiting for the show we were encouraged by the people going to seat us to try a nice canadian beer while we waited for the doors to open. We were seated in the fourth row, right behind the blood seats!
After the show we found our way out of city and started home, No trip would be complete without a stop at Canadian Tire, and buying some Aero Bars We got home at about 5am and all in all it was a awesome trip, allthough I was not able to acquire any Poutine

Since its monday and some of you don't have this week off. I will give you this little time waster, I have been playing it for about the last 30 minutes or so and its quite fun. You can also play this fun game, and see if you can answer "what is it?"

Poutine is just one of the many wonderful foods featured on this website.

I think I have posted some infiltration websites before, but there is allmost allways something good on them. There is a infiltration of the theatre that we went to to see the musical.

I don't quite know what to think about the new Spy Vs. Spy Mt. Dew commercials yet.. I have allways been a big Spy Vs. Spy fan, I've read mad magazine forever, and I even used to play their videogame all the time.

Well.. I am gonna go watch spiderman with my mom since she hasn't seen the first one yet, and I figure she has to see it before we see the new one on tuesday.. I really hope its good. Hellboy has upped my expectations for comic book movies even further.


Open up your mind and let the sun shine in.

Mindgame, a 2d/3d animated movie from one of the animation houses that worked on the animatrix. Seriously, I hope this gets a proper english dub because it looks like one of the best animated things I have EVER seen. Its fucking CRAZY. At times it kinda reminds me of foolycooly, Which I loved.

Scott. I am exicted to see your new bike, Does it look like this? Does it run Linux?

Here you can read about how the discovery of beer created civilization as we know it!

Heatvision and Jack! the greatest pilot show you have never seen. Its got owen wilson, jack black, and Ben Stiller. Jack Black Plays Jack, the worlds smartest man, Owen Wilson plays Heatvision, Jacks unemployed roommate whos intelligence has been put into a talking motorcycle! As great as it sounds my friends!

Do you know the difference between shit and shinola?

The power pizza! Laptop protection on the cheap!

This link is for Nathan. Lots of videos of drummers doing their thing.

Mmmmmm weird food.. ymmmmm

ugh.. welll.. I better get to sleep. I have a dr. appointment at 8.30 in the morning, then a seven hour drive to toronto to see EVIL MOTHERFUCKING DEAD THE MUSICAL!!! RAHHHHHH FUCK YEAH!!!
The greatest case mod of all time!

This is about as close as I could find for the blech of the day! Enjoy!


My pet thrashes the most!

Check out HATE BEAK and Caninus!

Ron Burgundy likes a little afternoon delight.

I have been reading this site for a couple months now. I really really dig it. If you like zombies its fucking awesome. There is plenty to read through in the journal.

Also.. check out the Kingdom of Loathing for some browser-rific rpging. Its fun to bash Knob Goblins!

Download or buy and listen to the new modest mouse alblum. ALOT! its fucking fantastic. I am soooo into it,..

Ugh.. well I gotta go get ready for werk and crap.. Vacation next week! Whee!

Guess what?

I'm back bitches!

Scott told me the other day that he still reads my archives. Well, until my old host went down he did, and I have been finding a lot of crazy stuff lately.. So I guess its time to open the doors of linky goodness.

Gmail is the buzz right now, but screw that! Get this kickass free email instead!

Good lord, I just about shat myself laughing at these edited spiderman comics. Keep hitting refresh to see more! This reminds me of those edited Dilbert comics from some time ago.... Here comes the cock boat!

Here are some pretty sweet small starwars games to distract you.

Check out some awesome ass clocks!

This guy is pretty cool, making a entire band of robots and then fronting it and touring.. Pretty cool in a noise metal kinda way..

This is quite a funny video, I rather enjoyed it.

And to bring this whole fiasco to a end for this post, your blech of the day


I take it back..
This is the blech of the day!

Well, that's it for now, bedtime for me after I play a little COH and a little Psi-ops. Night night.