Get busy child

There will be no link descriptions in this post. Oh god the Links Abound! So much Linkage!

Blech of the day And Another Man, I really should save these up.

HAHA guess who my two favorite people are? This link is for them! Seriously! Consider it!!

Hope you enjoy the linkies!


I'm gonna whip you silly and I'm gonna fuck you stupid.

Way of the gun has such fucking great dialog. I love that movie.

I was wondering today where fruit flies come from.. are they allways on our fruit and we eat them with our fruit or what? Luckily the straight dope is here to help

Ever wonder what some possible titles to your favorite one hit wonder songs could be?

Here is a cool little CAstlevania flash game for you.

Buck Truck the rapping trucker
Need I say more?

Grayson. Dick Grayson. FUCK YEAH! This is allmost better then batman: dead end

What is this crazy mystery animal? Weird

Why dear lord is anitfreeze so yummy?!

More then you could ever want to know about bottle water

Take one fancy pants italin food expert and one wine and spirits expert. Insert them into a non fancy pants "restuarant" like The Olive Garden and hilarity ensues

Make yourself a GIANT keyboard

MMMMMMM watermelons. Square and Pyramid style!


well.. its work time. Enjoy


Like a moth to the flame

Whats up my tender lumplings?
Last week was pretty lame for me, I had to reformat and reinstall windows about 203897213918209i9sas90802 times. But now everything seems pretty stable and good to go.
On the up side I have been hoarding links through the week so this should be a long ass post.

Lets start off with a little art... MADE OUT OF CHEWED GUM!

Next I have a couple of sweet games for you to waste your time with, First a simple yet addictive little game, Next Megaman Vs. Ghosts and Goblins

Click on "bobby yang erupts. See the video" on the bottom right to see some bomb ass van halen played on a fucking violin

Oh yes my friends. Its geek Bling

Hmmmm.. This is making me think about replaceing my cable modem with this service.

spamusement - comics based on spam subject lines.

I still think the interrobang is the greatest punctuation EVER!!!

Hanzo Steel. Remixes from kill bill

A.W.O.L. - Alcohol With Out Liquid™

Here is a very good article about Alton Brown. A true god amongst men.

Good lord this is the biggets rabbit EVER

Play 20 questions with a computer!

I posted about the computer in the motorcycle. Well Check this out scott.

And to wrap it all up, todays BLECH OF THE DAY
And here is a bonus BLECH OF THE DAY to make up for all the ones I have missed lately

Well. The post wasn't quite as long as I would have liked it to be, but I gotta wrap it up before work.


Dear Internet,

How are you today?

The way I started this post reminded me of the website "Love letters to the internet". That site has long been one of my favorite favorite favorite things ever on the internet. Its soooo fucking great.

Holy crap! this is the most efficient living space ever. Its crazy!

I don't remember if I have ever linked to this site that lists all of the crazy ass shit that you can dig up on google. Fear your privacy!

If you are going to have a band, you have to name it right! This page will help. I still think that some of the japanese band names are crazier though! Would you like bonus links with that?

Scott sent me this link a few days ago and I figured its only fair that I share it with you all. All like.. three or four of you so far at least.

Perhaps you would like some old school game level backgrounds for your computer! Drop a link to any site with good video game backgrounds in the comments if you have any!

I would love to work at Huh? I think it would be the greatest corporation to work at.. maybe..

If you haven't seen the fucking awesome mario brothers theme played on a guitar guy, then check him out, There was also another version with some kid playing it on a piano, but this is even better, The mario theme, on a piano, blindfolded. Bonus link for speedruns via bittorrent

Test your drunken walking skills here!

YAY! lighter tricks (previously Zippo Tricks) has had its US block lifted so once again you can go check out all the crazy ass lighter tricks there

Check this out if you are into military shit.. Pretty sweet MI-24 custom painted helicopters.

Do punk rockers cry? Oh yes.. but more improtantly, do goths have dumb pets? OHHH YESS

Celebrities: PLEASE STOP NAMING YOUR KIDS DUMB NAMES! Your starting a trend. I'm talking to you Jason Lee.

Scroll down just a little on this page and see the fucking awesome origami FAMICOM

A little something something for you family guy fans.

Sooper doods UNITE!

This is as close to a BLECH OF THE DAY as I could find for this post.. Better luck next time!