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A few of my favorite things

I have been a huge fan of the animutations since.. like forever ago. But I just watched Earth Vs. The Funk for the first time and its fucking awesome! YAY!


Oh man.. I want one of these wooden keyboards.. Nice! The 2500 dollar price tag is a bit prohibitive though.

Oh god. This is definatly todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!! ARGGGHHHH

GOSH! Superman is such a dick!!

Well.. I keep falling asleep at the computer so i think i am going to wrap this post up now and take a nap.


My name is Jonas.

Is mcdonalds encouraging its consumers to have some kind of weird ass food sex with its double cheeseburgers?

This is hot. I would so buy this as soon as it hits the market.. One big pad and just throw your rechargable shit on it and it goes and charges it up... One pad to charge them all, and in darkness bind them!

Just in case you ever need to know the reason why you have asshair!

The Hummer PC mod!

Oh hell yeah. Its a foldable katamari damacy guy! FUCK YEAH!

Check out these videos of Del the funkee homosapian (Aka Deltron 3030) performing at the Sega Dreamcast launch.. Especially good is protoculture, an awesome rap about video games.

Tube gossip. Interesting bits overheard on the subway

Grand Theft Auto Brick City. Too bad it will never happen for real.. it would be awesome.. but keep the hope alive that lego star wars will be a good game!

I have quite a few links saved up from the past months that i was keeping in case i started posting again. So i will be smattering them in and hoping that you guys like them.

One example is the star wars one man show! Nosing around on the site also found me a short film that this guy did called "x spots the mark" which was very entertaining/

I don't know if you guys got to play with sodium in highschool lab or not.. but I did. I allways wondered what dropping three pounts of it in a pool would be like! INCREDIBLE!

First there was the prank where the guy parked like a asshat to see what kind of notes got left on his window.. Then came the semi anti=prank where someone decided to leave nice notes on the windows of people who parked well.

Something awful formum: New changes to the starwars saga!

And to wrap it up. The Beastles! Some nice mashup fun for you!


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Come on ride the pony, get get down.

Bing Guns - pictures of the 16 inch guns of the U.S. Battleship Wisconsin being fired and making things asplode! Also check out these videos of kamikaze pilots in action

This weekend I purchased a senseo Coffee machine. I wanted something to quickly supply me a quick cup of coffee on my slightest whim. This fucking fits the bill to a T. I am in love. It sits on my computer desk now in its own special spot. Ready and waiting to pump delicious coffee directly into my cup at my fancy. Now i just need the sexy little holder for my delcious coffee pods

Haha. Funny commercial for you

Learn to be a fucking NINJA!!! YES!!!! Ninja wisom on weapons:
A Ninja won't kill people with this. He'll use it to shoot an arrow attached to a rope, then climb to where the people are, then kill them.
Here is a bonus link to a story about a ninja wailing on his guitar with his super boner to defeat the pirates.. Of course that comes from the ever wonderful realultimatepower site.

Think of a movie character. Now click this link and see if they can guess it! They got mine 4 times in a row..

I'm telling you right now, sony not opening up the UMD media for the PSP is quite possibly one of the worst decisions they could make.. I really hope for their sake they will decide to open up the format.


Attack of the giant squids!

Fuck yeah! its the advanced macking guide!!! Sample videos are a great thing!

Oh yeah! its darth tater!

Oh, and lest we forget! todays BLECH OF THE DAY

[Listening to: Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) - The Arcade Fire - Funeral (4:49)]


Please do not fuck this up you fucking fuckers

I swear to god i will have someones ass if they fuck up this fantastic 4 movie. I swear a blood oath on this point right now!
I mean.. ok.. they allready made a sort of fuckup because they are giving Dr. Doom powers and the same origin as the rest of the FF.. FUCK.. Victor VonDoom NEEDS NO SUPER POWERS! Next thing you know he will have fucking organic web spinners.. I hear those are all the rage..

[Listening to: Pardon Me - Incubus - Make Yourself (3:43)]


Good eye, sniper. Here I'll shoot, you run.

Been a crazy last couple days.. Up is down. Penny Arcade has revoked their game of the year award for WOW.

I have been avoiding posting because the reall shitty revamped blogger interface was getting my goat. It was bothering the fuck out of me that once my post got longer then one screen if I put a link it, it would scroll up to the top.. And you all know how much I lurve my linkies.. So now i am trying out w.bloggar and so far I am quite happy. Oh and since I am having a shit hard time getting into wow i have relinquished my soul to RE4 and named it my new master. Holy shit this game is insanly good.. Fucking good!

Check out Office Bricolage! Make weapons from common office items!

MMMMMMmm I just saw this recipe on food tv (40 dollars a day with Rachel Ray). All i can say is YUM. It makes me crave pineapple upside down cake so badly!

OOOOOO airboat racing in HalfLife 2! AWESOME! First truely multiplayer mod to come out!

Want to hack your coke machine! DO IT!

Check out this sweet zelda tatoo.. very nice! More here!

A halo RTS! should be awesome! I may have to reinstall C&C Generals for this!

Ok. I am going to call this one done here and test out the posting feature on w.bloggar
Peace out!

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don't wanna be an american idiot!!!

Listening to the newest Green Day alblum.. I've had it sitting here for a few months.. Just now getting time to do a proper listen through.. So far I am definatly liking it.

Click here to see what happens when you combine a Aibo with a read dog. I mean.. not combine like making a cyborg dog.. but.. oh man.. Place in the same room with a piece of meat between them.

Someone created a nifty portal site to view those nice unsecured securtiy cams.. and you can even list them by location.. NOICE

Check out this sweet etch-a-sketch mod!!

Read about the trials and tribulations of a call girl agency.. Fun! Again people. I cannot stress enough. If you have something you want to keep secure and hidden.. Like a shift diary from a call agency... Then try a password! The site is old and defunct.. but still a heck of a read.. I wish i could find their website they keep mentioning, that would be great!

Meet the cubes. Cube farm fresh fun

Robert Cringely's 2005 tech predictions

Googles History of the usenet!

I think thats about it.. Time to go play WOW or Gary's Mod for HL2..



Funny Story from 2004

* i had this post all ready to upload this morning. but i dropped the ball and never hit post before work.. so the mega cool camera thing is probably old news to you all*

Scott and I found out about the GNAA back in october when they hacked the dremel tool pumpkin carver website to have a goatse pumpkin mixed in with the other ones.. GENIUS! I don't know which is better, the GNAA or the IAGSDC

At one point when the new Karaoke Revolution game came out I wanted to get it for Jamie. I called our local video game store and this is our conversation:
Me - "Hello do you have the new release 'Karaoke Revolution 2' for the PS2
Them - "One second..... Nope. We just have Karaoke Revolution 1.. Is that what you want?"
Me - "No. I am looking for Karaoke Revolution 2. The second one."
Them - "Sorry we don't carry that type of game"
At this point I gently take the phone and smash it into my forehead repeatedly..

My prediction to the biggest news story of the day. Unsecured webcams. More here and here is the direct google link. Post any cool ones you find in the comments for us to all share!

I had no idea that Will Smith had such disdain for normal old toilet paper..

Is it wrong how happy this makes me? Perhaps I really and just a cold bitter shell of a man..


C'mon... Be a Hostess to my Ding-Dong!

Check out this insanly in depth SNL site. Allmost everything you could possibly want to know about SNL.... Except where the fuck Tina Fey got that scar..

I just thought i should remind you guys about baiting.. some of the funniest shit ever!

Want to know what some of your favorite rockers looked like as a kid?

Landover Baptist has been some funny shit for a long long time.. Good thing they have finally exposed the super secret homosexual handshake. Be sure to pick up your "What Would Jesus Do?" Thong while your there

If your into Zombies, even a little bit, I gotta suggest you go and read this.. I started reading from about 3 weeks after it started and followed the updating to the end.. Go read.. Very good stuff..

Well.. its a short one today, but news and links have been slower then ass.. World of warcraft is down.. Nothing is happening online..
Hopefully tommorow will be a better day..


*singing* chin chin chin chin chin chin chin chin chin

Well.. Its the start of a new year and I have been jonesing to start blogging again.. I still find lots of cool shit and I am still compelled to share it. Cory's finally got his site being updated on a regular basis so I think the time is right..
Speaking of Cory, he has a list of the best video games of 2004 up on his site.. I geneerally agree with him on it, I am suprised he put HL2 above Halo2 for the best FPS. Not suprised because I think Halo 2 is better, suprised because Cory is a self admitted MS whoremonger and I have pictures to prove it! I definatly agree that HL2 is the far superior game.. About the only additions I would make to his list are:
Best "Rolling Things Up Into a Giant Ball" Game : Katamari Damacy (which is allmost my favorite overall game of 2004, right after WOW)
Best VG related purchase that suprised the fuck out of you with how good it was and it didn't even disappoint even a little bit : The Nintendo DS
Gotta give alot of love to the DS, Even though the launch titles are still slim, the fucking demo for Metroid hunters fucking blew me away.. Using the thumb pad its just like a PC FPS.. In fact its better then most FPSs that came out this last year.

I would also like to add my opinions of the top cds and movies i have enjoyed this last year
Modest Mouse - Good news for people who love bad news
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3
Interpol - Antics (and listened to their first alblum for the first time and its equally as kick ass)
The Killers - Hot fuss
Honorable Mention - Beastie Boys - To the 5 burroughs, Bowling for Soup - A Hangover you don't deserve, Green Day - American Idiot, The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives

Napoleon Dynamite - best fucking movie of the year, Bar NONE. Been a long time since a movie has affected me like this one has.. I fucking quote it non-stop.
Shaun of the dead - exactly what the dawn of the dead reamake should have been
Spiderman 2 - like I had a choice here
Hellboy - Possibly better then spidey2
The Trailer for Sin City - Honestly. Between the two trailers (one two) for this movie, they are better then 90% of the dreck that came out this last year. Fucking Robert Rodriguez believes in these movies so much that he has resigned from the directors guild of america to make these the way that he wants to make them. If you have not yet read the Sin City Comics then GO GET THEM NOW. Frank Miller is a fucking god in the comic industry and you cannot call yourself a fan of comics without haveing read the sin city books. Amazon has some examples of his art from sin city up that you can check out for comparison. In fact it seems to be a decent chunk of Marv's story. Also check out the IMDB page for it for some interesting information about it.

Oh and on the HL2 tip, download and install this mod right fucking away! Cory you will seriously shit yourself if your allready impressed with the physics of HL2. And it gives you the ablity to pose the chars from the game making humpy humpy if you so please. Check out some screenshots here! For example check out how fucking pimp this is..

Ooooo Talk of a Tenacious D Movie? YAY!

Since I feel Katamari Damacy was one of the best games of the last year. I am very excited about this.. More pictures here

Cellphone Privacy booths! AWESOME!

Ok.. thats basically it for right now.. Lets see how long I can keep it up this time..
Cheers and Happy new year!!!

*edit* comments should be enabled now..