How to irragate your nasal passages.

It does what the title says.

Hello. I'm a Marvel. And I'm a DC.

I saw this quite some time ago, and its still one of my all time favorite fan made starwars videos.

Here is a pretty neat Acapella performance from Imogen Heap. Its neat how she layers her voice.

I allmost allways point my key fob at my head in order to unlock my car from a greater distance. In case your not, watch this video to learn the whys and hows.

God save the queen.

I just read this article over at HardOCP about framerates in Vista Vs. XP. Here's my list of things I love about vista:

  • Its freaking huge! Think of all the empty hard drive space you can get used up!
  • Just the OS needs a gig of ram! Hooray for upgrades! Two gigs if you plan on running solitaire and word at the same time.
  • It’s secure! Who doesn’t like having to click 3 times to allow every single thing they click on to run. Thanks for taking care of all that spare time MS!
  • It’s backwards compatible! It will run practically dozens of older applications!
  • It will help reduce those ridiculous frame rates I get when I play games!!
  • Its pretty!!!!11!!!! Who needs functionality?!
  • ReadyBoost! Cause your going to need to squeeze every bit of performance out of your PC if you plan on running Vista.

Fucking A. Seriously.. Some of those games the Vista framerate was HALF as much as the same game in XP.. Go microsoft!

Heres a fun flash shooter game to check out!

This is bad assed. I want one of these for my bedroom!

Super Glitch Bros. What the fuck!?! He's upside down, Oh god now hes standing on thin air?! I allmost like some of the glitched music better. Kinda chip-tone. Read the video description for how he did it.

Howstuffworks: Lightsabers

I thought Harry Potter was a bit familiar.

A softer world, is an awesome webcomic made from old photographs. I really dig it.

Thats right.. Mother fucking Zombies, on a Mother fucking PLANE!!!

Well.. Thats it for me.. time for LOTRO.


A little sumpin sumpin to keep you busy.

Posts may be sparse for a bit. LOTRO is really good..

So heres a little nugget for you. Probably one of my favorite episodes.

Thank god for wikipedia

Starwars Dudes.


Feed Reader: Google Reader integrates Gmail inline, makes sharing easy

I have been considering switching to more frequent, smaller posts. This new feature in Google reader is tipping me in that direction.


Sent to you by JonnyRotten via Google Reader:


Feed Reader: Google Reader integrates Gmail inline, makes sharing easy

via Lifehacker on May 03, 2007

Google Reader just made it a lot easier to share feed items via email with friends who aren't savvy with feed readers. The Email link at the bottom of each item now pops up an inline email form...


Things you can do from here:



Happy Birthday Spam!

Oh hell yeah. Go out and make a penis enlargement cake. Its motherfuckin spams birthday! WOOOOHOOOO

I think this may be the coolest fucking lego thing I have EVER seen in my life.

Check it out. Two awesome games:

Online MMO Risk! Fuck yeah!

New tower defense game! Protect the server!  I think this is one of the harder ones I have played.


Ok.. 30 minutes later.. god that games addictive.

Neatorama had a cool article up about 30 strange animal mating habits. Entertaining read. I'm glad I'm not a bee.. That's all I'm sayin. Here's a quote:

"Actually, "court" may be too strong a word: the male giraffe basically follows her around until she gives in and lets him have her!"

Sounds like marriage...

Oh, and Cory, It mentions the dolphins prehensile penis...

Here are 12 quick and easy steps to being a computer security idiot.

This is a great article about the history of batmans vehicles.

It's art! No! it's a puzzle! It's both!

Check out this guys badassed driving skills.

Funny Ebay feedback!

Wham! Biff! Ooof! Some sweet fighting skills when this guy takes on 5 attackers. He's got nothing on these kung fu masters though.

So.. Why exactly are these places blurred out in google maps?

Have you ever wondered what the exactly opposite of absolute zero is?

How dating my ex was like playing DOOM II on nightmare mode. In the vein of the ever classic Things my girlfrienda nd I have argued about.

Time for me to get my ass to beddybye land. Have fun with those links kids. And if your not fucking watching Heroes, than WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Sweet god just when I didn't think it could get any better, it does.. by leaps and bounds.


I allmost forgot.

Your BLECH OF THE DAY. Be sure to watch the videos near the end.