Its been insanely busy lately. My son was born on april 26th at 2:47 in the afternoon. Even though he was a month early he is very very healthy and has a huge head of hair with cowlicks all over it just like me.

We should celebrate with a huge bowl of Mr Brain's faggots. YUM. Thank god for the british. Between this spotted dick, and crop circle cereal you have a well balanced breakfast.

I can see Mankato, MI being the hot vacation spot this summer. What with the underwater city, crazy pyramids, and alien silver disks and all...

I would like you all to click on the BLECH OF THE YEAR

HOLY POOP! Here is the chance of a lifetime!

Its true. Tommy Chong MAY have sold drug accessories. But not to minors!

This is mega sweet. Its the text only version of wheres waldo!!!

I thought this was quite a funny commercial.. We never get good comercials like this over here.

Oh yes my friends. Its Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers. THE MOVIE!

Suddenly even the timecube makes perfect sense.