Microsoft - the next 20 years
and go here too
I'm going to see the love of my life now
maybe a post sunday night. Until then pray that cory posts some stuff

The truth
The idiots in wisconsin cannot do anything right!

OH jeeze I just wanted to lick em.

Do the world and favor and slap a goth.OH look i'm being different by being like every other goth. If you want to be differnent wear shoes on your hands or something.
Monty python rocks


OH GOD I WANT THIS MUCH!!!! You can all also go get me two of these!!!

Humor to offset the violens

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH I love funny dead presidents. But I hate microsoft for creating this spawn of hell.
I wish PBS would pick this idea up and run with it. I'm allready going to hell for playing with this site so I may as well post it so you can all give me some company. I think maybe satan will let us out of we just all sing the dildo song while wading around the lake of fire. I never really would have thougt that such a quaint URL could have some massive disturbing and funny content.
Looking for some good (well actually not so good) life advice?
I don't like to think of these as cliches to avoid while writing erotica, I like to think of them as little bits of knowledge to live my life by.
Now tell me really how fresh is this guy? just let it load and click on some of the links.. this site rocks!
Wow.. Imagine that. Eric has emotions! I'm suprised.
Thanks to apple for corrupting the world. I know its fake but still who would want a I-tari?
GOD DAMN I FORGOT ABOUT BOXLOR! Better then robot frank.

I love MST3k not as much as cory, but here are all the scripts and this site is great just because of the people behind it. And here are some essays written by some of the people involved in mst3k.

Noone every sends me flowers!
I'm sorry. I can't even begin to write stuff about this site. Its funny though. Believe me.
Another reason I don't have a answering machine.

Ask yourselves do you like rubber chickens a bit too much?

I would now like you to all meet Rusty. Rusy is a homosexual. The site is offensive and wrong. Your welcome.

Birds do it, Bees do it, BLECH why are you doing it right now while reading this post? Thats sick!

Old vibrators are cool, but not as cool as a technologically advanced dildo. Your girl may like it if you bought her one of those, it may also make her happy if you learned about boobs. But tell her that if you buy her a sybian that she has to get you a doll or maybe one of these if thats your thing. Or maybe cartoons are more her thing, but don't lie to me and tell me that you never wanted to violate Josie and all the pussycats.

I keep forgetting some of you are single, go hire a girlfriend. But make sure you do your research first.

The best adivice I can ever give you is Don't lick the stripper! Go scan your booooooooobs and for the love of god don't teach your kids about sex or love from this site. But I guess if you are having sex with one of these then you don't have to worry about kids. BLECH!


Yeah well.. You see this is a.. how shall I say it. A sex post.

I've tried and tried and tried and I can't see the pleasure of this.

So your alive. You most likely masturbate so learn how to do it with fruit or your pillow. Blech. And if you get bored of doing it yourself have a party! But if you are going to have a party you better get alot of these. Too embarrased to rent some porn? Well just go here for regular movies with some jerkin in them.

Are you single? Here are a couple good resources if you are a single martian, or a desperate lonely geek. And if you still can't get any why not go mess with perverts online? Or heck just go try to shower with 100 women in a year. I suppose you could even go steal someone else's girlfriend. Maybe you are just not looking for the right kind of girl, perhaps a nice vamipire girl? And who am I to ignore those of you with ALTERNATE lifestyles? Make sure you use a panty condom though! Go get laid because of the internet! Put it to use for you!

What? You say you allready have a girlfriend? Well then have her go here to pick up a few new tricks for you. Or you could both go here and pick out some new things to try. She may also like for you to go pick up some toys. Or how about having Pooh give you a hand getting it on? Maybe even go rent some classic porn. Go tell her to get some sexy clothes or a new set of nipples. You could also ask her and a hundred or so of your good friends if she wants to get into BUKKAKE! the greatest thing every from japan! Just whatever you two do just don't blow.

After all the sexing that you will be doing after reading this post your and your loved one (or handgina if your single) may want to cuddle in bed and watch squirrels getting electrocuted, and then play with your special barbie. And then go poop and get educated, either alone or together.

Well have fun and don't hurt yourself. Oh yeah here is the information for joelseph USE A SEARCH ENGINE!
and here

Heres where it gets weird

Who woulda thunk that the bible foretold error 404? Oh man. I want a email address here. One like the webmaster of that site!

So who exactly let the crazies out of the asylum?
I think it is more a goverment plan to make these guys look dumb then to beam stuff into their brains. Or maybe they are just scanning us to see what kind of stuff we stick up our butts. This is pretty rough, not sure why I posted it under the weird section. I guess its really just more.. messed up then anything.

Wait just a minute. You mean we aren't allready the pinnical of evolution? Ok I can believe that, maybe once I can buy one of these then we will be at the top. Maybe not.

Here is the college I should have went to.

Ok thats it for the links for tonight. I fixed a couple things around the site today and tonight. I added a voting pole on the left hand side. Everyone go vote there for me. If you have any other ideas, or any sites you would like me to link to, or are interested in becoming a poster here let me know by sending me a email or posting in the message board. Well thats it for right now. No work tommorow and if my baby and I don't do anything then I will post a ton here. Otherwise posts may be spread out.
Take care.

Geeky post

Armored germs scare me!
They scare me so much that I think I am going to pack up my giant robot and go to my plot of land on the moon in my new homemade spaceship.
Did your company just hire their very own hacker and now they don't know what to do with him? Well this video will help you cope with your new hacker.

Want to learn how to be a better troll on the internet? Well this site will teach you all the ins and outs of being a good troll.

Go and make your own role playing game!


Having a pretty sucky night or something.

I feel bad for Tom. I guess Satan is as good a choice for president as the other to main canidates. I should go to church now. If your just going to sit around and watch TV instead of voting then you would want to read the new fall shows for this year.

How about you go read some funny nintendo game reviews? And then go read some funny map reviews. And to complete your morning exercises to look at retarded raver pictures. fun?

You guys want porn? Well I will gladly give you porn!

I do ALOT of stupid things on a pretty much daily basis, but to go as far as infecting myself with a fungus, ok well i would probably do that too. Go read the stinky meat project on there too. Its fun. I'm posting fun links today. See? I had fun. And no matter how hard I try this site still does not make sense to me. I find the email address on it funny though.

STINKY MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think the webpage wheelchairsfordogs.com is about? I'll let you use your imagination. Remember Small wonder? Its a "small wonder" anyone does. That was a pun. I think.

Those wacky russians. Allways putting old war stuff to good use!


Its the little things

Ok just a couple thangs before the royal post. I fixed the links to my boots
and my shoes that I designed and that I want. I also made the logo on top work. Oh yeah and I made the big bad blogger super sized directory. Now I am going to finish the big post.

The updates are coming! The updates are coming!

In a little while. I am dealing with a bit of a crisis here at work and have a update half completed on
the other computer here at work. Its all good. You all will be satiated soon enough.

I'm sorry

For last nights posts. I really don't remember most of it. From about the end of the first one I did last night until I passed out on the keyboard a couple times. I have fallen asleep while using the computer a few times before but this one was bad. I will make up for it with a nice long GOOD post tonight.

Last one i sweaR
I topped 200 hits today
SomeOne lick me plse

On more
in case youu miss it ech letter in the werd LINKS is oneaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb'
b is goodto rest yurrr chin onn when yor rlleay tired.
oK i am serious tsihh tim

I leid to you
I forgt a couple links
so before i sleeppp here are your LINKS
nghti night

New stuff

Well between Cal and I we are working on a neato logo for the site, but he is the photoshop genius so something should be up by the time you will read this. I also have some nice space to post pictures and stuff to. But most of the time I will link directly to the pictures so you can open then seperatly instead of having them load with the page which would slow it down. Here is my shoe that I made with that shoe site that was posted yesterday. I want it BADLY. And here is the boot that I came up with and want too! OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo and here is a pretty sweet pokemon video with pikachu saying "the chicks dig me cause they know that I can fuck" just once you download it remove the .jon and put a dot between the pokemon and the asf!

Yucky is kinda kids site, but I enjoyed it too. Some people find mayo yucky. Mayo is good. Since I'm allready dropping the science here is a funny site. I have this disease.
Art Bell is kind of sciency/conspiracy guy stuff. His site is cool, it has streaming audio too. More conspiracy stuff. I think this allmost fits here too. So does this site. Is the FBI trying to get them as kids now? Urban legends are fun too.

The 80's were pretty cool. Toxic avenger is allmost as cool as the entire 80's. HR PuffNStuff ROCKED! I want Mr. T to visit me sometime. Spaceghost is still my favorite cartoon ever.

Ever have a good idea and wonder how to get it out to the world? Me either. But I have had ALOT of half-baked ones that everyone else may find funny. If you are getting your ideas in line for that site and you need some information then go to this site for all your information needs!

Whats that? You were just thinking "Jon... you really don't post enought weird cartoon links!!!" Well your right so here are two that I have trouble understanding.

This movie is very large. but man it was exactly like every time I played D&D with my friends. Some REALLY old computer stuff for you to go look at. I like old stuff.

Wondering how not to speak english? And since you are not speaking english well anymore why not take up slacking.
Do your neighbors hump a little too loud? Mine don't so there. Go here for a new way to surf and search the net. You just type in a word and it checks all domains for that word. like if you were Joel and wanted to find little boys you could search "littleboy" and it would find www.scottlikeslittleboys.com HAHAHA I insulted you both in one sentance and I am very tired. gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh must finish post.. one more.. link.. to go.. asdflkjasd0923uadfs';mkl/d
n bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb mnh bbb
i'm fallings asleeeeep. BaaLAH
Here IS teh lastlinkf or today kiddies.. Hthis stans to bee the best spder man action figure ever. Theyjust looooke cool.
nite i maykk wake up in thae mrning. mybea not.
off to sleepybear teddybye land to have snggly dreams about jamie so poop on,,,,,, you all


No links for you!

Ok fine you get links! But this is it for now because my trainee comes back any second now.Jesus being nailed to the cross in flash.

The human race is in some big trouble

E-Bay is a gateway to the most foul and sick pervertions of our race. On a lighter note, your eye is not the only part of your body that dialates. Fork out $46 in the next 3 hours and these trendy accessories will make you the life of the party!!!

This next item kinda jumped out at me... I can conjur up a nice image in my head of that american frieght guy for this one... 221-1111! Savings are great at American Freight!

I would like to say those last two links set a theme followed by the next one, but sadly I can't. I'm not so sure what this all means, but it's more disturbing the longer your gaze at it... What the hell is in her mouth?

And finally, I end on a lighter tone... Food seasoning. I hate spicey foods. They make me nauseous (I don't think I spelled that right). Maybe you like them. Good for you. Buy some of this, if you're manly enough...

Well, that's all for now... As soon as the planets align and this painful gas subsides I will have more for you, my misshapen-headed friends...

More Fun with Headlines !

Welcome one, welcome all to my daily posting of the days
headlines with some humor injected in = )

Both of these Headlines today come from our friends at Yahoo!

FDA approves abortion pill RU-486
[JonsNews] Today the FDA approved U.S. use of the contervisial
drug RU-486 or the morning after pill. Minutes after fearing more
market-share loss, chip maker Intel said that it has already begun
development of the Pentium RU-100mhz. Sources at Intel say that
their chip will be much faster and more of a broad base for future
development of silicon based abortion processors.

On a related note, Intel rival - AMD has also announced a similiar chip.
"Our chip," AMD Spokesman Tom Reynolds said,"will be 3 times faster
than Intel's version and also 3 times cheaper."
He continued with, "And we are not going to call it something dumb
like the Pentium, or the morning after pill, our chip will be the Flaming Monkey !"
Hammering his point of excitement and thrills that AMD will bring to this new
market, pyro's went off all around the podium and many
colorful ballons dropped from above.

More than 100 feared dead in China mine blast
[JonsNews - Editors Opinion] I would like to pose some questions to our readers.
Why do the Chinese fear the dead so much ? Why do dead Chinese gravitate
toward mine blasts ? And why would 1 billion living Chinese scared of a mere
100 dead people ?I dont know, just doesnt make much sense to me.

Sometimes it laughs when I hurt.

I was shaving the other day and thinking "my, how boring is this?". Well thanks to our friends at shick shaving has gone EXTREME!!!
Speaking of the antichrist (nice transition eh?) I just think that antichrist bob deserve another link. I went thru and read alot of the content on that site.. VERY weird stuff. Do you think he has something do to with this?
Can I have one of these? I would ride it every day everywhere I went.
I enjoy any site called explodingdog.com I could look at this guys art all day. I actually have one set as my background right now. They are great.
ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH that sickening Robbie Williams seems to be gaining popularity with all the sicko's of the world because its on MTv AGAIN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HELLPP I'm going to throw up this is sick.
I'm all for religious expression and everything, but does Jack Chick really think that people don't just read his comics and laugh at them? X-entertainment has some really choice Chick comics with lots of funny smart ass commentary too. You will have to search a little to find these jems.
I'm not going to EVEN ATTEMPT to try to explain this site. Wow. This is pretty out there too.. OOOOOOOOoooooooooo pretty flash.
Unamerican has lost alot of its edge. Actually. Don't even bother going there. I find custom shoes much more appealing.
I used to read alot of Encyclopedia Brown books so I find this funny allmost to the point of excess. While you are busy laughing at metillica go here and download some mp3s just because.
I like Legos. I like them ALOT. Maybe even enought to warrent buying bulk parts. I need to get some Legos soon so I can get started on my desk. And a whole bunch of mindstorms would rock to, so I can build my Giantrobot that follows my every command. And so that I can also build the legoized robot DJ. I wonder if this guy will build me a house made out of legos?
I love gadgets!
Mr. T rules. Somewhere on X-E there is a new video of him on Conan (I think it was conan anyways.) find it and watch it and realize that Mr. T is the shiz.
I have come across some really good gaming sites in the last couple days too. The first one here is a site with a online mario game. Its pretty cool. The Video game museum rocks my socks! It has all sorts of stuff you can go get lost in. Game sages and Game winners are your ultimate resoursces for game cheats and hints! Every platform.
RPGs are cool. RPG planet is cooler.
Here. Go have a lanparty.

I'm a Netslave your a netslave. Anyone in the IT industry is a netslave.

Is it irony if I spit milk out of my nose while eating cheese and reading Milk and cheese? I love milk and cheese. I need to go buy some of their comics.

I guess they just needed something to put on the patent. I guess its a good reason.

No doubt rocks. Their new video rocks. Their music rocks. Madonna sucks. Her new cd sucks, her video sucks, her taking up "girl power" post spice girls while she is 60 or so is sick. She and Robbie Williams should get together.
Go here to read movie reviews or something.

And to finish this off the site I have been getting the most enjoyment out of lately. And your official SITE OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!! It is not updated daily by any means, but there is allready ALOT of content there to sort thru and its really geeky and sciencey and great and good and wonderful and deserves some time there reading if science has ever interested you. Its more fun then a parabolic mirror.

Next update?

Tommorow morning. I got some good sites lined up. Stay tooned.

So you are thinking of getting your own URL ?

Well I am here to burst your bubble !

If you wanted the domain tampons.com - sadly its already taken by some stuff shirts trying to make a dime off a name.

But if you really wanna get those homemade tampons out to the public via the big river of data then here are some alternatives provided to me from the good folks at register.com.


I am going to register cybertampons.com and tamponsauction.com - what about you ?


Dookey Balls... Make sure you wipe up.

Come one, come all! Ask jeeves if John Denver is the antichrist and you will find this wonderful enlightening page... I'm not making this up... see for yourself...

Ever wonder why urine is yellow or why poop is brown? Ask jeeves! Jeeves is the best thing since edible underwear and those cone-bras madonna used to wear...

Well folks, that's all for now, gotta go "swab the decks", er... uh... work and stuff

Good stuff for all of you.

I am allmost complete sorting thru my over 1200 urls that I've dragged and dropped over the last year or so. I found alot of pretty tight websites while going thru it all so I'll post them up for you.

I'll section this off for your reading pleasure. Oh yeah and cause thats how my urls are organised in my favorites now.

First off we have the Pegboard computer. This would look pretty tight hanging on a wall. Knowing how Stuff works is fun, Beakman and Jax can help with that as well. If you ask nice they may answer lifes most important question for you to!
Like starwars? here is a pretty good site for fan films and stuff.
Are you a nerd? Want to get some? Go here you nerdslut! I used to watch this show alot when it was on discovery channel. This is the actual DARPA site by the way. Cool Tech ensues! My 7 Ft Tesla coil is shipping out tommorow and should be here by the weekend. What could be more geek then a command line based website? The geniuses at Sodaplay have updated again. The ultimate geek fun site.

Funny eh?
Laughter is the best medicine they say. Synge is another one of those funny news sites along the lines of the onion.. maybe a little more edgey. If you take your furby a little too seriously this may be for you. Oota lootma me love you long time GI. JeffK is the greatest hacker EVER. Watching Deep Throat in full ascii makes me hot. (keep watching deep throat for a few minutes and you will be able to see it better.) Robotfrank is one of the models I will be using for my giant robot that does my every bidding. If ad-parodies with a biting political edge are your forte then adbusters is a good place for you and stuff. Its allmost supper time. I think I'll have a ninja burger to go please. And to wrap up this section I present for you the site created by Mike Nelson and a bunch of other people behind MST3K go to timmybighands and bathe in the goodness.

Otha Schtuff
Here is a site that i stumbled on, laughed a little and marked it for further inspection. I am offering it to you before it has my full perusal.
Remember SNAPS!? Well here is a site with lots and lots of insults on it. Also yourmom.com is THE site for snaps.
I want to link here. But there are alot of popups and I hate that. So go there if you are REALLY interested in cameltoes. Otherwise skip over it.
OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god I think I would run this if it ever was real.
Someone go by me everything from this site to satiate my ultraviolence.
Sometimes this site really fits my job, or any job I guess. This sounded like it had alot more promise then it does, but a good mooked up dilbert strip will fix that let down feeling you have right now.

Well thats it for right now. Off to work in a few minutes. Go write stuff in the message board and email me sites you want to see posted. Or if you would like to post yourself.

Firestone not to blame for this one !

(Reuters) - Air France is suing Continental Airlines over its alleged role in the July Concorde disaster that killed 113 people and grounded the supersonic aircraft, a spokeswoman for the French airline said on Wednesday. French investigators believe a strip of metal which had fallen off a Continental DC-10 punctured a wheel on the doomed Air France Concorde during its take-off from Paris airport, triggering the fiery crash.

I think its cool that a plane can be designed that if one of the tires get punctured the whole plane would explode.

Mmmm ... now should we sue the company that owns the DC-10 that dropped the shard of metal (which is scarey by itself).

Or should we sue the company that made tires that explode into a big firey ball when punctured ?

At the time of this post, Hiroshima Tire company could not be reached for comment.

I'm not a liar, I swear

I'm still working on sorting all my old urls. I have about 300 gone thru allready. About 700 more to go. I am going to start putting together that post in about 30 minutes or so. Really!

Look out.. Oh Oh Oh Oh its coming!

Another big update that is. Sicko's.
I'm sorting thru my 02398423 years of urls I have collected so expect a like page and a half update soon.

Stuff I did today that I forgot to say earlier

I added a link to thinkgeek on the left cause I love that site. I also made the little thing on the left that lets you choose if you want the links to open in this window or spawn a new one when you click on them, its pretty keen I think. It should make everyone happy. I also uhhhhhhhhhhh errrrr. I did something else but I forgot about it.. So I guess thats it for now. Oh yeah. I am also posting the following picture of Uncle Bill in the message board under the "caption contest" thread. Everyone go and post smart-assed captions for it!
I'm Bill Gates. Make me say funny things.

This title intentionaly left blank

Its like quarter after midnight and I am really tired. I think I am going to do this post a little different. Mainly because I am just cleaning up some of the links I found today and couldn't find room to post them earlier.
Yucky.com I wish I had a site like this when I was a kid mixing random chemicals together.
The Satyr Sites like this and and The Onion make me happy. Sarcasm and Humor are good.
The weekly world news should NEVER write about technology.
The Atari 2600 CVS Hmm I have a old portable Tv sitting around. Maybe I should make one.
My girl won't let me grow a mullet again proving why she is the smart one in our relationship.
The new pizza hut commercial goes "we've put cheese in places you haven't even dreamed of". I doubt it.
The uhhhhhhh weirdest Sims review ever.
Go buy cool geek stuff.

Ok. It was a pretty poopy post. I'm tired.. You will get a nice long one in the morning. I promise.


I want!

I want a handspring and one of these to go with it. Here is a c/net review of it @#)$*@#()$%&@#. Oh yeah and one of these and one of these too!

My head explodes every day

Oh boy. Listening to the matrix and pulp fiction like this makes my head explode.

Someone making a Ironman movie makes my head want to explode. I love Tony Stark. But Nick Cage?
I had no clue his real name is Coppola and he took the Cage from a comic character Luke Cage. CRAZY. See my head just exploded again.

The sheer incredibleness of Bruce Campbell makes my head explode!

The amount of greatness in the Big Lebowski indeed makes my head go poof (I'm watching it now). If you've never seen it to rent it or steal it or borrow it.

Stuff like Battle Bots and this make my head evaporate into a bloody mist.

Ok. thats my not really complete list of things that make my head explode.
I have been brainstorming some more things to do with the site. How about a review section for movies and games and stuff?

More goodness to come. I promise.

Site ideas

I was thinking about some stuff to do with the site today and here are a couple ideas I came up with:

1. Making some page right off the main page for me to post some of the really good jokes and top ten lists I get in my email. I dunno.

2. Adding new people to post. Email me if you are interested.

3. Posting more. I'm working on it, once I get done training it will be better.

4. Sleeping. I may skip this one all together. It seems like such a waste.

5. Making a "submit a link" form somewhere here.

6. Once I add more posters I would like to have some kind of Bio-page or something too.

I have a few other ideas I am working on too. Along with generally beefing up the page and making it look prettier.
So if you have any other good ideas or suggestions, or you find any cool stuff while browsing the web send them on. It would make me smile.

Tender Lumplings

Ahhhhhh Oingo Boingo is a sweeeeeet band. Danny Elfman is a genius. He is also apparently doing the score for the new spiderman movie!!! sweet!!!!!

Lets see, where to start today? I made it so the posted by link on the bottom of each post is now a handy dandy mailto link too.

I got up before 9.. blah.. I have no clue why.. I need to go pay bills today. They are like 2 weeks over.. And I have a retarded cell phone bill to deal with BLECH.

Ok onto the oh so skillfully crafted links for this morning. I do believe that I will stop drinking milk at this point in my life. Thanks you bunch of Swedish bastards. You'll need flash for that site and stuff. So there.

I wish my college experiences were as entertaining as this. Allthough I can take solace in the fact that maybe if I ask everyone really nice we can change the lan part to one of these!

Right here alone is reason to get a GPS system. This sounds tight.. A treasure hunt for us adult kids! (stolen by my giantrobot from slashdot.) Oh yeah.. that and I get lost ALOT.

I love x-entertainment for posting such great and funny stories. I am still trying to go thru all the old content on there page.

Oh wait.. heres a good idea!

Ummm I think thats it for right now. I am sure I'll crank out another big update tonight or something. Maybe on my lunch break to. I need posters too so if you are interested either email me or post a sample post in the message board.


The update you have all been waiting for!

This site makes me happy every few months when I go read it. I think this first part of the post is going to be sites that I think are really cool but I don't visit so that you guys can all go visit them semi-regularly and then report back to me and report all the cool things I am missing and stuff. That was a very long run-on sentence. The brunching shuttlecocks is a featured site on slashdot and oft times has some rather silly things on it.. good. Sluggy Freelance makes me giddy. There are alot of older comics to go thru to get up to date on the current story line. Another great comic is Redmeat which is disturbing and funny all the time. A couple good "i'm not doing anything else anyways so I may as well waste time" sites are The center for the easily amused and bored.com.

I think at that lan party i will decide who to vote for!!!

Cory and I were talking about building a robot. I decided that i want a giant robot that will follow my every command and smash things. I think most of the parts I can get from here. And when it is done smashing things at my command it can transform into a nifty home automation center. After that I am going to buy 200 acres of moon and then build my own spaceship and begin colonizing it. Or maybe I will send my giant robot/home automation center there to do my dirty work, and maybe some of my trained monkeys from my farm...

Wow. All the crazy people out there that like to blowup or overclock ( totl.net is a really cool site by the way ) would just send me all their extra equipment.

Oh my god this is sooooooooo incredibly boss. It makes my geek heart melt.

Do you like origami? Do you like starwars? Then this is the perfect site for you!

Oh man really good porn java applets are really hard to find! Oh yeah so is a good ">news site that all the anchor women are naked on!

I am going to thank everyone who enters this contest so that I can figure out what to do with my 1000 aol disks

Ok thats pretty much it for tonights update. I added a link to the onion and love letters to the internet on the left.. go there alot. Tonight is the first night that WWF Raw is on the new channel. I will try to get up in the morning cause my mommy is calling and stuff so I should be up to post alot more.
Till tommorow morning.

Heres your big news!

Saturday Jamie and I were laying on the couch together cuddling. I got thinking about life in general and decided for all I know everything that I have could be gone. I could lose everything in my life that I pretty much and still be happy. Except for the people that I love. And all of a sudden everything made sense for that moment. And in that moment of clarity I decided to ask her to marry me. She said yes and now my life is more perfect then it was before. I am going to marry the girl of my dreams and someday have a family with her and share my life with her, and all of the other great things in life that come with that. I love her with all my heart and soul. She is the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth and I am the luckiest guy ever to have her. I love you Jamie.

And we watched "My Life" with Micheal Keaton. I think that is my favorite movie ever now.

I'll post links later when I come down a little bit from my Stupendous! weekend and I get a chance to take a break from training and browse!
Did i mention I love Jamie?? Cause I do!!!!!

Its uhhhhhhhh 234 right now.
I have to work at 11 and train at that.
God that sucks
Something big happend with Jamie and I this weekend. I will post on it as soon as I can.. maybe innnnn the morning if I get up.
I love Jamie
And no, The big thing is not that we humped.

Updates to come as I can. It may be a little slow during the days this week as far as posts go.. Everyone that comes post something to the message board so that everyone keeps coming and stuff and there is stuff and stuff to see and stuff.
I'm tired
off to sleepyteddybearland.


Getting my scooter on

from dark horizons:
Variety reports that after long being unofficially known, it's now on the record - "Pi" Director Darren Aronofsky will be doing the fifth "Batman" flick which will be entitled "Batman: Year One". Aronofsky is working with Frank Miller, the creater of the 'Year One' concept in the comic books, to do the project which "Details Bruce Wayne's origin as the Batman, including his self-doubts and the mistakes he had to overcome in order to emerge as the crime fighter we're all batty over...[it'll] also include the story of the future Commissioner Gordon, which will mirror that of young Batman. As Lieutenant James Gordon, busy fighting corruption within the Gotham City police force, he and Batman start off as enemies, but they eventually learn to trust one another".
Pi REALLY rocked so I have some hopes for Batman5 still. It would sooooo rock if Micheal Keaton came back for another shot at the bat!!!
And spiderman is going to rock too... I hope.

That Robbie Williams video is disturbing.. It makes me want to ball up and cry like a girl (By the way, that link is to a open letter to Lars. Hes a little girly man)

Chimptopia is good. Monkeys make me happy. I have allways wanted to have a monkey ranch with a whole bunch of midgets working on it too. I would hire like 50 or more midgets to help me manage all my monkeys. Midgets would run around riding goats and wrangle the monkeys and round them up. Oh but they would not ride any sheep. they would ride Fainting Sheep (the kind that if you scare them they jump up and faint and fall over). Man that would be such a great place to work.. Oh yeah.

I am listening to Fatboy Slims "gangsta trippin" right now.. FBS is cooooool. I think I need to see about signing up for this. It could only help me get funkier. I love boy bands!
I may have to listen to this station sometime, parody and weird songs rule.

I want people to go buy me stuff from here. Remember christmas is coming!!!!

This site is the shiz!!! Props to Scott for sending me this link. NES is the best!

Well tommorow is my girlfriends and my one year anniversery and I am very excited. I am going there after work tonight and will be home sunday or so. So no posts till then at least. I will try to squeeze out one more post before the end of work.So until I post again. PEACE!

Message bored

Yeah! The message board seems to be brokey.. But on the good side it seems to be forumcites that is down and not just my board.

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free stuff, illegal books, mutant bunnies, whistler, and games

The guys over at geeknik.net have posted some links to some pretty cool free stuff. Like free t-shirts and a free smartcard reader. The smartcard looks pretty cool.

There is a article over on wired about book pirates. Being really cheap I like the idea of being able to download newer books for free. But I love having the book and owning a copy of it to. Hardcovers rule. #Bookwarez is the site that wired links to as being a huge culprit, but the site seems to have very little acutual content, I would guess the IRC channel for it would be the place to look. Allthough this site had some pretty interesting legal downloadable books on it that I will probably go get later on today.

Oooooooooooo mom mom mom can I have a bunny?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE????

Ok. Windows next big release is code named Whistler. Here are some pretty screenshots.. oooooooooooooooo!

Nethack is oldschool computer gaming RPG fun! There is no such thing as too much information about Pac Man. And I truley believe that this is the greatest picture EVER made by man:
what else could I say about this.

Well here is my last link for this post.. I think this is the BEST blog EVEER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!! Pokemon doing a weblog is just suuuuuuuch a great concept Pika!

The link to memepool on the left was broken too.. so I fixed that. yay!


Oh man check this out:

Your GQ (geek quotient) is.... GQ 120
(this puts you in the 88.44 percentile.)

Go here to find yours!

tfel eht no sknil

On the left I have added a link to blogstart.com which is a good place to find other blogs and sites like mine. Its all nice and catagorized and its just starting so give it some hits.

The next link is for slashdot.org which is one of the few sites that I make it a point of to visit every day. Its the ultimate geeknews.

And the last link so far is for /usr/bin/girl which is one of the best blogs I have read.. I have made it a point to visit it as much as possible since I found it. Lots of great gaming and geek stuff. It rocks. Visit often!

Site Maintance

I went thru and cleaned up the message board today and I will be working on expanding the links over to the left. Oh yeah I am sure I'll post a ton of sites and stuff to.

sweet baby jesus i'm tired

I hate being tired.. it stinks. I went to bed at about 1230 last night and I just got up here about 5 minutes ago and I am all stuffy and junk and I can't breath and I want to sleep for about 12 more hours.
Speaking of jesus here is a good example of what happens when you take your religion a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttle too far.

I used to watch this show a little too much for my own good.. I still remember the theme song.

The part that bothers me the most about this is the skipropes with phallic handles. BLECH

Wesley Willis is a god amongst mortals. If you have never listened to one of his songs you have NO clue what you are missing.

Remember Marble Madness for the Nintendo? here is a pretty funny review of it.. E-whore is a pretty good site too.. you have to pick thru it to find the funny stuff though. Speaking on nintendo check out Classic Nintendo, they have some pretty funny Nintendo Flash stuff. team Jame is along the same lines, pretty good stuff. Nintendo movies RULE!!!! The next two sites have a ass load of Nintendo roms and emulator information. I suppose it would be decent of me to put a link to Nintendo of america somewhere on here.. but ah well!
Is it wrong that I capitalized Nintendo in ever case in the above but half the time throughout my day I don't even bother to make I capital?? I love classic nintendo. I think i am going to go play Kung-fu real quick and then head into work. WOOT!

Oh yeah since I am on this new host I can post all the PORN and weird stuff I happen on throughout my day.

Oh yeah part two. If anyone reading this would be interested in a posting position here put a sample artice in the message board and show me what you have to offer. I want to keep this site updated ALOT with new stuff all the time and I want to keep it fun to read and visit. So go to the message board and show me whatchoo got.


Jay oh Bee

Man I wish my job was like this:
This company will give you cookies and sodas all of the time to keep you happy. Located in RTP ,NC this company is looking for someone to interact with customers and has the ability to win them over. If you have a tech support or 2-3 year developer background and understand C++ …UNIX then chocolate chips could be in your future. A very dynamic company for a very dynamic person. For immediate consideration, qualified candidates contact Jeff ---------, E-Business Recruiter, at Hall Kinion, ------------@hallkinion.com , fax: (919)xxx-xxxx, Phone (919)xxx-xxxx ext xxx.

Edited by Jon. Oh yeah this link comes coutoursey of monster.com
Edited by Jon again. Oh yeah. I cannot spell it appears

Massage Board

Hey if you guys find any cool sites you would like to see me post here or anything else go post them in the message board!!! Make sure you keep coming back because myself and others will be updateing the site everyday throughout the day.

I think I am going to take up drinking

But not alcohol or anything. I think I am going to become addicted to super caffinated soda. There are some really strong brands out there so I can have lots of selection in my new addiction. I'm excited.

Aight. Its about 430. I have to work at 1130. I think its beddy bye time for me.. Off to snugglebear land.


The Humor Channel is a pretty sweet site.. go there and check it out. It has links to a ton of cool sites that I will probably post here anyways.. so uhh.. don't go look at it, You'l ruin your suprise. Just like at christmas!


I got a friend

That may be VERY interested in this website! Go check it

Ultimate Geek

Oh god this is so sweet. I am proud to be a American and it shows

Dr. Cunnings Rapper dentist

I have a appointment with Dr. Cunning next week

uhhhhhh this is a site all about.. toast!
This site has it all, it has toast haikus, toast recipes and best of all toast philosophy


ummm how would that look like for a title for a post?
I had the time setup wrong in the settings for some reason. I went and changed it so that it posts the right time when we post..
Go write in the message board and stuff too to try to break it!

I think maybe we should put the links so they open in a new window, so that you don't keep having those annoying popup banners.. Let me know what everyone thinks. Right now everyone should be pretty much cory.

Man this sounds like a pretty tight game. Its not super graphic intensive but it still looks tiiiiiiiiiiiiight and innovative. This reminds me i have to watch battlebots tonight!!

okay now lets see = )

man this is a great song.

Yearning by Basia.


is pretty cool.

You can even have

Tables and things on this Blooger


Jon is Cory's bitch !!

Mouse Over
this and marvel at how cool Cory is !!!!!!

(just dont click on the link cuz the site isnt real)

test test testing