Just a quick one

Ugh.. works been pretty much ultra busy, and I'm handeling a huge switch over with our time clocks right now, so I have to be present for all three shifts in some manner.. so.. uhh yeah..

Anyway.. I have a couple links for you I just cannot wait to post. Comic fucking gold

This may be the new Daler Mahendi. If not, at least his brother..

This clip was quite funny. Watch some kid eat different spices. I knew that was going to happen on the third one.. fucking great.. Also check out his original video.. not quite as good, but it still has its moments.

Just in case you ever wanted to hear Smells Like Teen Spirit performed by a orchestra. It actually doesn't sound horrible at all..

Man.. I've allways wondered what a 300lb water balloon would be like!

This d00d make it to level 60 in WOW with a naked troll.. Fucking awesome.. Allmost as cool as the Naked Diablo run.

Well.. Off to bed for me boys and girls.. night night.