Oh shit

Sweet baby mike in a basket. SPiderman the movie, the game is fucking awesome!!! That would be the reason behind the lack of posts, that and noone lives forever.. But heres a post for you because I have found the strenght to put down the controller for a moment or two..

So.. On with it!

The hacked ROM reviews over on IMockery are fucking great.. Go read about the classic NES game MEgacrap and the wonderful Nude Punchout!

Man.. I used to love the little M.U.S.C.L.E. guys you could buy.. man.. that was back in the 80's right??Weird that I can remember that.. heheh I used to have fucking boxes of these fuckers..

"Oh Honey! Pull my pussy lips apart
and take the tip of your tongue and
spell the alphabet on my clit!"

I don't know why you would want wav files of women saying this kind of stuff.. but...
Oh yeah.. make sure you look around on that site for awhile cause there are some true fucking jems like this:
"Tonight I'm going to lap
dance every midget in the house!"

And if that gets you worked up.. then run and get yourself a pengal!

This drew carrey fan fiction site was definatly runner up for the blech of the day.. However BUTCHDADDY took the cake today.. BLECH OF THE DAY

Oh god.. I found some more totally blech sites that deserve linking.. so check out this one first
Then check out PENIS RULER!!! I know.. I know.. your expecting some wacky Sci Fi about the master or the penis aliens.. but.. sorry..
Then we have The KegelMaster 2000 (TM) Their URL is definatly the BOMB.. It was actually one of my first choices, but it was allready taken..

This is a pretty fun game.. "Watch out behind you"!!! Careful or you'll catch one in the ass...

Oh shit.. We so used to do this to noobs on IRC all the time.. Good times...

Which highschool stereotype are you? SUPRISE!! I was a geek!!

Want to know how much porn is in a printer cartridge?

I SOOOOOOOOOOO want one of these so I can wreck Havoc anywhere any time!!!

Would you care for a robot for your house? I think I would..

All about electronic masturbation

Now don't go shoving real grenades in your ass.. Get these military sex toys instead!

Lord of the rings fans.. start your drooling..

WOAH!! Ice cream with alchol in it!!!

well.. I gotta go get ready for work.. later gators..


Love is still the answer take my hand
The vision fades a voice I hear
Listen to the madman!
But still I fear and still I dare not
Laugh at the madman!

Fuck it.. I have three blechs of the day and I am gonna start right out off the start with them

I wonder if this is really Christopher Walkens journel.. If not its still entertaining..

Judging by this review the Shaq PPV roasts are the best thing to ever happen to television!

Let me get this right... This lady built a church.. out of legos.. for her cat?!?!!?

Ever want to pluck someone elses nose hairs.. if so.. your weird.. but this site lets you do it.. sicko! I do however believe that watching someone pluck their nose hairs can be one of the funniest things in the world.. Ask the guys at tech support how great it was to watch joel pluck his..

Father and Son take a trip to porn land and live to write about it for the NYPress...

Manties. This is just wrong.. We don't need someone out there making Panties for men...

I need to start hanging around weed killer!!!

WOAH!!! The entire first season of Transformers on DVD!!! I WANT!!!

I've maintained for quite awhile that Kazaa is about the best file sharing software around.. Even though its loaded with spy ware and lots of bad stuff.. I just can't get reliable downloads with any of the other programs.. Luckily there is KAZAA LITE!!! (read: kazaa with the bad shit ripped out) So go download a copy today and get sharing.. Between that and the B3D killer and adaware my system should be shiney clean and not have 53 instances of spyware anymore!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo I think I just found my new favorite band.. They are called Twink!! they rock hard!!!

PEANUT BUTTER JELLY WITH A BASEBALL BAT!!! Don't ask.. I just found it retardedly amusing..

For the first time in the history of the planet, ancient yogic secrets of healing energy are available to all, regardless of social status, income, religion, age, sex, or species. Higher Consciousness... It's Not Just For Humans Anymore

KomicWerks is a very cool site filled with tons of rfeally good net comics.. I highly suggest you check it out.. its becoming a daily visit for me.. That and its 'got too much coffee man' on it


AHHHHHHH and I keep finding this shit.. I get get weird stuff to stop coming to me! HELP!!

I'm quite suprised this drive thru crackhouse isn't in ohio.. The land of the thousand drive thrus..

I think I may have linked miserable melodies before.. But I am going to link it again because I have been having fun there again lately listening to all this great old crap...

If you like mini golf like i do.. then I suggest you check out winigolf... its quite fun!

I very much enjoyed the Upright Citizens brigade while it was on Comedy central... Its good to see they are still doing great stuff.. One of their members phone numbers is one digit off from the tech support place.. so hilartiy ensues!

OOOOOOOOOOoo the virtual stapler!

I like how I as just visiting hollywood.com to see if I could preorder my spiderman tickets and I got a pop up window for purina dog chow.. talk about well targeted advertising..

Extreme croquet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you live in the ghetto and can't have a garden? then check out the carden!

Ever been sitting there really really really late at night and wondering "Gee, what informercial should i watch right now?" well.. This site does all the hard work for you and reviews them so you can cut straight to the good stuff. And thanks to Jay I know that Parsley is the third most nutritious food on planet earth

I have some new time cube shit for you guys too!!! I know your excited!! Check out this creepy MP3!! I know scott and cory will enjoy it!! then check out I know scott and cory sent me stuff about the lecture at MIT he did.. well I found MOVIES OF IT!!! OH YES!! SEE AND HEAR GENE RAY SPEAK!!! Click here for more pictures and a couple more movies.. but that first link has the entire two hour lecture!!! Click here for a review as well.. I am sooooo waiting patiently for this shit to download..

Check out some cool ass custom cds! more here and here and here too

Well.. I am watching a little of this gene ray debate before work.. Stay tuned..


How about a steaming plate of steak and taters with links on the side?

I think I may have posted this WAY back in the day.. but check out netmaster 10baseT

Buckle down and play god with this game!

a quick bit o engrish

ABBA could possibly be the dumbest band ever!! They just turned down a BILLION DOLLARS to reunite!



Ok.. thats it for now.. I gotta run to the store.. hopefully will post again later today


Two wacky guys trying to eek out a living in this wacky frontier town.

My title for this today is my latest pitch to TV execs for a fun filled family sitcom. I think at least 50% of all sitcom descriptions contain the word wacky.
So here I am trying to write my every day fly-in-the-face-of-convention scoop of internet funk, and its going well.. Until I actually open up my program and stare blankly for about 5 minutes trying to think of a title.. then I progress past the title and get to the meat and potatoes and I begin to wonder, Is it "fly" the noun, or "fly" the verb. Is it like.. "OOOOO there is a fly buzzing in my face of convention"? Or is it "I'm going to fly up into the face of convention and go oooga booga booga"?

Now.. just to say why I've had the total slackitude on posts lately.. lets just say I discovered a site that carried warez copys of slightly older games that I can actually play, like worms, and shit like that.. And someone made the mistake of intrudcing me to Uplink.. which is a totally cool as fuckall game.. I became slightly addicted to that..

Anywho.. On with the fly links

Joelogon's Foolproof Guide to Making Any Woman Your Platonic Friend

Personatlity and breast shape.. Are they tied together? What do your breasts say about you?

I know most of you are probably as excited about the spiderman movie as I am.. So go here to check out all the cool spiderman toys that are out.. Did I mention I bought the movie custume figure that has like 23-408923-40923- to the 3rd power points of articulation and it comes with a wall mountable gargoyl that just looks awesome..

Sweet!! Get down and go print out your own ASCII porn calander!!

Society For the Preservation of Gravity. Hurry quick before its too late!!!!!!



EVerybody loves funny signs! I guess...

Are you a nerd and need to work out a little? Then check out the nerdgym!

And then check out David Hasselhoff performing hooked on a feeling and lose your will to live...

For my birthday this year I would love a meatcake!

I don't get it.. why would someone pay 50 dollars to watch some chick smash plastic cars with her feet?

Be Attractive the Classic Maya Way

Things go bad when office supplies attack!!!!

Weirdart is good.. Especially weird wallpapers for your computer!

Leotard Skynyrno! The ultimate japanese tribute band!!

Its the killer rabbit from the holy grail!!!

WAnt to take over the world, but too lazy to develop your own evil plan.. there is help for you!

UMMMMMMM this is just weird...

OH GOD!!!!!! Guess who now controls the one ring?!?!?!?!?!?

There is something wrong with jumping rope with barbed wire...

This is what it sounds like, when a drive dies...

Hey scott.. Guess what? You can turn your GBA into a webserver!!!

Adding and Subtracting. Quite possibly the most extreme body modification I have EVER seen!

ARRRRRRRRRRRR The top 15 pirate pickup lines!!!!!!!!

Just a few more months until this guy time travels.. oh yes...
In fact.. I think it would be the shit to dress up all back to the futurish and run up to him and be like"Listen! I'm from the future, you cannot visit yourself in a different time so I have made the journey for you!!!" Actually quite a interesting page... I think someone needs to alert Gene RAy!!!

Are you dave gorman?!?!! God.. I watched this on BBC america awhile ago and its so fucking funny... And now he is turning his sights to greater searchs!

And to nicely flambe this toss up to the crap on the web we have a nice creme brublechoftheday!!!!!!!!!!

It was a hard decision between that site or this one.. Lemme know in the comments which was blechier


I got the fever !

And the only cure is more cow bell ... er I mean Jon.

Jon where the hell are you ? Crazy stuff is going down all over the internet and we need a zaney, fly-in-the-face-of-convention, man like you to dish us the latest steamin's scoop of Internet funk.

That is unless this hiatus is your way of flying in the face of convention. Then my friend I must applaud you ... unless that's what you want me to do.
Oh god its all so confusing.