You know. I haven't really heard much about the segway since all the hoopla went on back in the day. But tonight I stumbled across this page where a guy is documenting his experience with his HT

wah! This is pretty nuts. Very cool though.. Check it out.. I guess..

Heres some valentines urban legends for you to enjoy via snopes.com

Having lived in a very very very snowy part of the country most of my life, I find it odd that I've never heard of snow rollers before..

Oh Yeah! "Operation: Whatever the fuck crazy-ass nate they come up with for the Iraq war" Is in the house! I still say that Get Your War On is one of the most humorous and original satires on the entire fucking internet...

Just browsing I came across this site and they have a review of one of the best and hardest to locate around here sodas in the world. Jones Bubblegum Soda! And if your ever interested in checking out some of the best soda I have ever tasted in my life get yourself a case of jones rootbeer at their site.. It blows barqs away!

This is the coolest fucking cd player ever! I fucking mean it, its insanely sweet!

Hello, My name is Scott. Well, mine isn't.. but this guy who has been wearing a name tag for the last 835 days is..

Well.. I guess thats it for now.. Not quite anywhere near my old calibur.. but...


You can have it all. My empire of dirt. I will let you down. I will make you hurt.

God. Its been forever since I did this. I hope its more like riding a bike then doing astrophysics. Cause lord knows I am shit at both.

Lets see. First link of all I have to show you guys two musical things I have been addicted to for the past few days. Both are directed by the same guy, but hes not what really draws me to them. The first is a cover of the NIN song "hurt" (which has allways been one of my favorite songs. But this isn't just any cover. Its by Johnny Cash. And its bad ass. Every time I hear it, it kills me softly. I've been listening to alot of dark and brooding music lately which is very fitting to where I am life wise. And when I hear this song done in Johnny Cash's style, With his voice, a voice that you can tell has been through so much. Its hard to listen to, but at the same time I can't stop.
The next is a way more upbeat song. Its "can't stop" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. This song to me really hits the few good points of my life. It reminds me of why I should keep going every day. And the video is fucking incredible. I really don't know what exactly it is about the video, but I really really dig it.

So lets see. My life right now. I'm still doing the ebay thing. I pretty much live at work. I don't mean it in a metaphorical "ha-ha, gee I work alot" way. I stay in toledo all week and go without seeing my wife and our child as it swells her stomach. The two days a week I get to spend with her just make me want to fucking die when I have to say my goodbyes come monday morning. And I don't fucking have anyone in the entire fucking world to talk to about this shit. Its between fucking getting this shit out here, or fucking dumping on someone I don't know at the post office which I must say is the pinnacle of my social interaction. I work, sleep and don't do anything fucking else the entire week except play a few hours of video games here and there and think about how fucking much I miss my wife and how badly I allready love my kid and its not even here yet. And thats about the only thing keeping me going right now. The only fucking thing comforting me and keeping me from going over the edge.

Last weekend I came home and couldn't believe how much girls belly had gotten bigger and it fucking kills me that I'm not there for this. That I can't be there. I keep wondering why my life is like this. What the hell I did for this hell. And I fucking pray constantly that its not allways going to be like this. I never fucking meant it to be like this.. I wish I could think of one thing in the world thats better by my being here. because I think about that alot. And I can't fucking nail it down. As far as I can tell I'm pretty much just fucking wasting air.

well.. fuck.. thats certainly not the direction I meant for this to take. I feel in everyones debt now for putting up with my bullshit, so the least I can do is kick out a decent post after all the fucking shit.

I suggest that noone clicks on this link. But wait. It gets worse. Click here. Oh god. You had to know the furry was coming. Well.. I guess its kinda like furry.. yet.. More disturbing.

This site reminds me of that wacky guy who took pictures of his rabbit with pancakes. I don't know what the fuck that was about, nor do I ask what this is about. But.. Weird none the less. (Is it none the less or none-the-less?)

I got disturbed the other day. I was just working. And I remember the website about bob the anal fissure for no reason what so ever. I hate that my mind does that shit to me. How ever it did prompt me to send Nate to goatse.cx which is allways good for a laugh when you do that to someone thats not expecting it.. On a side note. The site I just linked isn't the same one that I went to the other day. It has the added feature of pictures and also of being one of the cooler websites I have been going to forever and have never plugged.. The Olestra prank is great too!

The Mouth Cam is one of the most bizzare things I have seen lately. Though I have been seeing many less bizzare things as of late...

Man.. I intended this post to be much longer, but I just don't have it in me. I am going home for the weekend.


No my friend

This is the best game ever.

Oh god I am so fucking addicted.


Well, thats three of us.....

now that i know there are still people here, i may as well post something.

how bout if i play captain obvious and post a link to what will become the greatest videogame to ever grace anyone's computer screen!

discuss it amongst yourselves.....