End of the road


I'm through.

I've been trying to write this post for a week or so.. mulling it over in my head.. and now that I am sitting down to actually write it.. Its just too hard.

I don't even know what all to say. The site is obviously dead.. I don't browse the interweb like I did back in the day. And even then.. I just don't get excited about shit like I did then either.. I guess mainly because I just don't really have anyone to share it with like I used to.. I just popped it open tonight to go look for something in the archives, and I saw the smacktards comment on the top post, and figured it was time to get this written. Maybe by shutting the book on this site, I can close out the chapter of my life that this was in some way the heart of.

I started this site back on October 19th of 2000. Just was a way of sharing the crazy shit that I was finding every day with my friends and coworkers in tech support. So much has changed in three years. I've gotten married, had our first kid, and (I like to hope) maybe even grown up a little bit through it all. But even though I have everything I have ever wanted in my life with my loving wife and son. Part of me feels empty and black. I used to have the most fucking awesome friends in the world. Back before I left tech support (a decision I don't think I will ever forgive myself for) my friends were really the focal point of my life. I worked with most of them every day, and hung out constantly with them. The memories I have of the times I spent with them are ones that I will never forget, or I guess forgive myself for ending either. I remember what seemed like countless hours playing video games, driving around, or just goofing around. I don't regret getting married or starting a family.. Jamie is my best friend and my heart. But its very often that I think, "man.. Cory would have really gotten that joke." or, "Geeze.. Scott would apperciate these legos more then anyone else in the world", or "Man, Joel sure was a crack-head unlike any other, good lord he could make me laugh". I don't have anyone to drive around with at 2 in the morning when I can't sleep and get milkshakes with and goof off of, or just to play midtown madness with for hours on end.

Now.. I said "used to have". I guess I still do in one sense. I would still go to the ends of the earth if one of them called out of the blue and told me they needed me. I would drop everything for any one of them and do anything they could want. But.. I don't know.. I don't know if its something that I've done and not realised it.. or what..

I guess as far as I am concerned this is my last post on this website in its current form. Who knows what I will do with it... I will definately leave it up. We'll allways have the archives. And it some small condolence to know that for at least awhile I was the number one search on google for free jetsons porn, and naked pictures of the olsen twins. I even met some pretty cool people from other places throughout it all. But this is it.. the end.. I am tired. I worked my entire sunday today for some nice overtime at work, and I couldn't sleep after I got home at midnight. I hope I got everything out in a somewhat readable manner, so that I can feel somewhat done with feeling what I have been feeling as of late. I just hope getting it all out and written will let me get over everything... To everyone, Thank you for all the great times, I wouldn't trade them for the world. I hope maybe someday there may even be some more.


Important tech news

Learn how to defraggle your harddrive.



Is dark ages of camelot still the MMORPG of choice out there? Or is there something better? I have been really jonesing for some awesome MMORPG action like I used to have with cory in EQ. And the free game Pristontales just isn't doing it any more..


In Tomb Raider people ACTUALLY FLY

I know its hard to wrap your minds around this concept. But its for real. I have watched this movie and I was amazed. People ACTUALLY FLY! I have never seen this kind of thing done before in a movie. It fucking blows my mind to shit..

Just a couple updates. I started work at a factory today, its my first factory job, but its a very nice and clean factory and the work is easy as shit, and the benefits and pay are awesome. Jamie works at the same factory and on the same shift, so getting there and getting motivated to get there is easy....

I am uploading some pictures of my son so any of you that know me and are interested in seeing him can. Those of you that don't know me, probably don't give a shit.. But judgeing from the two hits a day I get, I bet if you don't care, your not still coming here..


Some flash fun for you all



Holy shit

Bubba Ho-tep is going to be the best fucking movie ever. I know I have been saying this for over a year or more now, but it finally has a distribution deal. Good lord its going to fucking rock all of our collective asses

More movie goodness
The Rundown looks like it is going to kick a shitload of ass too. It also proves that the rock has tiny nuts and screams like a girl. I've supported the tiny nuts theory since that time that he was wrestling Chris Benoit and his balls fell out of his shorts in the middle of a suplex.
The only bad part about this movie is that I saw him giving the fucking ROCK BOTTOM in the trailer. I know that move would kill a untrained professional!


Yet another movie you can watch at work

The Matrix in ASCII

Oh man

I found this video a really really really long time ago and watched it and said what the fuck. Watch it again and have your mind blown away

IFILM - Sunday's Game


Listen to movies while you work!

Lab360.com :: The Digital Laboratory of Axis360.com
I'm just messing with the new blogger feature built into the new google toolbar.

Neverwinter nights

I know back when I worked in tech we were all waiting for it to come out. Its been out for awhile now and I have been playing the expansion Shadows of undentide quite a bit lately and its fucking awesome.
Anyone interested in maybe playing some online or something?


Something wonderful

If you only download one video this summer. Make it matrix ping-pong.

This is the coolest shit ever. Everyone needs to see this.


Eeeet's sooooo real

Man.. Cory and I used to allways goof on sammy sosa about him being all about being sooooo real.. I don't really have any clue why I've been hearing so much about him lately, but I figured I should chime in with that just because cory and I are about the only ones who will get that joke.

Lets see. I have a few links for you guys.. I wish I had more time to post, maybe when we get broadband again..

Sex or something else? Take the quiz!

Finally I can sleep at night http://www.111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com/ has been updated!

Here is the official cars.com cartalk list of the gayest cars in the WORLD!

Sweet fancy moses! Someone please buy this item just so this description is no longer on ebay!

Poopreport! I think the world really needs this right now.

Beatallica. Wrap your mind around Beatles songs done Metallica style. AHHHH

Two days ago I was backing out of work and a drunk guy backed into my car. FUN! I've never had a accident before and it pisses me off. At least with this website I can know what intersections to avoid. I really believe everything in the world should have a danger Index.

Check out Ill Mitch. The coolest white skateboarding russian rapper EVER.


The guys at EGM recently interviewed Henry Hill (the guy that goodfellas was based on) and had him sit down and play some of the recent crop of ganster games (and animal crossing). Pretty funny shit!

Check it out. A UFO for your flight sim. You Can Now Fly The USAF Ultra Top Secret TR-3B! This would be sweet..

This was going to be my blech of the day. I have watched the matrix three times in the last 34 hours and I found this page very disturbing for the trinity costume. And the white queen? Oh god. Is this what happens when geeks find their mommys makeup?

Now. I said that last site WAS going to be the blech of the day. Until I came across this beautiful BLECH OF THE DAY

Good fucking lord. For one. Why is fucking president bush on vacation again? This guy gets another break when the rest of the country is at work or fucking unemployeed because his war didn't restimulate the economy like he wanted it to. Shouldn't he be in Iraq trying to find those weapons of mass destruction that never quite seem to show up?. And for two, i thought segways were supposed to be idiot proof and untip-able! What the fuck shrub?

Well.. its time for me to go to work.. stay tuned for more..



Its been insanely busy lately. My son was born on april 26th at 2:47 in the afternoon. Even though he was a month early he is very very healthy and has a huge head of hair with cowlicks all over it just like me.

We should celebrate with a huge bowl of Mr Brain's faggots. YUM. Thank god for the british. Between this spotted dick, and crop circle cereal you have a well balanced breakfast.

I can see Mankato, MI being the hot vacation spot this summer. What with the underwater city, crazy pyramids, and alien silver disks and all...

I would like you all to click on the BLECH OF THE YEAR

HOLY POOP! Here is the chance of a lifetime!

Its true. Tommy Chong MAY have sold drug accessories. But not to minors!

This is mega sweet. Its the text only version of wheres waldo!!!

I thought this was quite a funny commercial.. We never get good comercials like this over here.

Oh yes my friends. Its Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers. THE MOVIE!

Suddenly even the timecube makes perfect sense.


The word on the street

Is that cory has found that the matrix is actually good stuff.. So for him I post this super secret sneek peek at the opening on the matrix reloaded.


lets trade!

Scott gave me this link last night
I feel its only right for me to give him this link

Ooopsie.. Wrong link (hahaha blech of the day on that last one by the way).. try this one for some more really great porn clerk stories.

Oh.. and heres some furry music for you guys!


This is for scott

Here is todays blech of the day


If anyone would be into setting up a time to play some D&D or a Shadowrun game over the internet please drop a comment or a email..


Steal this post

Forget skateboards. Freestyle wheelbarrow baby! Possibly even better then fucking Heelys

I'm all about DIY. DIY rocks. You never fucking do it yourself for a fucking sex toy..

I like sweet tea as much as the next guy.. but this is a bit silly...

I've played a little battlefield 1942 and I was pretty impressed by the gameplay, but I had no idea some new cool gamer lingo was coming out of it. Combine it with old propraganda posters and you have comedy! smacktard

This is one of the wackiest conspiracy theories I have ever read..

I think its really awesome that the Canadian government has such high standards on ``group ejaculation'' and ``bootlicking''

well thats it for this one kiddies.. time to go job searching..


I still maintain what I said about waterworld in the last posts comments. So get off my kool-aid motherfuckers

Oooooooooooooo X-E just did a awesome review of presto Magix. Quite possibly one of the coolest 80's toys that I forgot about. Fuck you scott. I do remember them..

Dear whoever the fuck found my site searching for this. Fuck off. But I would imagine basically its two pieces of bread (white) with a liberal amount of shit spread between. Perhaps a smattering of your favorite condiment would help enhance the flavor. I wouldn't suggest peanut butter as that would only make the whole ordeal more stick the the roof or your mouthier (is that even a word, mouthier?). Perhaps for the consumate gourmet you should try eating about three pounds of lunch meat the day before you plan to make shit sandwhichs for you and your guests and then complete the sandwhich with some nice watercrest and mayonaise. For a nice alternative you could try a piece of cheese in the sandwhich and try toasting it for a shit sandwhich melt. Please don't post any success stories shit sandwich breath.

I fixed the archives. So feel free to check out some of the awesome oldness.

Ugh.. Its like 6 in the morning. I;ve been up since 2 fucking AM for some damn reason, and I can;t get back to sleep and its really pissing me off.. ugh..

Ok.. Now its 4 in the afternoon the next day and I am forgeing on with this post..

This was a very very creepy read. Especially if you are even a little bit clastrophobic. Much in the vein of my son peter. Do you rememer that site scott?? I kept myself awake many a creep'd out night reading this kind of shit..

I got the archives all fixed up.. I don't know if I said that allreayd or not.. but they are fixed and all is veiwable again..

Thanks scott. I had finally gotten the fuckign hot or not craze out of my head.. and then you send me this. Is my Blog HOT or NOT? I even signed up.. I hope my blog is hot..

This is pretty sweet.
. I recently saw a system that looked like a nintendo64 controller with what looked like a IR port on the top if it and AV plugs and a AC plug. Well you hooked it up to your AV jacks on your TV and it played like 100 and some odd NES games and the IR port thingy was actually a lightgun to play duck hunt and hogans heros.. I wish I had a link for this because it was actually quite sweet, and a second controller hooked into the first to play two player games..

Would you like three reasons why some people should never be allowed to make flash movies?
there are actually 3 more in the series, but my eyes started bleeding after the first three and my head exploded.. Just change the number in the URL if you want more..Now to make up for that crap. I am going to link one of my favorite flash thingies. Please post in the comments With other wonderful flash thingies for me to enjoy. If anyone remembers the crazy one with the russian techno rap song and the end of the world and stuff.. drop a link to that because it would make be very happy
Lobster Magnet

Oooooooooooo Soft Cell phones. They kinda look like maxi-pads for robots though..ugh..

There are some pretty decent jokes here if you don't mind wadeing through some crap. Commonly misunderstood computer terms. Also check out the much funnier Hollywood films Vis Internet Subtitles. What if chat lusers and haxors did the subtites for our movies.. And of course. I had to come across furry while check it out..

Well this turned out to be quite a long post. So I am going to pinch this loaf off now and send it up for yous all to read. Enjoy and please linky link some flash goodness for me. Scott at very least I expect pusher robot linkage!


Holy shit fuck

Theres a war going on.
But fear not. Mother fucking Optimus Prime is in the HIZZOUSE!!!!!

But.. Hey. If we lost, whats the worst that could happen?

This is a pretty decent site to check for news. The guy is browsing everything thing he can, and then condensing it all for us..

Oh yeah. You know "Get your war on" will be there for us in the coming months. Oh yes.
The one about the fucking freedom fries is dead on.

Its a bit of a relief that the war is now officially more popular then britney spears!

OK.. well thats all my dial up rattled brain will allow me to view. So.. until later.. Enjoy the links





I'm trying to get my computer online. Windows XP. when i go to set up the connection the choice to use a modem is grayed out, the only option is to use a local area network.

Any of the tech support homies have any ideas on how to fix this?

Dial up blows



You know. I haven't really heard much about the segway since all the hoopla went on back in the day. But tonight I stumbled across this page where a guy is documenting his experience with his HT

wah! This is pretty nuts. Very cool though.. Check it out.. I guess..

Heres some valentines urban legends for you to enjoy via snopes.com

Having lived in a very very very snowy part of the country most of my life, I find it odd that I've never heard of snow rollers before..

Oh Yeah! "Operation: Whatever the fuck crazy-ass nate they come up with for the Iraq war" Is in the house! I still say that Get Your War On is one of the most humorous and original satires on the entire fucking internet...

Just browsing I came across this site and they have a review of one of the best and hardest to locate around here sodas in the world. Jones Bubblegum Soda! And if your ever interested in checking out some of the best soda I have ever tasted in my life get yourself a case of jones rootbeer at their site.. It blows barqs away!

This is the coolest fucking cd player ever! I fucking mean it, its insanely sweet!

Hello, My name is Scott. Well, mine isn't.. but this guy who has been wearing a name tag for the last 835 days is..

Well.. I guess thats it for now.. Not quite anywhere near my old calibur.. but...


You can have it all. My empire of dirt. I will let you down. I will make you hurt.

God. Its been forever since I did this. I hope its more like riding a bike then doing astrophysics. Cause lord knows I am shit at both.

Lets see. First link of all I have to show you guys two musical things I have been addicted to for the past few days. Both are directed by the same guy, but hes not what really draws me to them. The first is a cover of the NIN song "hurt" (which has allways been one of my favorite songs. But this isn't just any cover. Its by Johnny Cash. And its bad ass. Every time I hear it, it kills me softly. I've been listening to alot of dark and brooding music lately which is very fitting to where I am life wise. And when I hear this song done in Johnny Cash's style, With his voice, a voice that you can tell has been through so much. Its hard to listen to, but at the same time I can't stop.
The next is a way more upbeat song. Its "can't stop" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. This song to me really hits the few good points of my life. It reminds me of why I should keep going every day. And the video is fucking incredible. I really don't know what exactly it is about the video, but I really really dig it.

So lets see. My life right now. I'm still doing the ebay thing. I pretty much live at work. I don't mean it in a metaphorical "ha-ha, gee I work alot" way. I stay in toledo all week and go without seeing my wife and our child as it swells her stomach. The two days a week I get to spend with her just make me want to fucking die when I have to say my goodbyes come monday morning. And I don't fucking have anyone in the entire fucking world to talk to about this shit. Its between fucking getting this shit out here, or fucking dumping on someone I don't know at the post office which I must say is the pinnacle of my social interaction. I work, sleep and don't do anything fucking else the entire week except play a few hours of video games here and there and think about how fucking much I miss my wife and how badly I allready love my kid and its not even here yet. And thats about the only thing keeping me going right now. The only fucking thing comforting me and keeping me from going over the edge.

Last weekend I came home and couldn't believe how much girls belly had gotten bigger and it fucking kills me that I'm not there for this. That I can't be there. I keep wondering why my life is like this. What the hell I did for this hell. And I fucking pray constantly that its not allways going to be like this. I never fucking meant it to be like this.. I wish I could think of one thing in the world thats better by my being here. because I think about that alot. And I can't fucking nail it down. As far as I can tell I'm pretty much just fucking wasting air.

well.. fuck.. thats certainly not the direction I meant for this to take. I feel in everyones debt now for putting up with my bullshit, so the least I can do is kick out a decent post after all the fucking shit.

I suggest that noone clicks on this link. But wait. It gets worse. Click here. Oh god. You had to know the furry was coming. Well.. I guess its kinda like furry.. yet.. More disturbing.

This site reminds me of that wacky guy who took pictures of his rabbit with pancakes. I don't know what the fuck that was about, nor do I ask what this is about. But.. Weird none the less. (Is it none the less or none-the-less?)

I got disturbed the other day. I was just working. And I remember the website about bob the anal fissure for no reason what so ever. I hate that my mind does that shit to me. How ever it did prompt me to send Nate to goatse.cx which is allways good for a laugh when you do that to someone thats not expecting it.. On a side note. The site I just linked isn't the same one that I went to the other day. It has the added feature of pictures and also of being one of the cooler websites I have been going to forever and have never plugged.. The Olestra prank is great too!

The Mouth Cam is one of the most bizzare things I have seen lately. Though I have been seeing many less bizzare things as of late...

Man.. I intended this post to be much longer, but I just don't have it in me. I am going home for the weekend.


No my friend

This is the best game ever.

Oh god I am so fucking addicted.


Well, thats three of us.....

now that i know there are still people here, i may as well post something.

how bout if i play captain obvious and post a link to what will become the greatest videogame to ever grace anyone's computer screen!

discuss it amongst yourselves.....


Knock! Knock!


Is anyone here?