Holy shit

Bubba Ho-tep is going to be the best fucking movie ever. I know I have been saying this for over a year or more now, but it finally has a distribution deal. Good lord its going to fucking rock all of our collective asses

More movie goodness
The Rundown looks like it is going to kick a shitload of ass too. It also proves that the rock has tiny nuts and screams like a girl. I've supported the tiny nuts theory since that time that he was wrestling Chris Benoit and his balls fell out of his shorts in the middle of a suplex.
The only bad part about this movie is that I saw him giving the fucking ROCK BOTTOM in the trailer. I know that move would kill a untrained professional!


Yet another movie you can watch at work

The Matrix in ASCII

Oh man

I found this video a really really really long time ago and watched it and said what the fuck. Watch it again and have your mind blown away

IFILM - Sunday's Game


Listen to movies while you work!

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I'm just messing with the new blogger feature built into the new google toolbar.

Neverwinter nights

I know back when I worked in tech we were all waiting for it to come out. Its been out for awhile now and I have been playing the expansion Shadows of undentide quite a bit lately and its fucking awesome.
Anyone interested in maybe playing some online or something?


Something wonderful

If you only download one video this summer. Make it matrix ping-pong.

This is the coolest shit ever. Everyone needs to see this.