In Tomb Raider people ACTUALLY FLY

I know its hard to wrap your minds around this concept. But its for real. I have watched this movie and I was amazed. People ACTUALLY FLY! I have never seen this kind of thing done before in a movie. It fucking blows my mind to shit..

Just a couple updates. I started work at a factory today, its my first factory job, but its a very nice and clean factory and the work is easy as shit, and the benefits and pay are awesome. Jamie works at the same factory and on the same shift, so getting there and getting motivated to get there is easy....

I am uploading some pictures of my son so any of you that know me and are interested in seeing him can. Those of you that don't know me, probably don't give a shit.. But judgeing from the two hits a day I get, I bet if you don't care, your not still coming here..


Some flash fun for you all