Preview the Clones attacking

Various sources are saying that Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones will have a trailor out on November 2nd. Disney's "Monsters Inc." (which looks cool) is the only movie set to open wide that day, so more than likely it will feature the trailor.

If they end up cloning Jar Jar in this one, I am going to vomit and when Star Wars Galaxies comes out, I am going to create a Dark Jedi and do nothing all day long but slay Gungans.


I think I broke blogger.. It ate half of my last post...
And I can't edit it..

Welcome back..

So.. The sites been down a few days..
Not much new around here..
I'm no longer employeed.. Girl and I are looking to move up near toledo.. I am searching hardcore for a job.. I got about 50 resumes out so far.. If any of you live near toledo and know of any place that is hiring please let me know..

Ugh.. Lets see... I have tons of links for you alll.. I will start with todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

This is one of the greatest things ever!!! My good man bnib sent it.. Click here if you want to learn how to be a cybah lovah

This is a pretty fun game.. Quite tough at first though.. but fun..

Is this the next all your base? I am the shover robot. The song is by the same guys that did all your base... And here is the most complete history of AYBBTU I have ever read.. I'm also running the screen saver that can be found here...

Cory (or anyone into MMORPGS for that matter) Will apperciate this page..

Perpare yourselves for the mullet riots.. GM is going to stop making camaros...

Is microsoft more stable then the WTC???

Here are some really good logic games. I couldn't beat the knight one..

I'm not a trek fan.. In fact I can say I even don't really care for it that much.. Give me star wars anyday.. BUT.. This time line from Galliao up is really quite cool.. and I may even subject myself to watching that new show.. .It sounds a little cool...

Living at home with your mom may curb risky sex!!! I know it did for me..

I love conspiracy theories.. But why is it that people love them?

If you have ever played a consol rpg then you will understand these rules... I think they are for the most part dead on..

I reposted that site with 0 comments



Vectorstar is back up and running. All hail the internet.

Well, all but jon, since his new ISP is having routing problems and he can't even get to his own site! HAHAHAHAHA

Hey, lets all say bad things about him, and when he finally gets to look at his page, he can be like, "hey, who wrote bad things about me?"

That would be just great! what do you think?


Weird dream

Last night I dreamed that I sold our bed to Leo Laport from the screen savers on tech tv...


I don't care either..

Especially those of you who used to say that Mr. Dressup wasn't real and just some sick imagination thing I had going on.. He's dead now.. happy????

g00gl3 is l33t


I don't care what anyone says.......

ok, so here is the deal. i catch alot of flak at work just because i don't hate Nintendos Game Cube. if i don't drewl over the X-box, then i'm the outcast.

well, i don't care want anyone says, i have found another reason to want to buy a Game Cube.

Can you say, Resident Evil?

They have taken the original Resident Evil, completely redone it and are going to release it next spring. some of the shots over at ign.com are sweet. and if you have the bandwidth, download the 40meg movie. its sweet!

now, on with the verbal abuse....


Happy Birthday to JonsNews

Oh yes kiddies. It was exactly one year ago today that cory and I made the first posts. (Though the actual first 3 days has been lost somewhere. But trust me on this one) We spend the night messing around with layouts. Its all come a long way since then. I went thru a phase where you could choose your own layout. Went thru some shitty layouts. Some good. I had a menu system that loaded and took about a minute to load on DSL. Links. Four whole emails from people who were reading this site. One enemy (he put down my site and said all sorts of shit.. But I can't seem to find the post that it all happened in.). A YMCA shower story. LOTS OF LINKS. Some disturbing chat logs. Two message boards. Three counters. A Madonna rant. Lots of failed ideas. Some that I thought were genius and no one else ever did. Lots of furry/plushy porn. What may be my longest post ever. A commenting system that is only recently actually getting some people using it (Keep that shit up). And hopefully a fan or two...

And as scott will testify, Out of this last year came the best quote ever.
And click here for the post that caught me the most flack..

So be sure to check out the archives for the past year of goodness (Just don't use the comments on the posts there cause I will never see them.. Use the comments on this post). I guess if I had to sum up everything I have done on the site it would be what i've said so far.. Its all been fun and I hope that you all just keep reading, and if you enjoy it spread the word...

So.. Onto what I hope will be the longest post EVER!!!!!!!

I have just a couple WTC links to put up here first. Then we will get to the good stuff...
Here is an account of a phone call made from the plane that came down over PA..
Here are pictures taken as people evacuated the WTCs
You would have to be a fucking idiot to do this...
Did terrorist try to shortsell stock before the attack happened?
Here is a site debunking the latest rumors that are going around about it.
War is looking more and more likely. If we go here are our weapons that we will be using... And I don't know if this is verified or not.. But its not a good sign..
And if you webmaster a site.. No matter how big or small go to corys site and grab one of his banners to show your support... Also be sure to check out his online store. Hes not making a dime on it. So there are plenty of ways to show your support.

ok.. I think thats about it for that.. Wait. Speaking of support.. Micheal Jackson and many other famous Music people plan on making a tribute song. Its cool what he is doing.. But you cannot deny how freakish he looks in this picture...

Is it ok for christians to play D&d??? By jack chick. Hes a better christian then you...

Nasubi.. The greatest TV show ever???
Yasmine Bleeth Facing Drug Charges
An 80-year-old man has been arrested on charges that he was having sex with cows

And then we have disturbing bunny balancing pictures...

For such great things as the butter stick and the cat tounge soother be sure to check out the International Chindogu society!

And of course this being the huge event that it is I have to post a BLECH OF THE DAY

The page you are looking for is too stupid.
This is definatly a link you don't want to click..
Comission a ninja to take care of anyone that may be bothering you..
Wesley Willis really whips the donkeys ass.. Now you can too...
Study reveals.. Babies are stupid..
Trading dead squirrels for sex.. What a great setup..
Mullets galore!
I bet you will.. A internet gameshow??
HAHAHAH the steven hawking dance! Allmost as good as Mc Hawking..
Is Micheal Jackson too ghoulish to make a comeback?
What happened to those whacky kids from saved by the bell?
911 operators are sworn to keep a straight face and take all calls seriously, even when someone says, "Yeah, there's a moose running around out here with an Easter basket stuck around his neck."
Ceiling Fan baseball!!!!!!!!
Are there really alligators in the NY sewers?
This was my second choice for the blech of the day..
I wonder if they know where my other boyscout sock is....
DoXmen. The gay X-men.. Fear Vulvarine!
Thor! Rock Warrior supreme!
Get your haiku on daily!
If I was a giant and had a magnifying glass I think I would be doing something like this..
Dissect a Cow eye!!! FUN!!
Woman arrested for dumping a ton of vomit!
Would you like to be a Statue Molester ???
And for a final link I think this is one of the coolest sites ever.. I have mayo in my hair as we speak...

Friday night we went out with a couple of friends.. Actually it was going to be two seperate things.. Girl was going to hang out with one of her friends that just had a baby, and I was gonna go play D&D for the first time in forever.. But the game ended up never happening, but we did all watch spy kids which was WAY better then I expected.. Weekend before last we watched memento which was FUCKING INCREDIBLE...
I had a little bit of a hard time keeping up.. But when it hit the last scene I was left completly floored.. If nothing else then by the awesome excution of the film...
And then saturday we went up to girls brother and sister in laws house to stay the night.. We played video games and had a few drinks.. Until I lost at cards and had to take a shot of Goldschlager.. As I posted before this stuff is evil and I got FAR to incredibly drunk on it last time Nate and I were together.. So even the smell of cinnimon makes me sick to this day. But the night before last I took a shot of it and projectile vomited right beside girl all over their walls... I don't think I will ever do shots again..
We did end up watching evil dead and army of darkness.. I wish we had gotten evil dead2 instead.. But evil dead 1 is still fucking awesome...

Lets see.. I haven't really put many of my thoughts up here lately.. Nothing like I used to.. But. I guess I have been kind of shutting that part of myself out.. I've been having some troubles with depression.. I go to see the Dr. wednesday.. I hate my job.. I have a hard time leaving the house.. But.. I guess sometimes it helps a little to talk about it...

the fair was in town and girl and I went for short periods. Friday friday when we went to have a supper of fair food there was a barker there with a HUGE bicycle moustache and he talked like a monty python character.. It was very sweet...
And we played the mullethunt game.. Thats allways fun... Spotted a TON of mullets.. I guess this isn't really the longest post ever.. But its close..

Basically thats about it.. I have loved every second of doing this site.. I've learned tons and look forward to it being fun and shit in the upcoming years.. I guess this means I'm around to stay.. Hope you all stay with me..

P.S. I decided that the archive system that I used to use is totally fucking unmanagable with windows. It was easy when I could telnet out and do it.. Its a fucking pain in the ass with windows.. Thanks Bill... So for now use the default blogger archives.. Its not pretty.. But its managble and it has it all there.. The old archives are still in place.. Just not up to date.. Also be sure your playing around on that side menu all the time as I constantly add stuff to it...

P.P.S. Strike that last comment about the archives. The bloggerchives are brokey worse then the normal archives.. Just hold off on the browsing of the archives for about a hour or so. I'll edit this post when they work...

Edited by Jon - Ok.. all should be working now.. If you see any problems or bugs please email me with them


Jack the Ripper!!!

oh yeah. i was just sitting here, bored off my ass. and trying to relax after playing some undying (i still have goosebumps! if you don't own the game now, get it now), and i head on over to darkhorizons. i find me a trailer for "from hell". a new movie with johnny depp about jack the ripper.

i haven't found anything else about the movie yet, no official page or anything, so i am just going to give you the trailer. hi res, and lo res.


[Never forget! Dec 7th, and now Sept 11th]


This title is intentionaly left blank

The mourning is wide spread. Even at places you wouldn't expect there are messages of grief up..

A business man out there is offering a huge reward for Bin Laden.

Here is a flash analysis of the flight path of the planes on their way to NYC

I think this is the most bizzare picture I have see of the explosion so far...
Its not a doctored picture.. You can see it in the video here..

And for those of you who responded to that hoaxed Nostradamus prediction.. Here is a real prediction.. Very odd... Look at the middle CD...

Not really much else coming out at this point about it all.. Just do what you can to help..

On the other side of things..

Here is a really good and long Kevin smith interview. A transcript of him on politically incorrect, and a little nugget I found on IMDB that I find interesting..

Check out this really cool online 3d pong game!

The Ritterversal studios is a lofty project trying to put the great john ritter into some of the best movies ever!

I heard from my good buddie scott that I have a read that wants pictues of men naked.. I guess there are plenty of girls here.. So I will post a link to Naked News again.. Because it recently added male news casters...

I know I'm terribly lazy. Is it wrong that I want one of these..

I think if I ever went to someones house and they served me a drink with this in it I would be sad..

The Murrette. The greatest invention for females ever?

I know scott likes to use EBay alot.. Heres a hint for him..

Is bobby fischer hiding out on the internet playing games??

Ooooooooooooooooooooo GO look at the new Aibos. They are super cute!!!!!!! More info here
Everything I know I learned from First person shooters..

Go here to find out your RPG alignment

Well.. I hope if nothing else I have distracted you guys from any thoughts you had and maybe even brought a small bit of leviety into your lives..

The Net lends a hand

Let me preface this by saying that since I have altered my site. For now I am posting here at Jonsnews. If you are a webmaster or know a webmaster, you can visit my site and download some of the banners or buttons I have made to help show unity in this tragedy.

Now with that said, I would like to share the following:

The following quatrain has been circulating the Internet after the WTC bombings.

In the City of God there will be a great thunder,
two brothers torn apart by chaos,
while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb.
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.

It is NOT by Nostradamus it is a HOAX ! Please share this message and this link as we don't start spreading even more unnecessary fear.
*edited by jon - Heres another good page about the hoax.. I meant to post it with the rest of my links yesterday. *
Amazon.com has set up a Red Cross Donation Site. And I am pleased to say that my money is involved and I hope if you have some extra money that you will too.
Amazon is reporting that there has been 58663 payments thus far totaling $1,852,336.55 !!!

PayPal also has a similar site setup and is reporting 6,909 members who have donated $285,667 thus far.

Even if it is only a dollar, every dollar can help. At this time the Red Cross is reporting that there has been enough blood donated thus far, but there may need more later on.

Dial 1-800-Give-Life to find the nearest area to give blood and if you want to donate money directly to the Red Cross you can dial 1-800-Help-Now or visiting their site for more info. Please be aware that they are experiencing heavy site traffic at this time.

There is a partial list of the passengers lost in this disaster. American Airlines has a similar site up that is a bit more detailed.

And at home let us not direct our hate, anger and rage where it does not belong. Also in areas (such as where I am in Ohio) who saw gas prices skyrocket some 250% in some cases, I think its time that we start boycotting these gas stations and only visiting the ones who kept their prices stable. This price gouging is disgusting. (Notice in this picture that only the Sunoco station's price was up.)

And as always if you have any information please pass it along to the FBI.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it...; always." Mahatma Gandhi


I don't even know where to start...

Well.. I do.. First of all my heart and my (and girls) prayers go out to every one of you affected by this tragedy.. Its hard to come up with funny links and things to say in the wake of this, though I have some useful links first. I won't be posting any news about this.. If you want news check out cnn or news.yahoo or salon.com.

First off this site is devoted to helping any of you that know someone that was in NYC at the time and your trying to find out if they are ok. The site is pretty flooded right now.. Keep trying and you'll get it.. It also links to the other big sites trying to get families back together.. Here are the other sites too. Prodigy, Disaster Message Board, NY.com,

A recent poll shows that 86% of americans are ready for war...

Heres a huge archive for those of you who haven't had a chance to see video or pictures of the attacks yet.. Or if you just want to see more..

Supposedly the feds are using this to push carnivore..

Things are a little nuts around here.. Last night there was a pretty big panic.. Gas prices in Ft. Wayne Indiana went to 7.50 a gallon..... By 8 O'clock my town had allmost completely emptied all 6 of its gas stations..

Text of Bush's Statement About Attacks

And to wrap up that this portion of my post here are the paypal, and amazon donations sites if you have a couple bucks to spare... And find your local red cross and give blood!

Even the funny sites don't seem to bring humor on this day.. But I guess life must go on so I'll throw some non-serious links up here

Heres the big list of excuses to use when you get caught browsing the web..

I didn't know that bruce campbell had a book out.. I need to check out his site more.. Read this interview too!

I'm sure you've all heard of the king james version of the bible. Be sure to check out the Rick James version of the bible.

Its good to know that the universe may turn into jelly at any second..

Ok.. well thats all I have for you guys.. More later or tommorow or something..

Due to the tragedy that occurred today I have made the following banners and
buttons for posting on your sites.

Please use them to link to a useful site such as
www.redcross.org and if you would like,
link back to this page so others can share these graphics, but that is not

To save these images, right click on them and choose the "Save As" option. 
Below the pictures is an example HTML source code for posting these with a link
for anyone new to HTML


Example HTML source code:

<a href="http://www.redcross.org">

<img src="tragedybanner.jpg" width="468" height="60">


This code will work as long as you place the image in the same directory as
your page.

If you have any questions or comments about these graphics or have a specific
request for more, please e-mail me at

Thank you.

what is happening in the todays world?

well, what can i say?

i'm not going to do like all the news channels and keep repeating what has already been said a million and one different times. i think i feel like everyone else in the matter. i'm in a state of shock as to todays events.

i feel terrible about the trade center. all those poor innocent people who had to die because some psycho has a stick up his ass. my heart goes out to all of them, and their families. i also pray that they get all the people who are trapped in the basement out soon.

but what boggles my mind is that they were able to hit the pentagon.

i served in the navy, and i don't have to tell anyone that the pentagon is THE symbol of all that the us military is. we discussed this at work, and pretty much came up with the same opinion. if who ever did this wanted to do something to bring the military to its knees wouldn't hit the pentagon.

true, the pentagon is a very important building to the military, but if its destroyed the military can still survive. i think they hit it for another reason.

these people wanted to get a message across to the world. they wanted everyone in the world to know that they are not afraid of anything. the balls that it would take to pull something like this off don't come on alot of people. these guys wanted to show they were ready to start some shit.

i only hope that once they find out for sure who did this, they find them and blow the fuck out of them.

there is another thing that really has been getting under my skin today also.

the fact that the FAA has shut down air travel in the US. there are no aircraft in the sky over the united states for the first time in aviation history.

this really sunk in on my way to work today. when you drive around, you might look up and see a jet or two everyone once in a while, but not all the time. but today, knowing that there were no planes at all in the air is one of the creepyest feelings i have ever had in my life.

it was just eerie.

to all those whos life has been forever changed to day, my heart goes out to you. i would love to say that everything will be ok, and time will heal these wounds. but after this, i'm just not sure. the world as we know it is going to be alot different after this horrible expierence.

good luck to all of us.


Wowie wow wow wow

I had a shitload of hits yesterday and I feel bad cause I never updated for all of you to come and find good stuff.. But I promise this will be a super dooper good update and make up for it..
First off I have The Kevin Smith Nude Scene Extravaganza Joey Lauren Adams rocks ass

Then I have here for you the Chivas Charity auction. The auction off totally unatainable things.. Its fucking cool

My good friend scott should be home from vacation any day now I think.. To celebrate I was going to post this site for him.. But scott.. I'm not trying to make fun of you.. Your kinda like my hairy brother... And scott.. I know you remember this! The Kevin smith page was a welcome back for you as well! And to top it all off. I know that transformers are one of your most dearest memories from the 80s.. So I gotta post thsi for you!!!!!!! I wonder if scott had KEDs back in the 80s?? But seriously.. I think both scott and cory will get a good kick out of this site..

This is about the most complete Gilligans island site in the world.. Its pretty sweet. I used to love that show..

Cory needs to update his site..

Check out BossMonster.. A fucking great flash game site.. Time wasters RULE!

I read about this disease when I was much younger.. there are other variations of it too like where you can taste colors.. I think if I ever had a rare disease I would want this one..

I'm thinking of making a potatoe gun again.. I used to love my spud launcher... hmmmm

Syed Ali believes Balki from "Perfect Strangers" is a superhero. He allmost has me convinced...

This is quite possibly one of the funnies things I have ever read in my life.. thanks go to cory for sending it to me!

Oh god.. Thanks internet.. I had never though of chess as sexy before now.. Argh...

What's worse than an evangelical Christian speaking in "Olde English" dialect that'd make an Everquest player cringe? His friend pretending to be a pirate! Worse than that? They make techno music.

Todays BLECH OF THE DAY is a really great site called the fart farm.. how can you resist a touching tale of anal dissolution called "Torture Loaf?"

We're from Wisconsin and we want to Swing with You! He's balding and looks like he plays D&D, she weighs 250 pounds and eats M&Ms by the handful - the perfect sexual fantasy!

There is not alot I can say about this site.. In fact I think this picture about sums it up.. (for added fun be sure to check out the movies, and of course the tutorials too..).

I think this
is the reason furby got so big here in the US
I know you all totally love me now.. Oh yeah.. ALF PORN....

It's a beginner's guide to bondage. Not sure which end of the whip should go up your ladyfriend's ass? How exactly does one go about using a ball-gag anyway? Keep accidently killing your sissy bitch? Well, this is the page for you!

I get alot of searches looking for "ponygirls" I think I finally figured out what they are...

A Japanese art site that has images of anime-style girls getting their noses... er... violated.

Wanna know how to take your first enema? It's here. Wanna know how to fuck a cat? It's here. And, yes, geese too.

The handicapped in the BDSM community are often overlooked and many assume they do not exist. They do. Oh yes.. THEY DO...

it's amazing what this woman does with a potato and a knife and a penis for inspiration

Jojido - The Sexual Martial Art! Use kung-fu techniques to increase the size of your wang. Utilize penis building techniques developed by the ancient samurai.

Darren really deserves butt sex.. Go sign his petition!

Lucy is a very special girl. What makes her so special? Well, the fact that she's a guy is a good start, but that doesn't even begin to explain her. Read the "Diary of an English Lady" for more bizarreness

Oh yeah.. Siege engine dot com All you could ever need to know about siege engines!

If you are fat or left-handed or named Zolp, there could be a scholarship for you.

Regal Cinimas went under??? wow

Ok.. thats a hella long post.. more to come...


ARRRRRR Ye be walkin the plank if ye touch me booty again!

This site is one that I am sure cory will love.. I remember after we had installed icq2000 back when we lived in the duplex and we spent the next couple hours searching for the old version because 2000 sucks my balls

Fuck me.. I just went to drop of a resume at this computer place in town.. I had called into work.. I don't know what I am going to tell them..
But as I get out of my car and start heading into this computer place guess who I see? MY FUCKING DISTRICT MANAGER.. FUCK ME.....

I am hoping and praying that I get this job at this local ISP called metalink. Even if its only part time I would rather work at fucking McDonalds to make up the rest of the hours then to keep working at this fucking job selling insurance that I fucking hate more then anything else I have ever hated..

I'm listening to launchcast which I have to say is still fucking awesome.. Their stream is a little funky every now and then, but its cool how it learns my tastes and adapts to me.. As long as you spend some time fucking with it and rateing songs as they come on it will learn and play what you like.. It even just played a soulcoughing song.. Now its bush's come down. And you can choose to mix up Genres. Like I have it playing rock and alternative and blues and 80s music.. Plus a ton of other types.. Its fucking cool

Since the old Camel Toe index died right before I started the site I was sad.. Sites like it are what made me want to start this site.. Finally there is a replacement.. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a pretty good script review of the upcoming (hopefully) daredevil movie.. Sounds pretty cool!

Blah.. well...
I guess I am going to see what other jobs I can find.. I really really really hope I find something soon.. Its getting harder and harder each day to face this shit..



I am looking for The Residents CD called wormwood. I can't fucking find it anywhere..

I went for my second sleep study last night.. I slept with a c-pap machine on me which keeps me breathing throughout the night..
I woke up this morning feeling like I have never felt before in my life.. Its truley incredible when you haven't slept for more then 2 hours in 17 or more years to actually get a full nights rest. The entire fucking world seems different to me..

I have been listening to the residents alot.. I had heard of them before.. Just never really tried them out.. I had heard my good man bnib talk about them on his site awhile back and it got my interest going again..they are really unlike anything else you have ever heard.. Its really cool music..

I also am really enjoying the New cake song "Opera singer" its cool.. The whole comfort eagle CD rocks ass.. and the new ben folds song " rockin the suburbs" is quite cool too..

It would pretty much suck to be out jogging and have a bat fly into your mouth..

Harry Potter porn! Joy! Cept that its hot man on man on broomstick action.. Now if it was him bumping uglys with a chick then we would talk.. Here is also a actual harry potter fanfic page.. I think fanfic can be good sometimes.. Not the sex fanfic.. But stuff that goes to further a series.. I loved the harry potter books and to read more stories about it in the same style is cool with me.. There is alot of great fan fiction out there for whatever series you like.. Starwars, Highlander.. or whateva.. Even if you want erotic wrestling stories involving the two hardy boyz Or Starsky & Hutch erotic fanfic.. Whatever makes you happy... From what I have read male/male or female/female erotic fanfiction is called slash. Male/female is called het. In case you want to go out and search for more..

it looks like a truely great music industry label died. Grandroyal has shut its doors.. You may not know right away who they are.. They are the beastie boys label and they have supported many many great small acts such as Atari Teenage Riot, Scapegoat wax, Branvan 3000, and many others. You can check out the message board post for the offical release....

It finally happened.. God has given a shout out to all his niggas

And suprisingly one mans plan to get laid at dragoncon tragically failed..

Huh.. Mother Theresa had a exorcism performed on here.. Crazy..

Ok.. Heres the deal.. I feel god in my life pretty much every day. I talk to him pretty much every day and try to lead a good life in his eyes. But I am ALL for people believing in whatever they want. I feel that you have to have god on your terms and not anyone elses. I remember when I felt that I had lost god. I remember the night that I found god and started to feel him in my life again. And I thank him every day for blessing me and for watching over me. But this bothers me. I don't like the government coming in my house and telling me what to watch. I SURE as hell don't think they should be involved in my religion at all... WAit.. FUCK ME... FUCK FUCK FUCK... Now I start looking around at this site.. Its whitehouse.org.. Then I read this:
The morning after Jenna Bush spent her first night in Chelsea Clinton's old White House bedroom, a maid discovered that Chelsea had left behind a concealed mattress stash consisting of a Playgirl magazine, a half-used tube of KY personal water-based lubricant, and a pint of Everclear. Mrs. George W. Bush was forced to comfort a traumatized

Then check out their webteam page..

Blasted I've been fooled again.. I guess I kinda took what I knew about his pushing religion and ran with it.. Allthough its a REALLY indepth prank I must admit and definatly VERY funny to read all the little bits around the site you have to catch.. Oh yeah.. and Whitehouse.gov does have a similar page..

Oh well.. I gotta go clean.. I am getting my breathing assistance machine today so I can start actually sleeping and living life.. I talked to the Dr. again this morning after my sleep study and he said that last time I stopped breathing over 800 times and last night ont he c-pap machine I didn't stop at all... I feel so different today...

More later... OH yeah.. the great Jews for Jesus website is back up.. Enjoy kiddies...