Ok, I'll first start off by saying: Congradulations Jon and Girl! That kid is going to be so spoiled. lol.
Next I'll say: I might be without internet access here in a couple of days too :( It hurts!! aaahh the pain!!. I'm limping around on my dialup account for my old dsl account, but that will go down next Tuesday. And I really don't think there is a broadband provider covering the area of my new place.

Lastly I'll say: LAN Party at my place in 2 weeks(Oct 4th,5th and 6th.)
I just moved into a new place and I have TONS of freaking room. I don't know what to do with it all. So I decided to dedicate a weekend of it to a lan party. Basically anytime over the whole weekend is good. Plenty of room to crash if need be. I'll need to get a few tables/chairs. I have a 5 port hub, if someone could donate an extra one or two(there's some nice ones there at fng*hint hint* :)
Might not have internet access(as stated above).
Any and all welcome. Bring a friend or two. I should be able to fit around 18 ppl here(and more in the garage if needed). The place is real easy to get to. The hardest part would be loading/unloading your computer :D

Send interest, questions, comments, concerns, rants, raves and homosexual dinosaur porn to ntc3driver@hotmail.com


Postcards from the edge.

Hello internet. Have I mentioned you have such lovely eyes?
Anyway. Thinks have been busy.. I'm going to be a daddy.. thats right.. and I want to let you know that there were no furry suits involved with the conception.. Well.. I don't think it was that time at least...
But.. i digress.. Its for sure.. we had the blood test, now its 9 months of watching my wifes belly mature with our baby in it.. and then out pops a baby jon to terrorize the world afresh and continue my legacy of carnage and mayham...

anyway.. until i get the internet back at my house.. which will be when my money tree I planted last year starts to sprout I guess you will have to do without my witty and insane take on the going ons of the world.. in the mean time go to www.google.com and look up "Furry porn" and pretend I linked to it.. or if you really wanted me back go donate a dollar or to in the amazon thing and I will be everything I get through that towards getting the internet back..

Well.. more later my friends.. go watch Frailty if you get the jones to watch a good very spooky and well directed movie..


Update: Jon Is Offline

Hey guys, I spoke with Jon a few days ago and it appears he is going to be offline for awhile. It also seems that he may be a daddy after awhile. I havent confirmed if Jamie is pregnant or they are planning on it or not.

So posts may still trickle in from Jon and other contrib's, just keep an eye out. And in the mean time - masturbate for world peace.