Well here's my first contribution to the Blogger scene. Instead of trying to make up some stupid poem or something like that I decided to stick with the tried and true links to crazy $hit. So here goes. I know all of you have wanted to be cool like those script kiddies out there and talk in 1337 speak here's a translator for you. Also even though its all over the net and you've probably seen it by now, check out Fighting Stick Men. Its good stuff. So I dont know what stuff you guys want on this site, so leave some requests on the comment thingy. I'll find anything: game news, funny stories, pranks, porn, whatever, just leave some requests.

Goodnight and gooddreams.. I will see you all again soon.


(Blows the dust off of Blogger and sneezes)

Well, here I am. Sorry for the long time of no posting Jon. I'm just very unmotivated lately.

Inbetween sleeping, working and going to college, I've been playing Baldurs Gate 2. I just got it not that long ago. Yes yes, i'm slow on getting stuff. I'll prolly have a PS2 in 3 years. Anywayz, BG2 is pretty kick ass if you haven't played it yet. But, Jon has shown me the light. An upcoming game called NeverWinter Nights. A very kick ass looking game that will please the computer gamer and the hardcore pencil and paper gamer. Its got it all. Check out these movies of the game... When the chick got backstabbed by her partner, I KNEW I had to buy this game.

I've decided to lock myself in my room from now on because when I go out its either boring as fuck or gets way outa hand. So I'll be playing games more often so if I come across something worth mentioning I'll pass it along


Well. My computer stopped doing the beepy thing and actually booted. Happy days...

I am getting ready to go take my tux back and drop off that application. So cross your fingers...

I got two more response to the posting contest. If you are even a little interested please send me a email.

I am really big into RTS games and this looks like it could be the fucking KING of RTS. Fucking check it out. ANd then check out the screen shots here. Thanks to anamal.net for the link. Its fucking allready looking VERY nice... Its fully 3d. *jizz* Its very tight. You can play ANY civ from stone age to future. Fucking a! More screenies here!

Well I'm off for now. Maybe some links later. I will have to see...



Is it bad when your computer just keeps going "beep.... beeep.... beep...." Before your bios even posts?? I fucking hope something didn't fry in my system..
Blah. So anyway. Still searching for a job. I have a REALLY good aspect lined up right now. The interview and application are pretty much formalities. I talked to the guy for quite awhile the other day on the phone and he ended by saying: "it will take a couple days for your application to clear before we can hire you" So it looks good.
<sarcasm> I would like to say WOW to the overwhelming response to my little contest. TWo fucking people. One was allready a poster....</sarcasm>
anyways. Its still open. If you wanna post send me a email or something

Lets see.. What else. Ummm Last night was prom and it was alot of fun. And then post prom was awesome too. Then we got home about 530 am or 7am depending which one of us you ask.. Then we watched movies for a couple hours and then fell asleep watching dumb and dumber. And then her mom woke us up and we went shopping and her parents got me a entirely new wardrobe for my upcoming job interview. So thats about it for right now. I actually browsed a site or two today. Maybe links will come soon if I can get my computer up so I can go grab my favorites folder...

Also. Please don't forget about the donate box on the right hand side. Even if you just give a dollar it will help me get to a point in my life where I can start doing this site like I used to...


Hello Jons News viewers. My name is muhgcee. You may remember me from such sites as ANAmal.net. "Why would I remember you from there, muhgcee?", you ask. Well, maybe its because I post there! Ah, yes, that could be it . . .

You all should go over to ANAmal.net as soon as possible. Don't worry, I won't plug my site THIS much in all of my posts . . . just in this one. On a sad note, my best material will always go on ANAmal.net, considering that site is mine, and this site is not. So, until this becomes "muhgcee's news" (which it never will), you all will only be reading second rate stories by me. View this as you will. I view it by the fact that even my second rate stories kick your ass, but you may not view it this way. Thats too damn bad, because you all are going to have to read my crap until I get voted off the site.

I am now being a hypocrite, because it usually irks me when all people talk about in their posts is what they are doing with the site. Get the message: Unless it is something big, we don't care! So shut the hell up and just change the damn font color! Don't discuss it for 5 days on the site, just do it!

Sorry for going off like that. No I'm not. If I was really sorry, I could very easily delete all of that crap. But I am not sorry, damn it.

I saw Red Planet tonight. What a piece of shit movie. I have seen few movies that qualify better for piece of shit than that one. "What about Ice Cream Man, where the Ice Cream man goes around and murders little kids? Wasn't that worse?", you ask. Well, no, it was better, because you could tell they MEANT to make it stupid. In Red Planet, there were so many stupid little inacuracies that it just pissed me off to an unbelievable level. For instance, would they really send up a bunch of cocky immature stupid piece of shit jocks to Mars? NO! THEY SURE AS HELL WOULDN'T! But, of course, it makes it sell better or some crap like that. Any, would their little robot helper have a little switch that could turn it from navigate mode to SEARCH AND DESTROY mode? No! Of course not! DAMN IT! STUPID FUCKING HOLLYWOOD! DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT!

To cheer myself up, I will talk about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I saw that last night with the spouse (not actually my wife, but she might as well be). Now see, they don't expect you to believe that people can actually fly through the air. And some of those things they do with the sword are also impossible. They don't expect you to believe it. All they expect you to do is say, "Damn, that is fucking cool as shit!" I did not let them down. You know why? Because it was fucking cool as shit! All those swords flying all over the place, it was fucking amazing.

Anyway, it is 3:40am and I am awake. Not a good thing. Hope you don't hate me by now.


I think I gots it figured out...

Well. I just got done playing a nice long relaxing game of Red alert two and thinking about what I am going to do with this page.

And I have come to a conclusion. Hopefully it will work well for both you guys and I for the time being..

Heres whats going to happen:

As of right now. This moment. I will open up posting to ANYONE that emails me and says they would like to post. This will be for about two weeks. At the end of two weeks you guys (the readers) will vote for the posters you like and the ones you don't like. The ones you and I like will stay and continue helping me keep this updated while I try to get my life shit sorted out...
If you guys vote a poster and I like their style then my vote will override the popular vote. This also applies to anyone who is allready posting here. You guys are going to have to bust ass to try to keep the readers happy over the next two weeks....
So if you are interested send a email to jon@jonsnews.com and I will set you up the bomb. You can also drop a comment at the end of this post if you are interested and leave your email so I can get it all set...
Let me know what you guys think.. Spread the word...

Posts can be anything. I hope in the end this will result in a good balance of people with crazy links, informative news, and stories and funny shit.. And then me once I get broadband back. Me with the god posts with all the great shit...
So. Sign up today. Anyone is welcome. Friends, enemys, first time readers. If you like then page or don't, If you post on another page, never posted before, want to get into it... Whatever. Just sign up!!!!!!


Welcome to the jungle.

Just a quick update.

Still looking for a job. Very tired. Still alive. Not sure what to do with this page. Haitus? Vacation? Just keep updating with little things like this?
Let me know what you guys think. Also. If anyone needs to contact me either use jon@jonsnews.com or jonsnews69@hotmail.com



ARGH i cant beleive its been so long since i posted
heres an apology: SORRY!!!
and heres an update on my busy yet boring life (no time to find quick links, im sorry, but ill have some in the summer i promise!):
i had 4 papers due last week, and have 3 more due this week (im only taking 5 classes, go figure), on top of which its exam time starting from monday and my friend tom is coming to visit me from albany on the 20th i have my last exam on the 21st toms here until the 26th i move back to toronto for summer on the 28th and i start work on may 16th
that is all, happy easter! :)

The power of a search engine

Its amaizing how you can just throw random letters into a search engine and get something back. Just out of bordom I randomly put "hjlh" into my address bar and hit enter and I let microsoft choose my sites for me. Heres what I came up with.

How about some easy listening music found with the random entry?

Have you ever wanted to how to play Clair? I know I have always wanted to know how to.

OOpps, someones PGP public key page. I know its an encription, but not sure what for. It just looks interesting.

How about a dorky looking guy behind a big set of drums?

Ever want a lava lamp of your own? Well here ya go.

LOL, if I didn't know any better, I'd say these were my parents.

Well, that ends my venture down that road. I know I know, they aren't as good or as funny as jons links. I'm an amature. I have to work up to the God status link finder... person... thingy... anyways. But they are links, and a few bad links are better than no links at all.


Yahooooooooo Porn !

Yahoo is taking it in the ass and in response is laying off 12% of its work force or about 400 people (wonder how many of them click on ad banners) and they are going to start selling Porn !!!

If you dont already love Microsoft (shame on you for not) then click here and enjoy some fun antics with Clippy. Poor guy lost his job with OfficeXP.

Need a low cost telecommunications sattelite ? Got a Coke Can ?

Figure this out N=R*fpnefefifcL and you will know for sure just how many kooky intelligent civilizations are out in that big black spacey thing up there.

Well I am tired of Blogger being a poop pile while I am posting this so I am done for now.


Well hello!

YAY! lots of people posting makes me happy. Especially since I lost my DSL today. Goodbye broadband.. Goodbye MP3s out my ass.. Good bye more then one webpage at once.. at least for a couple months...

HEre are a couple interesting things I have heard in the last couple days about the china thing:
1) the pilot had a history of doing REALLY stupid things. Like buzzing other planes and FLASHING A CARD WITH HIS EMAIL ADDRESS ON IT..
2) This is actually all a cover up for a technology exchange between the US gov't and China. Think about it. We fly a super secret spy plane over there for no reason. China bumps it. We land. They recover the plan. Sounds very James bondish to me...

Well. Today I brought up two fucking huge carloads of my shit. I'm allmost done moving beside the big shit.. Tommorow I am going to do a little job hunting..

Hopefully everyone else will keep posting too cause my links are going to be a little slow coming in for awhile. But I will keep posting...

So keep reading true believer.. (YAY! cheap marvel pop)

Oh yeah. Go download the new toadies song and send me emails bragging how fast you downloaded and and how I will never get to hear it again cause I'm on dial up....hehehe

well, i will have to put my 2 cents in now...

since it looks like this may end up being a debate about the whole china thing, i figure what the hell. i'll give you my opinion.

now, i spent time in the military, and know how that whole game is played. neither side is going to back down. thats is a fact. if not, this wouldn't still be in the news a week and a half later.

as for who is to blame. as far as i see, its an easy one. i am a pilot, and as a pilot, i know and understand the right of way rules for aviation. they are actually quite simple. hell, if it wasn't this late, i would get my FAR/AIM, fucking quote the rule.

anyway, it says that when a faster, more manuveral aircraft approaches, or overtakes a slower, less manuveral aircraft, the faster craft must yeild.

pretty straight foward to me.

now, as for the "secret technology" in that airplane. like i said before, i spent time in the military, (navy to be precise), and even with that, i say, "LET THEM HAVE THE FUCKING AIRPLANE!!!" that is how the game is played, they get our toys, they learn some secrets. we get there toys, we get theirs.


let the crew members come home.

i know that the crew doesn't mean shit to the government, and they are probably more concerned about that damn airplane than those people, there is no longer any reason to keep them. especially if china was to keep the plane.

anyway, like i said, just wanted to put in my two cents. agree with it if you want, get pissed at it if you want. its your right. god bless america, and screw the government.



A Chinese fighter pilot wrecked into my ass !

hehe ... There is an old Bushido code says that if a person is weaker than you than that person is your enemy. If we apologize and admit weakness, then China will attack us Ninja style and no one wants that. hehehe.

Anyone want to see a really good spy shot of the Green Goblin's costume from the new Spider-Man Movie ? Then click HERE ... no wait, HERE .... no just kidding ... click HERE !

Bush shouldn't apologize! If he did we'd give in to China and they'd make us look like we did something wrong when we didn't. It was their fuckin kamakazi pilot that deliberately crashed into our plane over international waters. China just wants to downgrade us and make them look like good guys, plus get some of top secret info from our plane and pilots while they're at it. Ah well, I watched some movie this weekend where China and the US sent nukes and each other and the whole world died from radiation. Don't remember the name of it though. It was 3 hours long and pretty much pointless but i think it was a good interpretation of what could happen. If you know what movie i'm talking about use the comment dealy below...

Dear All Other Countries (But Especially China), I'm sorry about my stupid fucking president.

Go here and apologise to china and the rest of the world since our president doesn't have the balls to do it..

Cory is going to love this. Looks like Queen may have a new frontman... Remember this guy from that musicvideo where he is ripping his FLESH OFF!!!

I've allways said there needs to be more faith based reality TV...

Mr. T is the happiest guy on the entire planet. Look at this man. Hes my hero. So go read this interview about his fight with cancer, god, and him being a mommas boy. And if your on a Mr. T kick them make sure to go watch Mr. T on the conan o'brien show. And be sure to check out the Mr. T shrine!

Fun for your whole family!! Get this for your kids instead of the newest pokemon game. Get ready for them to riot!!!

Join the church of burt reynolds! NOW!

Janet jackson had sex with alot of famous lesbians! Don't know why I used a exclaimation at the end of that.. but..


A fifth-grade girl says her classmates trade soda and cash for sex. Its just getting worse folks...

This is a funny take on the DMCA.

The guys at my old job (Wow.. that seems so mooking weird to say) will really enjoy this.

I would be pretty upset if I was a system admin and I just LOST a server. But it was still there..

Check out this guide to women over on nicefure. funny stuff.

I love this link so much. It rocks!!!!

Why would anyone ever be against this!?

Ahhhh sims lesbian sex!!! And more crazy sims stories.

Whatever dude is starting to get really good!
Cory! Go read this article about stephanie McMahon! its fucking awesome! Everyone else read it too!

Allgiht. Well thats it for right now... I gotta go pay some bills and pack and take a load up to jamies. If you feel like it and got a extra buck please consider donating. If not its all good too. Just takes a minute though..

In my shoes. Walking sleep. In my youth I pray to keep...

Soundgarden is pretty cool...
Well. I promised you guys all the big news.. And it happened...

Today I quit my job. Right now Voodoo lady by ween is playing. Tommorow I continue moving up to jamies.

I feel really good about this. I cried today saying goodbye to everyone at work. And if any of you are reading then.. I miss you guys. Take care. Keep in touch motherfuckers. jon@jonsnews.com

I was scared shitless walking into the place that I have been to allmost over a thousand times in the latest chapter of my life. Allmost a thousand fucking days there. So today I begin closing a chapter of my life. I am shutting the book on good times and bad. Fights and laughs. There were alot of good times. Alot of fucking great times. It just hasn't been the same. Its gotten hard for me to even get out of bed in the morning. Actually even going to work was near impossible. And thats not the way life should be. So I decided I need to take action and remove the part of my life thats making me feel like this.
So. I am moving up to girls. That is going to be a good thing too. I will be much happier closer to her. I get depressed when we don't get to see each other.

My plans right now are to start my own business. Lofty eh?

Start small. Branch out. I am going to take out ads in three local papers. Get business cards printed out. Go to peoples houses. Fix their computers. Teach them how to get online and where to get the porn.. errr. I mean..
Most places charge 45-50 bucks a hour to even estimate a job.. and then you have to bring the computer to them. I'm gonna ask 25 a hour to go to their house to do it.. So I think there will be demand for this. I hope to actually be to the point where Girl and I are both full time employees and we can hire at least another person within a year. Lofty goals.. But.. I'm gonna make it happen. Fuck.. Lavern and Shirely theme running thru my head.. I'm gonna do it my way..

I don't know.. If this takes off well enough maybe it will lead into my restuarant. Maybe I can have the first wired sandwich shop with tech support and computer repair built in..Yeah I'd like a tuna melt and my modem needs replacing..
hey.. It could work..

they might be giants are fucking awesome too...

I'm drained. But I feel really good. I'm excited about life again. And thats whats important I guess. Though there is ALOT I will miss about the way things were. But the monkees said it best.. Err.. No. they didn't...

Couple quick links.

hey cory... Check this out. You can now grep on your windows machine!!

Err Just one link. I added a talk box thingy over on the left.. Use it! ACtually. It seems to be very broken. So don't bother with it right now..

I am going to try to keep up posting as much as I can.. Over dial up.. blech..

Anyway. I gotta get to bed.. big day of packing and cleaning. Please keep this in mind.. Just a buck or two will help alot.. I will post in the morning too.. Night.


I'm afriad of americans. I'm afriad of the world.

Well kiddies. Big things are in the works. I will let you all in on the details as soon as I can.. I promise...

Since there is such a assload of shit to read from yesterday I am not going to do a super long post today. Just any new stuff I find in my run thru my news sites..

Ahhh My job worries are over!! I am going to just get a job here!!! I will be link man. With my trusty sidekick url boy

Barfman is like hangman with a awesome Monty Python twist! fucking fun!

Animated Lust (rated PG). Women talking about what cartoons get their panties in a bunch. Fucking fucked up.

Hello? I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baller..

AHhhhhhhhh the japanese. The only culture that would have a business that allows you to rent dogs. Mans best friend.. now only 19.95 a week...

Not even the actors have any idea whats going to be happening in star wars episode two!

Next on fox. When strippers attack!

What the fuck is this world coming to?

Take the breast test. Are these boobies real or fake??


Why is period porn so rare?

Have you seen the red ninja???

Well thats a shortone for now. So you can get thru all the links from this weekend. Be sure if you enjoy reading this page then consider donating just one dollar to me. It will make the world a better place. And if you haven't done it allready sign up for the jonsnews mailing list


Links and a total lack of a good title..

I'm just waking up. So maybe I will come up with a title about halfway thru the post...

Pitch unger is a pretty cool comic. Its only one episode though. I just kinda like the mouse over language translation thing..

I don't know if any of you know who Raymond Scott is. Actual. I bet most of you have heard his work. He is the greatest composer ever. Have you ever watched a cartoon? Chances are that you have heard a RS composition. Pretty much most of the warner brothers cartoons used his stuff. He was a fucking genius...

Wearable computer are one of my favorite things... I want a wearable computer!!!!!!

You are not the contents of your wallet

Its a battle royal!! Megacar Vs. Kitt!! Who will win??


Have you ever gotten worken up by some bullshit telemarkter or had your supper interrupted?? Well this guy fought back!

I'm fucking glad I'm not the only person that feels this way!!!

I want nothing more then to drink coffee harvested from the poop of a ferret like creature....mmmmmmmm poop.. It smells.. nutty...

Woah. I had no clue that Fight Club was part of a three book series. Fucking sweet!

This is kinda depressing.. Which I REALLY Don't need right now in my life after this morning.. But its pretty cool too. Letters from people who have died. "A storage space for wisdom, Regret, and guidance"

Want to see your favorite website in several different funny languages? Well then check out this site...

This is quite possibly one of the coolest webcams on the fucking internet. My mind has been blowen away.

You are not a special little snow flake.

This is one of the weirdest fetishes I have EVER seen.. Its REALLY weird..

Final Fantasy has some of the most beautiful music of any game ever. So go here and download alot of it! I just really like video game music in general.

I know I'm definatly affected by this!

Check this out. Its a all starwars search engine! fucking sweet!

Ok. I am fucking done with that folder. I think this is the most links to EVER be posted on a site like this in such a short period of time..

Now I get it on to my news sites for some fresh links!

I have allways wondered this myself. Why is it that the moon doesn't have a name??

The adventures of No Eyelid man!! Quite possible one of the greatest comics EVER made!!!

Was the whole recent spy plane crash actual a cover up for us transferring technology to china???

The Japanese get all the coolest toys first. Check out these transformer commercials..

Right now it feels like life is really pushing me to the edge. Things are happenening that I don't even know how to even relate to, let alone handle. Some fucking people amaze the living shit out of me. Its weird how even the people close to you will turn sometimes... Not turn on you.. Just.. the turn that their decisions make. People have fucked up priorities.. Its really fucking weird how life will just flip everything around. Just when things start to look up. Everything is getting back on track. You wake up one morning and BAM.. Pretty much the whole thing has shit the bed..

Well. I am gonna go play some battle faeries and talk to girl and work on a new banner. Maybe its time I just washed my hands of all of this? I don't know...

Or would you like to swing on a star? Carry moonbeams home in a jar? Or would you rather be a link?

CJ asked me tonight what the whole furry thing was about that I have.. Well. I think this old post explains it best. I actuall think that is one of my best posts ever..

My new personal god unxmaal got me turned onto this program. Tis VERY nice.. It does both ICQ and MSN and Yahoo messaging.. its fucking sweet ass. Go download!
you can find me at jonsnews@jabber.com on it. Or any of my other contacts..

You guys are all aware of my love of crazy japanese stuff. I even have a engrish lighter. So this page is like buttah for me. Go and check out the greatness.

Red Meat is great. Star wars is great. There fore meat wars must be great!

Have you ever considered calling Miss Cleo for tech support? Well maybe next time you have trouble you should!!! And speaking of MS. Ever wonder exactly where they are going with their crazy naming scheme?

This game is so cool that I bookmarked it and I don't know why. But it has to be cool for some reason..

I don't really want to believe that Mario was all about spreading communism..Now Luigi maybe...

Uhh this first story is quite weird.. I mean.. I believe in aliens and everything. But I think they have slightly better things to do..

These speakers look really bad assed. And The DVD player is fucking AWESOME.

I'm really hopeing us guys can get hooked up with one of these too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh.. Ok. I'm up to R now. Time to get to bed for the night. Bye bye. Nighty night.


Update on the nap situation.

I slept.. For allmost three hours. But it wasn't real restful... Its very fucking hot here. And so I decided to help cool myself off I would fucking drool all over myself... It didn't really work, and when I woke up and my arm and face was covered in spit it was very disgusting. So I am going to shower now..
And then before the whole drool thing started my cat decided it would be the fucking coolest thing in the world to lick up my nose everytime I started to fall asleep.. .Fucking asshole cat... Shower time...

Ok.. Showers all over. Now its time to make with the monkey load of links..

Don't forget that may 20 is the National Masturbate-a-thon (I wonder if its ok if we have a spotter). Make sure you pick up your pledge form and ask everyone you know!!!

Ok. Thats pretty much all the new links. Onto sorting thru that folder I mentioned last week..

I dunno if this will really score you free condoms. Or if you really want free condoms. But if you do. And it works. Lemme know and stuff..

I dig fucked up little games. I have played way too much battle faeries (Linked in the sidebar) lately. And then this mother fucker just stole my attention for about 10 minutes...

This kid digs burned out cars.. I mean REALLY digs burned out cars.. FUCKING BURNED OUT CARS FOR CHRISTSAKE!!!!

Hard rocking monks are very hard to come by. I say let us not shun these robed men of god who like to throw down some classic tunes. Embrace them!!!

Guffyspace is a very entertaining E/N site. Check it out.

I love iron chef as much as the next guy.. But I don't think I am creative enough to come up with haikus about it, well..senryus.. not really haikus. Since most of them don't mention nature at all.. I love senryus though.
NetRage is loading slow
Its time to break out crazy links.
Lets view some furry porn.

Do you guys have ANY idea how hard it is to find furry porn on the net? ITS FUCKING NOT!!

I don't know if any of you have ever seen Black Adder. Its a show that Rowen Atkinson (Mr. Bean to most of you) did. Its fucking AWESOME and its going to be released here in the states on DVD. Fucking sweet!

I have NO fucking idea why I had book marked this. Maybe I was going to do a article about serial killers. Anyway....

More happy comics for you all!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure I've posted this before, but these pictures of people having sex in a MRI tube are fucked up.

This guy calls himself the Alchemist of the Surreal. I think thats a fucking COMPLETELY fitting title. This is some major weird shit..

Heres a page about Japanese women wrestling. I dunno why. Just enjoy.. don't ask questions..

Being from Northern NY I am quite acustomed to hockey, and I rather enjoy it. But I had no clue that klingons like it too... If only they had klingon curling....

If any of you folks are into mythology then be sure to check this out..

God. This is one of the funniest things ever to me...

I'm gonna wrap up the L's and then take another nap and then try to get this folder finished tonight.. Only 170 more urls to sort thru...

If you've never heard of ali g you are missing out on something great.. Yeah.. He was in that whore madonnas fucking piece of fucking ass video for music. But try to forgive him...

Launching shit thru the air is fucking cool. Doing it with liquid nitrogen is even fucking cooler..

Legend of the red dragon is supposed to be a very kick ass MUD. Check it out if thats your thing...


Lexi has a uber leet easter layout.. Bad assed! Easter is good. Peeps rock..

Ever want to know how to make your very own lightsaber effect in a home movie??

Here some nice erotica pron for you if you would like it.. No idea why I bookmarked this either..

Lifestyles of the cute and furry. Need I say more?

Ok.. thats it for now. I am about 40% thru all these bookmarked links. I updated the shit out of the sidebar and still have some more stuff I want to add. I also need to update the archives for this page and my personal hidden page.. Ok.. well more to come.. Nap time again..

We interrupt this program to annoy you and make things generally irritating.

Ok.. fine. I ran out of good titles that I could substitute the word links in.. Poop on you all...

Though I have plenty of links for you..

What a great set up jon.. Well thank you jon..

Man.. I can't believe I just resorted to a old muppets joke.. damn me..

ITS FUCKING HOT HERE. Fucking hotter then ass..

This shit has bothered me ever since I first saw the commercial on TV.. Why the fuck did they name it like that? Grab a nice handful of my nads and then rub it all over your face.. and then tear it off.. No.. don't.....

BLECH... I mean.. honestly.. what the fuck???

Ok.. I am just linking this to show how fucking incredibly fucked the world is. Furry porn is just fucking weird.. Pedophilia is WAY FUCKING WRONG.. But.. What the fuck would EVER drive someone to this?? For christ sakes!! Do you routinely rape small woodland creatures? fucking sick motherfuckers....

I don't really like cover bands.. I like bands that may cover one or two songs in a gig.. but coverbands are the bottom feeders of music...

You know since day one of the internet. From the very first second you heard about the internet you have been waiting for this!! you know this is the pinnacal of human evolution. Mother fucking MONKEES FAN FICTION. Oh yeah my friends.. with such classics as "Mickey and the Home Perm Kit."

This crazy motherfucker made the ultimate entertainment station out of fucking old cement mixer. This is fucking bad assed.

Uhhhhhhh WTF is this?? Nicefire is kinda a comedy site. This isn't really funny.. its fucking fucked up...

Ok.. well I am going to take a little napsy poo and then wake up and post more fucked up shit because you guys like it.. So more coming in a little bit..

The good, The bad, The links..

Good first.
You guys kick ass!! You are some of the best fucking readers ever!!! Someone gave 15 bucks today to meet 70 which was our goal!!!!!!!!!!!! And that mother fucking ROCKS SOCKS!! I just wanna say though. Don't think you have to give as much as the people who have given gave (that was a really poor sentance grammatically) Even if you donate just a dollar... That goes A LONG ways. If everyone donated a buck it would rock and shit.. So make sure you take time and read this if you haven't allready.

The bad.
I'm in a less then pleasant situation at work right now. So posting may be a little spotty over the next couple days. Though I PROMISE at lease one VERY good post every day. If not more... I don't really want to rant about the work thing on here. Err. I do. But I can't for now...

The links.
There what you came here for. They are what you know and love. So lets get it on!

Oh god. I went thru all the little gamers archives and its quite a good comic!!! Go read!!!

"George Lucas confirmed the title to Star Wars: Episode II in an interview on Channel 5 in the UK. The title is: "The Shadow Falls." Read more here."

The straight dope rocks! today they have a piece up about if sound can kill you or not.. Quite interesting..

I would like to fucking THANK GOD FOR FLASH. And the great amounts of entertainment it provides us all...

Sweet baby jesus. Some fuckers have WAY too much time on their hands..

Shiney shiney shiney shiney shiney fucking shiney!

If you have EVER wanted to piss someone off then this page will be a great help to you.. Just be careful with them unless you especially like the feel of some guys size 12 boot up your ass...

I'm glad we live in a country full of idiots.... Lead by a even bigger idiot.. And speaking of idiots. If you were EVER planning on a trip to wisconsin to learn about cheese. Then save yourself time and just go here...

Now THIS is how you fucking do show and tell mother fuckers!

Its comforting to know that I have helped lower the bar...

Yet another reason not to watch MTv. They fucking had a guy fucking SHOOT DIAREAHA OUT OF HIS ASS ONTO PEOPLE!

I cannot believe fucking NBC would cancel one of the best TV shows EVER!

To celebrate their one year birthday X-Enterntainment has a awesome fucking article about transformers up. Go check it out... HAPPY BIRTHDAY X-E YOU GUYS ROCK SOCKS!!!

It looks like you can now order pizza online at poppa Johns. Now if only pizzaslut would do this too...

Ok.. its nighty nighty time.

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Holy shit.... I'm up at girls and they get MTv2 and shes at school so I am vegging until lunch when I get to go see her and have some nice food with her...

FUCKING MTv2 IS AWESOME. So far I have seen fucking 3 awesome performers who would NEVER get play on mtv.. They fucking showed a Jurrasic5 video and then a American HiFi video and then a fucking interview with Del the Funky Homosapian. And the new missy elliot track get your freak on is fucking awesome tooo... Oh shit. And then they followed that up with bob marley (one love), REM (Portrait of life, I think thats what it was called), and Some nice Doves.
That fucking REM video is BADASS. Fucking awesome. So is the J5 video...

fucking a warm up napster and go download....
I'll add more to this post about some of the fucking awesome artist I see.


You get the ankles, I'll get the links.

Heres a very interesting article about the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Which is a sentance I did not ever think I would hear myself say. It just doesn't sound like that cool of a place. But go read the article. Its pretty fucking cool. Its also sometimes called Uncle Sam's science wonderland!

I saw this yesterday on the SubGenius mailing list:

[SubG] A polite request

If any of you Americans happen to be on speaking terms with your president
George W, and you pass him in the hall or bump into him at the fax machine, I
wonder if you could do us all in the rest of the world a favour? What I was
hoping is, that you could suggest to him, gently but pointedly, that we
wouldn't like it very much if he triggered off a nuclear war. I'm not saying
that he is likely to do such a thing, just that, if he did happen to find
himself in a position where he has the chance to prevent disaster, he might
find it within himself to do the best thing and save us all a lot of trouble
dieing and whatnot. Just a thought...

I just find it funny

Pesky demon taking over your loved ones soul?? Demonic possesion got you down?? Well friend heres the site for you. Its the begginers guide to home exorcism!!

And then we have this nutty fucker who plans to shoot himself 30 miles into the atmosphere in a homemade rocket. I can see this one winning a darwin award sometime soon...

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HAL-15 operates 2,000 times faster than a Pentium 800 and takes up a fraction of the space. It also plugs into a 110-volt wall outlet and requires no special room or cooling system. *drool* When can I order one? Wait. Maybe I should buy food and pay bills first...

The guiness book of world records has a pretty cool website. Check it.

Do you think that Marshmellow Peeps are ushering in a age of destruction for mankind? If so then you may want to do some extensive scientific tests on the little sugary fuckers so that you can fully know your enemy.. Or just eat them or chuck them at someone else.. And this easter enjoy a nice peep pie or some peep coco.

Man. When Cory and I used to do our laundry at the laundromat late at night we allways discussed how fucking easy this would be. Just put on a ski mask. One guy with a sledge hammer, the other with a crowbar and bag. You could be in and out in under 5 minutes...

NEWSFLASH: Eskimo Pie Forced to Layoff 1,000 Eskimos
ALSO: Scientists say life could have come from space.
What the fuck? Have our scientist been eating off the crack tree again or what?

I'm not sure if its good or bad that scientists are breaking the fucking laws of physics...

Hmmm I don't know why, but its odd that I found two bathroom related articles right after each other. I guess I have no recourse but to post them since they are pretty funny anyway..

I guess some people like technology more then others. Yeah...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh fucking kids today should fucking know what the fuck a stun gun is. Fucking a!

I really like Jesse Ventura.. He is shaking shit up and doesn't care what people think when he gives his opinion.. fucking right on...

Check out Freespeling.com (with one el) I think our society would fall to shambles if we all followed this mans "guydlines" for good "speling"

You got a project you can't handle yourself? Then why not rent a genius to help you out??

Here is a very long article on Whatever Dude about the history of wrestlemania. Pretty good stuff.

You know its all comeing to a end when mobsters have their own webpage...

I just found this pretty funny comic. I think I will need to read thru the archives and shit..

Oh dear. Oh man. Oh fuck me in my sweet virgin ass. This place is the motherlode of motherfucking shineys. OH GOD...

And I would just like to say that I am OUTRIGHT PISSED ABOUT THIS. I'm pissed that slashdot would post a fucking unresearched piece of fucking FUD like this.. fucking a.. Slashdot has been INCREDIBLY lame lately..

Well thats it for me for now. I gotta get going up to girls.

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I'm a little teapot short and stout. This is my handle. These are my links

Oh god. I am just starting my dailing pillaging of news sites and it looks to be a good night my friends. I have plenty of booty for you all.

Professor... Whats another name for pirates treasure?

Well. I think thats BOOTY.. BOOTY.. well.. Thats what it is..

Professor booty is a bad ass beastie boys song..

If you are a LONG time reader of jonsnews then you may remember when I last posted this freaks page. Hes updated alot since then. Worth a second look... Ummmmmmmm and then I found this page linked offa there.. Uhhhhhh Yeah... Go here..

Are you a supervillian? Do you need some ideas for what to wear today? Here are some fashion tips for all of you with evil in your hearts..

OOOOOOOOOOooooooo Shiney flash for you to play with!!!

What the fuck?

Its fucking ass cold here... Note to self. Don't leave windows open when at work until its WARM OUT...

Be sure to check out the horney robot. And speaking of horney robots. Umm This is uhhhh "Adult" transformers fan fiction.. why???

Why.. I bet you have been asking yourself "Self.. what kinds of secrets does Bea Arthur hold??" Well.. heres your answer...

I am gonna go play AOE2 for a short bit.. then back to update more....


Verant takes on Vader
Verant, the company behind Everquest, has joined up with Lucas Arts to make an Online Star Wars Roleplaying Game entitled Star Wars Galaxies.

While this is not new news, I would like to comment on it. The excerpts below are taken from the official FAQ for Star Wars Galaxies.

This is one of many reasons why Star Wars Galaxies will fail.

3.03 Will I be able to kill Darth Vader?

At this point, you will probably not be able to kill Darth Vader, but some players may have the opportunity to interact with him. We would like to adhere to the continuity as much as possible; Vader is key to the trilogy, so you probably won't be able to kill him (like you would really stand a chance against the Lord of the Sith anyway.)

And here is another :

3.07 Will role-playing be promoted in Star Wars Galaxies?

We wanted to set the expectation early on that this would be an environment conducive to role-play. However, role-playing is not mandatory.

This sort of thing has constantly plagued Everquest, because Verant likes to say things like "We cant define roleplaying. Its different for everyone."

A specific treatment, such as Star Wars, as an online game will fail, because people want to be in Star Wars. They are basically making a Star Wars Aquarium, where you can go and visit and see all the Star Wars shineys and interact with them (to an extent) but never be able to impact the world with anything you do. Just like an Aquarium -- an Aquarium doesnt change just because YOU have visited it. The fish wont remember you. Nothing is changed, gained, explored or added to the Aquarium because you were there. And hence the destiny and vision on the Aquarium will always be controlled by a select few people, constantly trying to put in plenty of fish to keep
everyone happy, but nothing specific to really stand out for the few (or the one) and in doing such, ultimately fail the masses who yearn for their input.

The only real way to make an impact on the Aquarium is to go and visit and dynamite the glass and drain the tank, thus killing all the fish or something of that nature. But in an online MMORPG you arent even allowed to do that. If they made dynamite in the game, you can be sure you cant run up and stick it to the haul of the Death Star or trick Jabba into eating it.

Without change, there is not growth. Without growth there is no evolution. Without evolution there is no change.

Holy fuckme this game looks cool..

Its not super graphics impressive. But I love innovative games... And here is a review. Must have...

wow. I made cofee today and it tastes like ass.

Dammit. I was looking forward to a nice cup of coffee....


I want to warn you. Once you watch this video your live will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!! This guy has some other fucking awesome videos. You may want to check them out before they become the next big thing on the net.

YEOUCH! Yet another reason to never put lobsters in your pants. *scribbled down in notepad*

HAHA. This sounds like one of my friends quest to download all the porn in the internet to save humanity. The man was on a mission..

Check out the Cavalcade of Christ. All the crazy jesus pictures you can take. I especially love the one of the humungo christ towering over the UN building..

Woah. MIT has plans that within ten years they are going to offer all their classes online and for fucking free. Right on man..

I allways kind of wondered this myself. Its comforting to finally find out..

Ok. The new menu system is up. After the RESOUNDING response from you guys (read: none). I like it.. Check it out over to the left..

Greetings and Salutations !

Just a quick post. Does anyone want to buy 100 litres of cow semen ? I will be putting it up on eBay later for the highest bidder.


Crouching Jonsnews, Hidden links

According to Ain't it cool news it looks like the season finale of of Saturday Night Live this year is going to be completely improv!

And it appears that the US post office may stop delivering on saturdays. FUCK THAT. Not delivering on sundays sucks enough...

Cory and Joel just explained to me that the whole sun blowing up thing I posted the other day was a april fools day joke. fuck you guys.

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm caffeinated meatloaf. This comes from the awesome thinkgeek april fools page!

What the FUCK would you do with this?

Now fucking Sega knows how to treat its employees. If they bitch they fucking make them sit in a fucking room all day and do nothing with no windows or anything!

Do you dig Am I hot or not?? If you do then you may wanna check out this site> Stranger in your bed..

Have you ever seen a font somewhere and you just couldn't figure out what the font it was??? Well if you upload a picture they will tell you what font it is or find you the nearest match possible!

This is incredibly disturbing and fucked up.. But I could not help but laughing during the first paragraph...

Well I think that about wraps up another fine day and a couple posts. So for tonight. Goodnight.

Hey, name change and all. Some of you might figure out who this is. Just letting you know i'm still alive. Bout ready to shoot my family but all's good. Probly won't be posting for a while. One more year in this hellhole and everything will be good. I'll try to get some posts in sometime.Later peeps.


This post is kind of personal and its going to be a little hard to write for me. But its important and I would apperciate it so incredibly much if you all read it and considered helping.

When I was in 6th grade I lost my father to cancer. It was one of the most jarring events in my life. And its hard to understand what its like growing up without a father. This year I lost my Grandfather on my mothers side to cancer as well. Needless to say I fucking hate the disease more then anything else in life. My dad (His name was Milford) was one of the most incredible people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I remember so many nights sitting on the couch with him watching saturday night live, or some stand up comedian. Just talking about stuff with him and having him teach me about the world. I remember carving pumpkins with him every halloween and shooting off ass loads of fireworks all summer long. Hes the man that gave me my sense of humor that I have today, and taught me so much about how to love and what it means to be a good parent... Sometimes I miss him so badly.. There are also several other people that are incredibly important to me that are winning the fight for cancer.. They have been in remission, and one of them is going to be reaching (I think) 5 years cancer free very soon.

But my main point is about cancer. Someone on both sides of my family has had it now. So it scares the shit out of me. I don't want to have Jamie or our kids (when we have them) to ever have to worry about growing up without me.. This year about 552,200 Americans are expected to die of cancer—more than 1,500 people a day. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. In the US, 1 of every 4 deaths is from cancer. There is still NO definate cure for cancer. My dad spent allmost 2 years of his life in one of the best cancer research centers in the world. I watched him battle it and eventually just lose hope because nothing they did could make it go into remission. I had to watch him become so crippled from it he could hardly walk. In the end he just kind of lost his will to live. He was in incredible pain constantly... And my grandfather had been battleing it for nearly 2 years when he died to. Nothing helped. Chemo. Nothing.

But. Cancer research is still going on.. and you and I can help to prevent this fucking atrocity that slaughters helpless people and takes them away from their familys for no reason at all. The Intel Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program is using the power of peer-to-peer technology to usher in a new era of scientific computing. By lending your spare PC resources to the effort, you can help fundamentally change the manner and speed of medical discovery. The United Devices* Cancer Research Program sponsored by Intel has been developed specifically to search for new drugs to treat leukemia. United Devices Inc.* developed this program in conjunction with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR)* and the University of Oxford*.

As a first step to finding new drugs and a potential cure for leukemia—the No. 1 cause of childhood death by disease—researchers must evaluate the cancer-fighting potential of hundreds of millions of molecules. NFCR scientists estimate that this task will require a minimum of a staggering 24 million hours of number-crunching, which was previously unimaginable. Linking computers like yours to this project will enable the what could become the largest biological computation in history and produce faster results. Depending on the results of this program, the time required to develop a new treatment and drugs could be cut from twelve years to as little as five years.

This kind of technology was not fucking around wasn't around years ago when cancer took my father. But its around now and I sure as fuck am going to use every fucking spare second of my computer time to try to help beat this disease. If I can help even fucking save one person from losing someone they love then I am fucking all for it. And I hope you agree and download this. Pass the information on to everyone you know. I really think that if everyone helps we will get cancer beat one day.. It may be someone you know your helping to save....

Here is the main page describing the program.

And here is the page to directly download the program. Please do. Your not using your computer when your not around. Share your spare processes.

Hi.. My name is jon. I'm a link whore....

So. My cat is sleeping in my bathroom sink and its the cutest fucking thing in the world. Monkeys are cute too!!!

I think I have the new menu system down.. Please go here and check it out and beat it up and make sure it works ok and doesn't bog the loading of the page down too much for you. If you think its good or bad or anything at all please post in the comments for this post so I can know whether to put it on the main pager or not...

Internetrage plugged me fucking twice. They rock. I am going to plug them twice now....

Oh goodie. I now know how to blow up a car with only a couple shots. I think I need to read the daily radar ALOT more..

Check out the new daft punk video. Like I said before. I REALLY like Daft Punk.. I just hope this song doesn't catch on too big.. Cause I don't want to hear it more then once a day. Its cool, I guess it was directed by some big famous anime director, and every song from the CD is going to have a piece of the story for the video... Cool Idea...

Internetrage plugged me fucking twice. They rock. I am going to plug them twice now....

Well. After releasing the giant pile of human feces called netscape 6. It appears that netscape thinks they can not only resurrect their old dead browser, But then they want to attempt to polish the turd even farther. Die netscape. You suck

Here is a fucking awesome car site for brendan or stewie. Enjoy kiddies.

Uhhhhhhh blech blech blech. Fuckers ruining my memories of childhood. BLECH OF THE DAY MOTHERFuckers! DIE. Well. At least someone made a shrine to the wondertwins that doesn't involve sex or anything else like that...

It looks like the exchange rate for canadian money has reached a all time low...

Finding it hard to keep your chin up now that all your base is dieing out?? Well fear not my friend. This site is helping you watch out for the next big fad to you can be the first on your block to accounce "It was so close. I lucky to have an helicopter's licence" to puzzled looks...

Wow. check out this super atomic rednecks page...barn paintings.. oooo

My man Daler has his own mother fucking webpage. Go there and get the fuck down.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd Thats it for this post my friends. Have a enjoyable night and a wonderful morning reading all of this...


Ok. I took out the front page that you were all seeing when you came here. So it should be less annoying now. I left it up and ask you to please go and read it if you haven't allready. You can view it by clicking here or by clicking the thing over on the right above the Amazon donate thing.

Just a quicky

Fucking wrestlemania KICKED MY ASS. It was awesome.

And a few quick links for those of you who will soon be starting your morning..

It appears that Snake can.. ummm. Pleasure himself in the demo for metal gear solid two...

I've never done it before, and never will.. But I think if I was going to try to purchase sex it would not be thru the police department.

Check out this video of the second gen aibo. Pretty cool shit..

If I was a rugby player, and I kept sticking my finger in the asses of other players around me. I would deny it until the mother fucking day I died..

Ok. Beddy bye time now. Night.



Today I am going to try to get all the links I have sitting on my harddrive posted. So this is going to be a FUCKING HUGE post...

Lets see. First off I have this site. Yeah. I know.. Its in japanese... just click the links and you'll see the good shit.

This is pretty fucked up. New technology is part of humans evolution, but.. Why do we have to use it for violence?

Scott showed me this along time ago. And I dug it. I just think its fucking cool.

I have no fucking clue whyI bookmarked this .. But.. Uhhhh yeah...

You should all check out this cam page.. Its a webcam shoved down this persons pants. Kinda funny...

This is what happens when two memes collide.

WOAH! This statue could fucking barbacue birds that fly in its path.

Heres that really cool back end I found for am I hot or not.. If you dig the site this is a alternate way to see your boobies.

I am still boggled by this. I mean.. He is fucking there 24 7 but I have never seen a image repeat... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Check out this big page of funny banner ads.

I use "Check out" a aweful lot. But I mean.. There are so many ways I can introduce a link...

Here is the official Caesar endorsed Orgy Calculator

Cory is going to dig this shit. Its a video of bill gates saying how he thinks the crapintosh is the only innovative computer he has ever seen.

Spy gadgets are fucking cool!!

Check out how to make your very own Evil Ash costume! And they also have a fucking sweet speeder bike costume too complete with the bike!!!!

ARGGGGGGH I found this page that has a link to this game and I just fucking wasted allmost a half hour playing javanoid.. dammit.

Speaking of java. I wouldn't mind something like this at all..

I really dig this guys layout. I was considering something similar when I first developed this site. But then I found his and didn't want to be seen as ripping someone off..

Oh man. The second story on this page has to be one of the stupidest things I have EVER read.. People can be fucking idiots...

I dig palm pilots (a moment of silence please). But if I was ever going to go as far as getting a more "Computer like" device I would soooooooo get this. Its fucking MEGA shiney. Being poor sucks. Theres so much cool shit I would love to have.

Uhhhhhhhh this is weird.

At the office I am generally knowen as the person to talk to if you want to know where to find anything on the internet. Someone askes me for a url I can shit one out from either memory (they are really one of the only few things I can remember well), of find it ass fast. One of the keys to finding shit is knowing how to do search engine math. Pretty much the only engine I used is google. Its the fucking shit. I even have the google toolbar in IE so I can search more effeciently... One time CJ bet me that I couldn't find pictures of women having sex with aliens. And just for the record. There is NO clincal name for someone who is addicted to making prank calls.

Well.. Since today is april fools looks like stile is pulling his shit again... So whats happening this time? Did he die? Raped by guys in chicken outfits? Whatever....

This sounds more like a cheap porn then a card game...

Looks like they updated Mc Hawking's crib again. Still one of my favorite comedy sites. Its fucking funny and uber geek.

Holy fuck I can't believe I had forgotten to post this. Its fucking great!!!

Goats making spider webs freaks me the fuck out..

oh my. There is a newer review of freedom force on ign. *drool* This is shaping up to be one of the best games EVER.

Need some advice? Then ask satan!

Furious George is fucking awesome!!

Ok. Well I made it up to the letter G. So far I have sorted thru a hundred or so links. Still got the rest of the alphabet to go.. But now I am going to hit my daily sites and post the links from them and then take a nap before wrestlemania!!!

YAY!! Someone sneaked some pictures of fucking the matrix 2!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

Ok. I really dig a good pen..But this seems a little silly. At least the shipping is free! If that link isn't working then go to staples.com, enter 434937 in the search box

And I want to post about this very good non-april fools news. I think this is really really really fucking cool. I mean. I'm not myself. But I think people should be allowed to do whatever the fuck they want. If it makes you happy fucking go for it. Everyone needs the same rights. Be it if they are gay, straight, whatever. And then you have to have the complete and utter assholes that would fucking be outside protesting it.. How the fuck would they feel if a big gang of queens protested their fucking inbred wedding? The Netherlands really have their shit together. Heres a quote:
"The weddings consolidate the Netherlands' position at the forefront of social liberalization. Last year it legalized brothels and decriminalized euthanasia, and marijuana and hashish are sold at regulated establishments." I mean.. they are giving people the kind of rights that they want. They know there is no ending some things. People are going to do it wheter or not they want to.. But I say the government should have a hand in it and help control it and keep it clean and regulated... (Not speaking of same sex marriages here, but of the hash, eutanasia, and brothels)..

Wow. Go read the second article on dot cult. Its fucking VERY well written. Entitled Lines and abstractions

HAHAHA oh damn I love x-entertainment!!!

Ummm excuse me.. I need to go order a few dozen cases of this now...

Uhhhhhhhhh BLECH

So do you want to know what REALLy happened with the accident on survivor???

Aight. I think this was very much my fucking longest post ever. Enjoy. It should tide you guys over till late tonight.

Off to a nap and then mother fucking wrestlemania...

UO2 is dead and I have the ashes from the giant fire to prove it !

Well I like many geeks, enjoy the Ultima franchise. It was magical and promising. It transcended normal gaming and made you think and feel and evolve. To conquer the game, you not only had to conquer your foes, but also conquer inward strife to an end of not only world peace but inner-light and glory. Heck, Richard Garriot aka Lord British started a little side religion upon the whole principles of the 7 Virtues, called Ethical Hedonism, which is very interesting.

But now UO2 is dead, Lord British and many of the flock that were released from EA along with the project gathered once again on the hallowed dirt of Austin Texas, they gathered to mourn the passing of this legacy. They made a big ass fire with old UO2 shit !

Lord British had this to say, which to say the least is raising some eyebrows:

"It's going to be interesting for me to go back to Austin and start up discussions with the large stable of close friends who are now looking for something to do, right about the time that I'm looking for something to do, so that should be fun."

Now I must go retire on this holiest of nights (Wrestlemania eve) and dream of the greatest entertainment spectacle since the gladiator battles in Rome at the coliseum.

Oh fuck it, I am going to play some AOE2 ....


First. I would like to dedicate this post to the guy that donated 50 DOLLARS AT ONCE! If you are him please email me so I can say thank you personally. Its good to know some people really do enjoy this site.... It makes me very happy... thank you..

Second of all. I am a AOE2 god. I fired up a game earlier. I had over 100000 gold in 45 minutes. Against two computer opponents on the hard setting. The end score was me: 43598 to them:about 6000 combined. That was some serious beat down.

Theres a post on something aweful with a cartoon titled "Saucy lad" that made me laugh because it reminded me or something that happened at work. Someone called in and we used to be able to put in whatever we wanted to in the first and last name. This lead to some crazy shit in there. So this guy calls in and I swear to god he said "Hello. this is fancy lad".. So In the first name I put Fancy and the last name I put Lad. Well the tech that got him goes to call him, the customer picks up. "Hello this is the xxxxxx support center. May I speak to Fancy Lad??".. Its a funny story...
This was also the same guy who asked for Angle when someone whos name was obviously Angel called in...

Rate my boobies. When will the am I hot or not clones stop?

How to Lose a Fight So The Other Guy Goes to Jail

I had allmost forgotten about bone easy. Good stuff.

If you didn't go here before when I linked them the first time I REALLY suggest viewing the stinky meat project (Parts one and two)!

I haven't been here for awhile. But I forgot how incredibly much I REALLY like ZUG

Well. Tommorow is wrestlemania. Its lined up to be a really good PPv. I will get off a couple posts in the morning. So see you guys and gals in the funnies.