This is probably the biggest news I have ever broken!!!



Ok.. So a priest, a rabbi, and a cow are all drinking in a bar

First I want to post a link to help out all of you poor souls coming here for your free jetson porn.. STILL..... Maybe you can find something here..

I think the longer I have my site the more odd the search requests get.. Lets take a look at some this week:
sex vidoe *Note the spelling on that one*
delux porn
free flash tentacle rape
and the best for last peepees Someone fucking searched google for PEEPEES

I was just explaining the whole search engine thing to girl and she said that its because my site is gross.. hehehhehe

I love that you guys are actually using the comment system now.. that makes me very happy to hear feedback from you guys!

yEA tHiZ iZ mE, I OnLy GoT 2 FinGerZ oN eACh HanD so gO aHeAd AnD SaY StUpId CoMMEnTs AbOuT It CaUsE It DoNt BoThEr Me. iT JuSt shOwS mE HoW sTuPiD U ReALLy ArE oH yEaH anD, i'M nOt GiFtEd, GoD DiDnT GiVe Me AnYtHiNg SpEcIaL, iM JuSt aNoThEr sPiKy hAiReD KiD = P
Ok... Good so I shouldn't feel bad about making fun of his lobster crippled ass...

Next we have the Cancelled Comic Cavalcade heres a quote "If you were reading comics in 1978, you'll remember the "DC Implosion." DC cut a lot of titles right as they were getting ready to expand their lines, adding both titles and backup features. A bunch of material was ready to go to the printers, but then the axe fell. The result was the two volume Cancelled Comic Cavalcade, which was merely the stories photocopied onto 8-1/2 x 11 pages and bound. Only 35 copies were "printed", but thanks to the magic of the photocopy machine, these babies can be copied and bootlegged. "'
Basically DC did that so they could preserve their copyright on those titles..Definatly a good read!

OH MY GOD!!! MtV's TRL may be rigged?!?!?!? *gasp*!!!!!!!!!

I'm really hoping the IRS check that I should be getting any day next week doesn't bounce like this poor guys...

Stand strong before God! Exercise your way to salvation! Top trainers around the world agree, the NEW CruciFlex 2000 is the best piece of training equipment, bar none! Truly an "Immaculate Contraption!"

This site I am posting especially because of a conversation that girl and cory were having when we were down there visiting..

If you ever plan on moving then this could be a very helpful site for you.. Or if you are just looking for new service in the area you allready live in..

Hmmm Catnip may be just the thing that you need to get rid of those pesky mosquitos

I still love diesel sweeties. I should read it every day!

Check out this really cool little comic Mr. Kevin Smith did about his wife and his first kiss in the new york times.. Pretty cool..

Now this is fucking awesome.. Its a bubble cam! Push the button and a machine in their back yard blows bubbles and you can watch it!

And here is a cool kinky little e-card site.. Check check check it

You may not know what scumware is.. But if you install KAzaa or a ton of other programs you may have it.. CHeck it out..

This my friends could be the only reason to get a Pocket PC device...

Ok.. thats all for now...More tommorow.. sleepy...


I went and had a sleep study done last night.. It was fun. I got to have big patches of my leg hair shaved off, 30 some odd electrodes attached to various parts of my body (Including the 4 glued to my hair and scalp), and then video taped and monitored while I slept. I actually slept rather restful for me. But this morning when they woke me up they told me that I had stopped breathing over 600 times throughout the night. Which is very bad. So I get to start sleeping with a machine attached to me every night for the rest of my life that will help me to breath and sleep better. They say I will find a huge change in alot of things in my life.. I sure hope so. I need it the way I have felt lately..
So thats next tuesday....

As a daily habit I was cruising the want ads today and found this jem of a job:
Chick Sexer Supervisor
Chick sexer supervisor needed to supervise and direct performance of chick sexers. Minimum 2 years experience required. Monday-Friday 9-4. $14.03/hour, $21.04 @ overtime, 35 hours/week. Job in Defiance, OH. Interview required. Call 419-782-7597, ask for Mr. Kim.

If you are good at sexing chicks, or have experience in the chick sexering field. Be sure to apply now!!!

So pretty much just a update... I will try to get a post on tonight..
Oh yeah.. Scott..
Fucking PS2 memory cards..
15 fucking dollars
meijers here in defiance
I wanted to kill..
I think pretty much just girl scott and cory will understand where I am coming from on that... Maybe I will post that exciting story tonight too about my underground mega hax0red PS2 memory piece of fucking shit card...


how can a company as big as Microsoft, be so damn stupid?

ok, so i don't post on my own site, but no one goes to my site anyway (unless you want to play java astroids, that is there)

anyway, its late, and i'm doing what i hate, and that is pay bills. i used to use MS Money 97. it worked real well, and let me see what kind of money i had and could spend. best of all, it wasn't overly complicated.

well, i get me a new laptop from Dell, and they were nice enough (HA!) to give me a copy of MS Money 2001, so i thought i would try it out.

after a full 30 days of use, i can say without a doubt that the software designers at Microsoft are the stupidest bunch of ass kissers in the fucking world.

how they can take such a user friendly program, and then chop it up, and make so god forsaken complex, and confusing is beyond me. i was going to go off on a 15 paragraph bitch fest about what i hate about this stinking pile of dog vomit, but instead, i'm going to go and have another beer, and hopefully passout then dream about some very large man sodemizing bill after the government throughs him in jail for ruining the human expierience.

thank you, and good night


Lets see

For the guy (or girl I guess) out there who was looking for "Pictures of Jetsons ass fucking" on google.. Your in the wrong place.. I only have "Free jetson porn" here...

For the guy who was looking for "animal health tips" I would like to say that I'm sorry..

And for the record. I have never heard of "www.girlsfartingnews.com" nor do I know where you can find "xxx necrophilia" (Editors note: Since necrophilia is by definition "Erotic attraction to or sexual contact with corpses" there really couldn't be any non-xxx necrophilia. I guess this guy got disappointed by all the fan sites for that loveable disney cartoon "The necrophilia gang" ,where in episode after episode those cute scamps would run around and have crazy non-sexual or erotic adventures with corpeses,. that he found when he searched google.

Onwards and upwards!

Looks like they may be making a daredevil movie.. That would be pretty cool..

Microsoft is up to their evil tricks again.. If this is true its just plain wrong...

OH good.. I get to add more to my big list of reasons I FUCKING HATE clowns.. This goes right after ouchy.

Cory Girl and I all watched Rat Race last weekend and it was one of the funniest fucking movies I have EVER seen in my life.. Seth green rocks.. Check out the first of a series of toytoons that he and Conan O'brien are doing together.. Its fucking great.. heres the preview one too

COOL!! A sonic gun that makes mesquitos air bladders burst!

Oh yeah.. Todays BLECH OF THE DAY is a fine piece of choose your own adventure anime tentacle rape porn!

And then we have a fun little photomanipulation page.. make sure to check them all out.. ESPECIALL the potentials and the harry one..

If you ever need any information on the arab gay and lesbian scene then here is your source!

This movie coming out called "Super troopers" looks pretty funny

OK.. thats it for now.. Cleaning time..



I've been having some really bad days lately..
I'll post sometime soon..


I love silly little flash movies.. They rock

Kinda like this one..

CHeck out the orgasmic calculator..The farting calculator is retarded.. I guess the orgasmic one is too kinda.. but still...

So... Thery're talkinga bout chess being a olympic sport.. what next? Disk ripping??

If you love movie mistakes like me be sure to check out slip ups.THey have TV mistakes too! Sweet!

Thanksgiving is coming quickly.. Perhaps this year you can serve ewok!

I think cory sent me a link about this first He also sent me this link about the fact that our basic physical laws could be broken.. Oh boy.... GO check out his site too! Its coming along.. Does the earth have another moon? Maybe more?? I guesss that just gives us extra targets to point our lazer pointers at... I really don't have alot of hope for that. If you think size wise even if they were .00001 of a degree off thats thousands of miles once you get that far away..

Ok.. you know when you make popcorn? The little half popped kernals at the bottom? Well this company is just selling them! They are yummy but I don't think I would buy just a can of them..

I don't even know what I can say about this site.. Its amazing..

Gadgets for god.. Now you can have your jesus soap dispenser and ten commandments floor mat...

Oh yeah.. Guess what found me today? Thats right.. THe BLECH OF THE DAY da-da-da. But fear not my fearless friends.. The weirdness does not stop there! Check out this site.. Where else could you get art titled "Madge and Bert are Tortured by the Cucumber Demons from Under the Appliances"?? Thats right.. Nowhere except for SPIFFOPOPS!!!

I love the song "Man of constant sorrow" from the movie "O' brother where art thou". Thats such a great movie...

Ok.. Your a vegitarian.. You go to McDonalds and ORDER ANYTHING AT ALL and don't expect there to be meat in it then your a fucking idiot!

Clint Eastwood has lost it..

The onion.. Allways ready to help.. Has a great list of tips on how to keep cool this summer!

I love cryptozoology. Heres proof that we don't know everything about the animals on our planet. The great giant squid has been caught.. Well.. Kinda. Its definatly a big ass squid. I wouldn't want to fuck with it..

I heard or read yesterday the fact that in Wisconsin there is one cow to every two people.. Thats NUTS

A world-renowned Roman Catholic scholar says he has found evidence that the Catholic church sanctioned and blessed same-sex relationships from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

I wonder if I can get this done even though I haven't lost my penis...

Oky.. thats long enough for now.. Time to clean the house and get ready to go visit all my friends for the weekend...


I just want to get a couple of things straight...


The alien ant farm video for smooth criminal makes me want to jump on a car and grab my crotch and scream until the windows blow out..

and pitch black is a FUCKING GOOD MOVIE... I just watched it for the second time..

Thats all.. carry on..

More sings of the end times..

Vibrator cozies.. Display your sex toys with pride.

The stool fairy. Lets all put our poopoo under our pillows!

Bob Dylan Embraces Paganism and Records a Rap CD

Maybe all of those secret recipes just aren't so secret..

Ok.. the last one really isn't that weird.. just a good article I just found..

bye bye...


I made ice tea and forgot my good title I had...

You guys know the drill.. I think of a really good title.. then I forget it.. then I come and bitch about it for the first four sentances of my post..

Girl is napping on the couch.. I'm about ready for bed..

I found this stick figure shooter game again.. So I also had to dig out the videos that this guy had done before.. check em out here and here

I just read on one of my news sites that filming for X-men 2 is going to be starting in March 2002

I don't know if any of you have ever seen the move CUBE.. But if you haven't I suggest you do..Its a little older.. but its mega bad assed.. I just was just reading that they are making a sequal though.. and its kinda scarey.. heres a quote
"Unlike last time though this is a more advanced 'hypercube' which is described as "the mathematical concept of a four-dimensional cube that defies the laws of physics"."
I think they may be calling Gene Ray in as a consultant..

Ok.. beddy time.. everyone should go here and post a bunch.. its todays BLECH OF THE DAY and its interactive.. enjoy!

Night! Oh yeah.. All your smurfs belong to smurf!!!


Reasons I love scott..

Even though his webpage just says asteriods on it now and links to a java game.. He still finds the cool shit..
I love him for this.. I FUCKING LOVE SPACEGHOST and brak is my hero. I want this!

I love cory too. He has been sending me lots of cool shit lately too.. Hopefully I will get it all sorted thru today and posted..
But for now I am sick and mopey. So I am going to watch starship troopers on DVD which girl and I just bought last night..
DVD rocks..

Oh yeah.. I am REALLY excited about the "adult swim" block on cartoon network.. space ghost rocks! And the brak show will kick your collective asses repeatedly


Mooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee ZIG

I really miss All your base.. Those were great times...

MAke sure you go get your free moose pictures...

Scroll down and check out the origami yoda!

Girl and I are going to watch monkeybone today.. I hope its good... Heres a review praising it.. and here is one calling it cinema hell...

Its tommorow.. We watched monkeybone.. It was "ok".. It was different which I apperciate.. I think they expanded scenes help out alot.. Watch them with the commentary on and you will understand his vision for the movie a little more...

Girl and I got a Ice Tea maker for our wedding and I fucking love it.. I am having a big glass right now...

I'm pretty sure I've posted microwave fun sites before.. heres a couple more...

CHeck out the video for The crystal methods "name of the game" vidoe. Nose is my hero..

This is a very nice.. but creepy looking flash site.. very tight..
Theres a company called NeXT that made a computer in the shape of a cube and made it out of cast magnesium. So of course any self respecting person would want to burn one.. My friends and I used to steal alot of magnesium from the lab at school and burn it...

I know every fucking one of you wants to know how Heros do it!!!

Everything at jodi.org trips me out.. check out this part of the page I just found.. wwwwwwwww.jodi.org

This is pretty funny.. Romeo and Juliet in L33T

Hmm looks like they may be making a "where the wild things are" movie.. That would kick ass.. thats one of my favorite books..

If you have never been the the antique weirdness homepage.. Be sure to check it out and go thru alot of the pictures.. man.. people used to be fucked up..

ok.. This guy wants to either Kickbox the queen of england or challange her to a math test (no geometry) , all for the crown of canada!!!

I still check out ZOMBOCOM but they never update it.. that makes me sad.. Anything is possible at zombocom!

Thanks to Jack Chick for letting me know its still evil to play D&D..

Looks like George lucas has went back on his choice for a episode II title.. I like the new one better..

I love the guy over at animutations.. I love animutations.. they make me happy.. Check out the brand new one..

Look at your local play house for a performance of the stage version of Debbie does Dallas..

Be sure to check out the COMPLETE list of deviant sexual positions...

Geek horoscopes.. Fun!

This site is really cool. You can go and leave a message out in the ether and tehn someone who goes there later on will get your message.. And you can do the same with URLs.. GO check it..

To help ease the pain of my all your base withdrawel I found this site.. It helps...

In case you were every wondering how to tell if your rectum is inhabited by demons...

I think this guy is getting fired out of some kind of crazy giant water cannon.. Check it out!!

Uhhhhhhhh why are the japanese so weird.. Check out this site of some guy violating girls noses... AHHHHH



Man.. This game is really fun.. but quite difficult...

Check out this really cool air hockey game too! They also make a supersweet mingolf game..\

Go here and check out how to make a origami yoda!

Yesterday girl and I watched the coolest saturday monning live action show.. Its called Los Luchadores. They are wrestling superheros.. Go take the Los Luchadores Pledge!!

Here is a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its head.. Fantastic!

Ok.. thats it for now.. if i'm not updateing constantly then you can at least expect long updates when I do.. anyone want to help out with posting?


Baby.. Will you eat that there snack cracker in your... Special outfit for me? Please?...

I was working on a post with this title earlier today and my computer crashed.. Don't lose hope. I'm still working on keeping this updated.. Anyone out there wanna help and be a guest poster?


Oh man....

Every day I check out the online classifieds in my area to see if there are any awesome jobs for girl to check out.. I was reading today and I found this one.. I'm wondering if she may be interested..
Northwest Corral
God Groomer needed
experience a plus

Shit.. I thought I had published this post and I check the site today and its not there. Wel it its now..


Aight.. Lets get it on...

Girls post got a comment. I've posted here probably over 500 times and have got a sum total of 2 comments.. One was from me..
Oh well.. Luckily I love her so I can forgive her...

In the last three weeks I have lost about 30 pounds.. Lets see.. I just get married.. Lose a ton of weight.. Hmmm.. Wonder why...

I watched American psycho yesterday.. It sucked.. Girl and I have been watching TONS of DVDS now that we got our PS2.. DVDS ROCK...

Lets see what I have for links today..

The japanese have to do everything better then us don't they.. Their emoticons kick ours asses...


Hmm.. Is the main character from fight club really calvin?? You be the judge!

Dildos fashioned after human peepees not good enough for you? Then check out this site!

Look out now.. Its JERKING TIME!! JERK IT!

Lets see.. I'm afriand to land this plane.. So I'm going to fly to cuba and land the beyotch upside down..

I love the fatboy slim video for Weapon of choice. It fucking rocks.. Check out all these photoshopped pics over at fark..

Also thru that I found this website.. I can't believe I had never found this before...

Since I gotta match jamie on this one.. I found another "Straight" male's page who dresses up like female super heros... ODD

If you don't want to be a Butte Pirate you could go to weed high just a few miles away..

Ok.. If you REALLY feel you must get wasted from huffing propane.. They would it really be a good time to also light up some pot??

Poor Jeff Probst..

My friends and I used to play with these quite a bit in art class.. but read here on how to make your own taser...

Riiiiiiiiight.. This guy wants to get tiger fur grafted onto him.. Ummm .. This guy is freakish looking.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Proof of a sea monster?? That would rock..

Check out the worst fan fiction in the world...

Heres a picture of all the goonies today..

Domokun.. The japanese farting monster!

These assholes are auctioning off the right to name their child.. I hope it gets named "Myparentsareasswads"

I think hooters waitresses should get a better sense of humor..


Ok this is me.."girl"

Jon decided that I should post...so don't laugh if you don't get it...or the links don't work...cause i've never done any of this. Who's suprised? Ok...first link..uhhh...hang on.

Our first link tonight is a website bringing you the finest in porn movie soundtrack..awwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh Mmmmmm purple ketchup. Is it good? Is it pink? Check it out for yourself!! Do you need a highly opinionated guest columnist to answer your problems? If so, ask Gary! Cusack Cusack he's our man...well you just check it out for yourself.

Well i'm not Jon so I don't have a blech of a day. Frankly, I don't know what one would be because I don't attract freakish sites like Jon. I think i'm done for now. No laughing at my wonderful post because it was hard for me!!

Ok...Jon refuses to let me post without a blech of the day so one found him for me! Here's your BLECH OF THE DAY!!!

Supper time!