Mashed Peas

I dunno what that means.. but its the first title that popped into my head..

Click here to go take the kink Quiz!

I think I had posted busters world as a blech of the day before.. so instead of reusing it, I guess I will have to post THIS!!!

Getting eaten by a giant grouper would suck.. I think it would ruin my day!

I know there are some serious lego fans in the hizzouse. So check out this site.. it rocks!

And also check out the Online Etch-a-sketch, Especially cool since the town I used to live in (bryan, ohio) is the home of mother fucking Ohio Arts.. I shit myself when I drove past it for the first time..

I promise promise promise a long post tommorow.. our power was out today because trees kept falling on our house..


For those of you who are not aware of the genious that is Sinfest, here is your first taste. Jon, I saw this tonight as I was getting caught up on the comic and you were the first one to come to mind. hehe.



From the lows, to the highs, to the foes we shine
Just continue to be my Sunshine

I think cory will totally enjoy this online clock.. Very stylish.. I love it... I have been meaning to link it for about 4 weeks or so it has been sitting in my netcaptor...

Cory sent me a link the other day that got me turned back on to the brunching sluttlecocks.. And looking around there I found some of the Satan's guides. His darkness' guide to winetasting, and housewarming parties

You take a couple of idiots, a gallon of milk, and a 40 dollar bet and guess what happens? One of my friends and I had a milk drinking contest at summer camp one year in boy scouts, I was SO fucking sick from it, I shat milk and threw my guts up for the next three days.. it was aweful...

Ugh.. My cable modem is shitting out.. These are about all the sites I can get to right now.. I will post more as soon as I can.. I hope this post makes it up.. Ugh.. I have a couple more VERY sweet sites lined up for my next post.. I would put them here.. but I can't seem to get to them.. Blah.. I know at least one of them cory will love!
Oh.. wait.. its coming up...

This is definatly a very bad assed page.. Check it out.. I know cory will love it!


Help decide the future of NASA..

Go here and let your clicks be heard!!

Fuck my sweet virgin ass

They say that the darkest moment is right before dawn. I hope that saying is right because right now its awefully dark..
But none of you come here to hear me bitch.. Unless its one of my ocassional rants.. You come here for the links. So lets get it on..

Its comforting to know that when I finally began to slow my crazy life down and girl and I decide to have a kid that my sex ratio is going to go through the roof..(Fuck me. I just lost the page I was going to post here, but estentially it said that in the second term of pregnancy womens sex drives go crazy and shit because of all the hormones..)

>From an interview with Peter Jackson I read, he was *contractually
>obligated* to provide a 2 hour cut, but the PTB liked the 3 hour cut enough
>to let it stand.
Well here is what the two hour cut would have looked like.. And god I hope its true about the 4 hour DVD of it...

Ever wonder how people with your last name are distributed around the US??

How about a liquid nitrogen cooled 3675Mhz P4???

Thank you TechTV for exposing this wonderful new piece of technology. I want a PANDA!!!!!!

So what do you do when you can't get the jehovas witnesses to stop bugging you in the middle of dinner? Fight back!!

I do ever so love those great Gamespy top ten lists.. Here are the top 10 worst D&D classes!

This kid is quite possibly the luckiest guy in the whole fucking world..

And I have to say good luck to these nut jobs.. If you find a way to that alternate dimension please let me know so I can plan my next vacation there....

THe bloodhound gang need your help!! Did you get your ass signed by them in 97?? Please lend a hand if you can!

Blah.. well.. I am going to go get ready for work..



Ok.. so maybe I lied a little.. I got a really bad cold and I feel like shit.. but I am going to try to do a few links right now before I go lay down and pass out..

At Dellta Airlines we Luv's us some flyin and it be showin like a motherfucker..

I think this just goes to show that the guys over at Bungie have WAYYYYYYY too much time on their hands...

Oh yes.. Could it be true? A new Indian Jones movie?? Please god... Let this happen..

A prank radio phone call gone horribly wrong...

And since I haven't done one in awhile.. Here is a BLECH OF THE DAY

I cant stand it anymore !

I need more Jon.

So as a little way to motivate Jon to post more, I dug into the vault of Jon pics
I have created and will post them until he gets going again = )

The will get more and more embarassing the longer I have to wait.

Jon, remember that fun time you had with Bill Gates ? Muhahaha !!!

Plug time: My Site is coming back soon too, so stay tuned !


Hello world

ITs me.. Jon.. Yeah.. you know me.. I finally got my hookup back.. so expect some posts and stuff.. Just a warning.. but first.. Breakfast!!


Just a quick update..

I've been really busy the last couple days.. Girl and I are moving to a new place tommorow.. The cable modem is SUPPOSED to be hooked up tommorow there.. I will try to post as soon as we get settled down..


Posty post post for a friend from work..

I told one of the guys at my work about this site and he said that he wanted to see:

Sites about stupid laws. So click here and here to see them

And sites with shit like the faces of death movies. So click here and here and here and here for them

And the darwin awards are allways great..

Aight.. thats it for tonight folks.. I open in just a few scant hours and I am not feeling well.. Expect a pretty good long post tommorow...


Do do do do do inspector gadget

Check this out for the best Inspector Gadget site on the whole interweb...

Netsuck could be the finest browser ever...

If you mean bodies require and it thinks you that I come sexy on the
baby inform me am. If you really me even outside Extension need and
me come on honey say to me therefore touch. Explain to me sugars
Its time to babelize kiddies

How fresh is this guy

I had posted this webcam a looooooooooooooooooooooong time ago.. But I found it again while going thru sites I wanted to add to the links on the left.. So go check it out.. its so sweet that I can read bumper stickers on cars with it...

I don't know.. This doesn't really look like a comfy chair to me...

Its great to know that someone is out there helping to preserve all the great little bits of our history..

I know the guys I used to work with at one point were finding the Ah-nold prank phone calls funny.. Here they are again with some additional great ones for your listening pleasure..

Sucky Sucky. Becuase when you suck, you should know..

"Consolidate the power of your Computer and the World Wide Web." This page sounds like the fucking Juiceman made his own program.. Oh god why am I being drawn to install this? Save me...

Looks like fox is allready cancleing the live action Tick show.. I actually caught it a couple times and it was rather good.. Not as awesome as the cartoon.. but great in its own right..

Thank god lucas has come to his fucking right mind..

I know scotts a big lego fan.. and Cory is a big spidey fan.. So this should please all three of us if noone else...

Dolemits pimp builder!

I'm pretty sure stile is on drugs.. lots of them.. but it sure does make for a enjoyable read....

Its comforting to know that even steve guttenberg has a website.. I actually quite liked him in alot of his movies...

Oh yeah.. the new marvel legends figures kick ass. Check them out here and here

Hmmm.. Is it possible that god made a slight mistake and the second coming of jesus was actually thru a shark??

Its sad that the universe has turned from a really pretty blue to a sad turquiose color...

The fine people of Alvin can rest easy again now that the ninja tobaco theives have been caught..

This site makes me terribly sad...

The christian robot advisor.. Giving advice to every day christian robots..

Click here for HOT GUMMI BEAR SEX!!!!!!!

At some point this year I want to make a turducken!!!!!!!

Here is how to figure out what a job recruiter is REALLY saying to you...

A man breaks into a house.. terrorizes the people living there.. finds its the wrong house.. What else is there to do except say your sorry....

WEll.. thats a hella post so I will leave it at that... Enjoy the links and be sure to check out the 50 or more links I added to your left today.. Enjoy...



I was going to do a big post and do a couple more things on the new part of the site I am working on.. But girl just called me and wants me to go hang out at her work because we haven't seen much of each other..

So.. I'll post later and shit..

Mike the headless chicken

Oh god this is the best song ever.. I bet you will be singing it allllllllll day..

This is quite possibly one of the weirdest online games I have ever played.. But its fun once you get the hang of it...

AHHHHHHHHH this headline disturbes me.. I think it will actually be todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!

ARe you sick of waiting for the entire joke?? Fuck it.. just cut to the punch line with the punchline server.. Check it..

Woah woah woah

Fuck this noise.. In order to watch the new episode 2 trailers you HAVE to have the full 29.99 version of quicktime.. apple can eat my ass...


Poop Soup

I just got done watching twister in full surround sound and it was fucking awesome.. I had the bass cranked and the whole house was shaking..

Here.. Go play one of the best games ever now java-ized... I mean.. Not best game ever like final fantasy x.. but.. classic gaming best game kinda thing...

I wish the college I went to had offered a course on game theory.. Mayhaps it would have made it alot more interesting..

This is a pretty sweet site which has a graphic version of alice and wonderland, told thru various art made about it...

This link is for scott.. Throttle down turbo...

Check out seanbabys take on stupid old comic book ads...

If nothing else canadians know how to put good warnings on their smokes..

I'm back on my sleeping machine to help me with my apnea... Girl and I are moving within in the next week or so.. So I will post as much as I can until then then I will disappear for a little while until I get the cable modem put back in...
Ok.. I gotta go play Final Fantasy X now.. More later..


Whos more grizzled?

I stopped doing the site and you guys didn't stop coming.. I think I'll start doing the site again..
I think maybe I just needed a rest.. Its been allmost a month since my last post and I am still getting alot of hits.. I tried being a grizzled old codger and everyone kept coming here.. so I guess its time I chomped the bit and beared my ass and some links...

Ok.. ask yourself what would happen if you took one of the most original and funny shows to ever grace both comedy central AND sci-fi channel, put it in a blender with the finest fantasy tale ever told, pulsed it and threw in three dashes of comic genius and lathered rinsed and repeated.. Ok.. Now say to yourself "Self.. I don't know what would happen" and then click on this link to find out for yourself..

Next I had a link that would reveal to all of you, my faithful readers, the secrets of the universe.. I accidently closed the browser and this is the best I could come up with, the secret of britneys boobies...

I have a super experiment version of this weapon.. But.. it doesn't really fire enough to "stop" someone in their tracks.. but I supposed if I used it on a tile floor they may trip up...or Shot them in the face with it like wifey..

I'm sure this is really great and funny.. the little bit I could stay awake for seemed good.. go watch "chasing kevin smith"

Thank you IMDB for letting me know that perinennial bad ass rob zombie was a production assistan on peewees big adventure..

Uhhhhhhhh.... Post a comment if you think this is a real famiy circus comic or not...

The big list of all the possible anti-christ canidates.. Pick your favorite.. collect them all.. trade with your friends..

If you get hard over math.. then math in movies is the site for you.. actually very quite entertaining.

What do you get when you combine alot of spare time and unsolicted bulk email?? the spam letters my friends.. the spam letters....

I don't even know what this site is.. but I bet it will freak the fuck out of scott...

soemthing quick and fun for you all.. Pitfall online.. wheeeeeeeee I remember sitting up in my room playing this on my fucking atari 2600.. badass...

And another fun little flash game for you all.. rest home fighter!

I would like to mentition that sometime this coming week MTv will be having a special sex show about plushies and furries.. it even finds me when I am off line.. and the new marlyn manson video has some weird sexy bunnies in it... ( I tried braving the mrv website to find you guys a link to that show.. but its no good.. I barely came out alive..)

And since I'm back and stuff.. Here is your BLECH OF THE DAY!!! BAM!!!!

Ok..well I get up to open in about 4 hours.. night night.. enjoy and please drop some comments to keep me ontop and doing this shit..


Keeping the news flowing ...

Well its official Star Wars Episode 2 is going to SUCK !

Not only is the title "Attack of the Clones"

Not only is Jar Jar confirmed to be in it again.

Now, 'NSYNC are going to be in it !

!!!UPDATE!!!: Apparently 'NSYNC will be JEDI's !!! The rumor indicates that they will play background Jedi Knights in the pivotal battle on Geonosis. But then again it is rumored that this is the battle where most of the Jedi die, so hopefully they will be leading the slaughter ... er I mean charge.

Thus concludes the bastardization of Star Wars.