Just a quick post ...

Check out this new radio station in Seattle ! It only plays 7 seconds of a song and gives the number of it on so you can look it up on their website. I am listening to it now and ... uh its very strange.

Now that I have an X-Box I am so in love with it. And especially glad I waited for the price to come down and I saved $100 on it. hehe It seems Microsoft has some major cool plans for it =)

And finally ... go and download Spider-Man The Movie 2 !!!


Not going to let the fun end ...

I was going to open this store as soon as I had enough money saved up.

Hey bartender ! Gimme a Satan's Semen !

Drink your Satan's Semen and lock yourself indoors, GTA3 is out for the PC ! Also I am so glad the XBox is down to $200 cuz I want STEEL BATTALION !! Look at the fucking controller for it ! Speaking of controllers, if you dont like your plat's controller, check these guys out ! They have some fat ass Marvel game stuff too =)

Man first the British took away the people's guns, now look you cant even keep your underwear !

Want to get on Battlebots but are too lazy ? Well then turn your laptop into a fucking robot to get you a beer.

Or if you are the ambitious type, find a schmuck with a big yard and build your own life size Millenium Falcon !

I am going to sign off now and install Internet v2.0 everywhere near me because they just set a new speed record, 625 megabytes over 7608 miles in 13 MOTHER FUCKING SECONDS !!! OH GOD !!!!!!!


Episode 2

I just got back from the theater and ... WOW !!!

This one makes Episode 1 look like a Saturday morning cartoon. But now after watching this one, I see how important much of Episode 1 was to build a foundation to go off of. The love story was done very well, but seemed a bit rushed. The fight scenes were off the page. In the latest trailor where you see a bunch of Jedi in the arena getting attacked from all sides was simply astounding ! And most importantly you begin to see how destructive Anikan allows himself to become when left unchecked.

Just remember ...

Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

And Yoda will kick anyone's fucking ass !

His fight scene in Jabba's palace with Jango Fett rocked ! He was flipping all over the place and going CRAZY and Jabba kept swatting at him like he was a fly. I still dont understand why they killed off Obi Wan. And it wasnt a "hmmm he might have lived type thing", he was cut from shoulder to groin in half -- So I guess the later Obi is a clone. Speaking of Clone's, the clone troopers themselvers were bad as fuck too. My favorite scene in the whole movie though was when Darth Sideous tried to instruct Jar Jar in the ways of the Dark Side - Jar Jar did this little Jedi type flip thing and landed and his pants fell down and then they just show Darth Sideous slapping his forehead. It was great ! BTW - FUCK YOU JON, None of this last part happened !! LOL !!



This game has quickly taken my life by storm
All I do when I get on the computer is read about it
When I'm not on the computer or in the forums on HCrealms then I am messing around with my figures or building stuff like terrains and buildings and props

I haven't even browsed a website other then something heroclix related for about a month now
I have a entire box of boosters coming my way and I don't plan on sleeping this weekend. Jamies brother is getting a case of boosters too and is coming down this weekend and it will be a marvel-rific time.

If any of you's guys is interested in getting into this incredible game let me know.. jonsnews@vectorstar.net


I have seen god

And he is Sam Raimi
Spiderman was fucking incredible!!!!!!!!!!
It was like a two hour orgasm...
Except for the organic webspinners, but that was kinda ok.. I think I may be able to live with that.
And them Killing off Aunt May and Mary Jane in the first movie.. that really sucked... It really went away from the comic book continuity. I mean.. Aunt May was allways kind of there, but in a not really knowing way. And he is supposed to be with MJ in the comics...

And the part with mary jane and the green goblin, when she started to fall in love with him.. I don't know.. I really didn't think that fit...

But all and all it was a good movie. There were a few little things in there that really pleased me.. Small semi-cameos and mentions of stuff that happens in the comic or that I realised would unfold..

By the way.. Pretty much all the spoilers I wrote above are lies, and are just intended to get back at cory for that fake news story him and Jim sent me way back in the day..