Selling fake nuclear waste for fun and profit

I think I know at least one guy that I used to work with that is into this!

Here is the reason I have been looking for to start exercising!

Mortician-Turned-Rapper Bills Himself As `D-Kompose'

Who thought it was be so easy to impersonate a priest?

I remember reading the Strawberry pop-tart blow-torch story way way back in the day.. its good to see some new stuff from those guys

Its good to finally see some truth in advertising

They fight crime!

Miserable Melodies, Recorded with good intentions.. and bad results!

man.. you can do alot of shit with coke

oooooooooooooooo purty computersssss

ooooooooo bunny abandonware.. go waste some time here on old cool games

I know cory will dig this shirt..

how about a nice cool tall glass of PEZ JUICE???

Well.. I am stuck reading the word of Gord in my netcaptor browser and unable to seek more links for fear of losing this page.. so I will end my post here.. go make some food and site down and read gord


I had a long ass post done.
I was adding some of the links cory sent me.
I clicked a link on OE
and it took over my fucking BLOGGER BROWSER and lost my post for me.. motherfuckers...
I'm going to go watch a movie may then I will try it again.. maybe

Random Thoughts and Junk

Apparently someone pulled a fast one on Bin Laden and sold him some fake nuclear waste. For groups who cant afford to make an actual nuclear bomb, the next best thing is to get nuclear waste and make a "Dirty Bomb". Which is basically a conventional explosive slathered in a steaming layer of nuclear waste. Dont let them scare you though, they can be great at parties.

Now I dont know what is more frightening, the fact that Bin Laden (and/or others) are actually trying to buy nuclear waste or this comment, made by a Pentagon official:

"The stuff we found in Afghanistan was not the real stuff. They were swindled, like a lot of other people."

Ummmm ... swindled like a lot of other people ? That could be taken two ways. One he meant to allude to the general nature of the act of swindling OR there are people out there making a ton of money selling fake nuclear waste. I dont know about you, but my Guidance Counseler in High School NEVER told me about cool jobs like this.

Another thing I find frightening is how Jonathon Lithgow says the word Testicle. Check it out on Nova in the "Life's Greates Miracle" segment.

Another thing I find scarey is the fact that we go from one President who gets blown all the time to one who is all about blowing shit up. The more I see of the Bush Administration the more it reminds me of the kid you played cops and robbers with and just as you were about to catch him and shoot him he would yell bulletproof and then pull out an imaginary hand gernade and blow you all to hell.

Okay thats enough rambling for now, plus I dont want to push of Mawd's "This is getting outta hand..." post because we are having fun commenting on it and driving Jon nuts.

BTW: The new Star Trek game: Bridge Commander has just released their demo ! Check it out, oh god its VERY sweet !!!

I'm Brian Fellow !

I need a new link, one that won't try to bite

Ok.. I am going to get this started right off with the blech of the day!

Then next its right off to a site with lots of pictures of guys getting hit in the bizzalls...

Is it wrong to want to harness the power of the mighty fly to master flight? I think not..


What a great way to waste some time and earn a little extra money..

Spank your inner monkee

Have you ever wanted to read upton sinclairs "the Jungle"? Well here is your chance..

Once again riding the wave of retarded online what X are you tests, we have what sex toy are you

You're the man now dog!

Send everyone you know a suck-o-gram!

I wish famous dead people would call me sometimes.

Ok.. well I ust passed out writing this.. so thats my sign that its time for bed. more tommorow


blah blah quickies

Gotta post real fast before I head into work then I am gonna try to post again when I get off at around three...

I've regular wrestled, thumb wrestled, and indian leg wrestled.. but.. never wrestled with this part of my body....

Welcome to the world of professional Cheese Racing

I think its a bad sign if you have to go this far with your police..

Raising a jedi appretice is harder then you think

This page cannot fucking be displayed

This is EXACTLY why I don't hang out with eunuchs...

The mirror project the site for vain people with too much time on their hands.. Actually kind of cool pictures here..

Ok.. more later kiddies..


Blech of the day

Here it is folks

click fast before its gone



Here is that halo warthog movie.. fuck me... check it out..

Hey, Dirty, baby I got your links

First of all I want you all to go check out the trailer for Sorority Boys.. Looks like its going to be quite a funny movie..

Then check out this insanely cool Halo physics movie.. WHEEEEEEEEEE

Can I get a floating corvette for christmas this year?? Or at least a normal on the ground one? I would SOOOOOOOOOO dress up like one of those two kids from dimension X on the TMNT cartoon that drove around in a flying car...

Would you like to see little cars going over 200 miles per hour? I didn't at first.. but I went and its very crazy..

Check out the brassknuckles take on politically correct fairy tales

Check out the online slang dictionary if your looking to waste some time and increase your vocabulary

Click here to read about one mans fight against telemarketers

Porno on Ice! Starring Tonya Harding?

Am I pornstar or not?

I want a floating house made of mist too!!!!!!

Is wearing live snakes on your waist the newest fad I haven't heard about?

When I get old and senile I DO NOT want to be monitored by creepy robot bears.. And thats fucking final.. Unless ofcourse its been SPH'ed

Fuck you lance bass and fuck you 'NSYNC your pop crap asses are NOT GOING TO SPACE.. So go cry..

Engineering the impossible sounds like a bad ass show.. I am going to have to try to catch it.. discovery rocks..

I still love x-entertainment.. even if he hardly ever updates it.. but when he does, its great.. So go read their take on the every wonderful .99 cent stores(Not to be confused with retarded 'dollar' stores here in ohio where everything is deceptively NOT priced at a dollar.. as we all know ohio is weird)

I am pretty sure that sticking my arm down a komodo dragons throat is WAY low on my list of things to do.. Especially for a half digested disguesting looking bear.. unless it had a SPH, The dragon not the bear....

It seems that my fellow posters are not the only ones calling on miss cleos integrity..

I would be less excited and more pissed if I found a 5 1/2 inch penis in my chef boyardee ravoli...

More and more I am deciding that alice cooper is the fucking man.. Now he and his wife are directing his daughters school play.. and its fucking selling out.. I would love to go see it..

I'm so upset that aliens didn't show up at the olympics like expected.. It was actually the only reason I wanted to watch.. But I imagine if they got there they would have just whined like everyone else is doing..

I bet this dog is the most popular with the females in the neighborhood.. more pictures here

Giant pooping vultures, a threat to humanity??

I wish they had more pictures of the face boxes for these porn movies ripped from real movies...

Nolan Curtis - Bitter Tech Support Advisor. I think I know a few people like this..

One of the greatest movies ever turns 20 soon.. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want the new dvd edition of it that looks like the book of the dead.. its soooooooooooo fucking cool... Fucking check it out.. is it not the fucking coolest dvd fucking ever?? SOMEONE BUY IT FOR ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

Bloodthirsty sheep? Possibly worse then the pooping vultures?

Dragon's Lair. Begining to fucking end.. watch it fuckers.. I also want this on dvd some day..

Dilberts theorem on salary

Tons of junk AOL cds get a kid to the olympics!

Crotchball!! Will we see it at the next olympics?

The song Oops Oh My by tweet is one of the best songs about female masturbation ever...

check out the 100 worst movies of all time.. I don't excatly agree with them on some.. but alot of them do suck hard..

the first and only web page (to my knowledge) entirely devoted to the letter M

Fucking A!! Gerbil racing is insanely fun!!!

Stickfigure warningman has the worst job in the world..

Get your voltron on!

Want to see all of the murphys laws in one place? Then click on my friends..

For the fans of the online personality tests out there.. Check out Which D&D character am i?

This site gets my vote for the best site ever!

Snot Club?? And relatedly (Is that even a word?) check out where should I place my boogers?

The big list of famous people who are missing fingers!

This is a insanely cool chronology of the marvel universe.. check it homecakes..

Oh yes my friends.. its time for the ever so cool toymania coverage of toyfare 2002. Also be sure to check out spawn.com for the new spawn line

Ok.. Its time for me to get ready to work boys and girls.. I hope this post can hold you over until tommorow.. I will seriously try to start posting more.. things have just been hectic lately..
Have fun with the links..

Nigerian Man Could Have Been A Millionaire If ...

Only if he could have kept his boss's intestines and genitals down, but the pepper soup just didnt agree with him.


This is getting outta hand...

Cory posted about the release of the new Segway scooters, and I have to admit tht they are the coolest things in the world. Well, after several months, the first three are now up for sail by auction on amazon.com and the prices are skyrocketing to insane levels.

There are still 35 days left in these three auctions and the prices are already up to over $100,000.

This is crazy!


Damn Miss Cleo

Well... I'm being harassed by Miss Cleo. No joke. The company behind that old bag is called Access Resource Services. I have received 2 rather nasty pre-recorded messages saying that I need to call them because of unpaid bills and that AT&T has confirmed this. They continue to say that if I don't pay it will hurt my credit drastically. At the end of the recording they give a phone number and tell me to call them. Welp, I called them both times.
It seems like the person that owned this phone number before me disappeared. Him and his wife just vanished into thin air. I have had nearly 10 different credit companies call me demanding money. To top that, I've had many family members and friends calling and looking for the two of them.
Back to Miss Cleo. Both times that I have called I have been treated like a big pile of stuff that comes out of the rear of a dog. Even though I've told them who I was and when I got the phone number. Still doesn't matter. I think the collectors there go to Bitch'Camp in the summer or something. That is located near Ima Whore River and down the road from Cuntsville just in case your wondering.
After being hung up on for the 2nd time today by a lady there, I decided to look into this Cleo business. Seems like they are HUGE trouble makers.



Come on Cleo, leave the old widows alone

I started thinking. If Miss Cleo was such a great Psychic, she would be able to tell on the phone who and who would not be paying their bill.

M.Cleo "Hi, I'm Miss Cleo, what can I do for you today sweetie?"
Lady "Well, I think my husband is chea..." gets cut off by Miss Cleo
M.Cleo "Hold on a darn second there now, I can tell you be calling me for some help now child, but I can also be telling that you not be paying me in 2 months either"
Lady "But I.." interrupted again
M.Cleo "Girl, do you think I'm made of money? Do you think I am going to sit here and listen to you for free?! Miss Cleo doesn't play that game now. Now get off my phone, your cutting into my crack time now."


I am the egg man, I am the walrus, coo coo cachoo

I just came up with the most genius idea.. someone will get totally rich off of this and I will still be poor.. but mark my words this will be the next biggestest thing in porns..
I'm thinking.. a film done in "Jizm Time" Similar to the bullet time and the rotoscope stuff in the matrix. but with a porn twist.. Think about the 360 slo mo facial.. Or a guy shooting his load on some chicks ass all matrix like with the little air ripples around it..

Call me fucking nuts.. but I think it will be huge...

Come on and Dig me, Cause I'm the fly pigmy

SoulCoughing is the shit.. It still makes me very sad that they broke up..

Someone needs to build this for me.. I fucking love the Iron Giant and I want this.. it looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh sweet god.. Please save us from the blue chocolate flavored potatoes...

Check it out.. I'm linked here.. a very cool site.. Send some hits his way.. well worth your time..

Click on this little button to see a random site.. I'm somewhere in the list.. so BAM!

This is by far the most disturbing thing I have EVER read on the internet.. Definatly deserving of the BLECH OF THE DAY

Hong Kong Phooey may be the number one super guy.. but hes not exactly the smartest guy in the world..

Oh shit this is great.. Click here to read about our president extolling the greatness of the missionary position for valentines day..

Please please please can I get this sweet assed R2D2 robot??? Or I guess I could just build my own..

So is it REALLY bad if I still use a sippy cup???

Man gets billed 337.50 on his mobil phone bill for being a arrogant bastard..

Check it out, all the xaioxaio stick figure kungfu shit on one page...

WOAH!!! Cat litter is mined?? I allways thought it came from the kitty litter trees and was harvested... Hmmm

So where is the list to sign up to get one of these bad boys???

I guess this is as good a reason as any not to rape horses...

build your very own "action cow"

Ok.. its like.. 6 am.. I am going to try to go back to bed.. I have been having a really hard time sleeping lately.. Today is valentines day.. but girl has to work for part of it.. so I may post again while she is at work.. if I wake back up..



The end all be all of BLECHS OF THE DAY. (For now at least)


And God shuffled his feet

I would like to take a second to say that the Crash Test Dummies rock and that the alblum "God shuffled his feet" rocked hard..

This is some HARDCORE lego shit.. I post this mainly so scott can jizz over the lego rubiks cube solver... I also think he will dig this working lego machine gun and the speed cube site..

I've been playing this 3d tron game alot.. play it.. it rocks!

Which tetris block are you?

And to finish up this quick post.. How to pee in space!



Bringing you the FUNK

Oh god boys and girls.. I have for you today, some of the coolest shit I have ever found on the internet.. So perpare yourself for this journey into the sublime.

First off check out the splat game.. You get to play a bird and fly around and poop on shit.. Quite fun and very tough at first..

This is quite possibly one of my new favorite sites.. It even has a review of CANETOADS!!!

Here is something for all the 80's fans out there like me.. (Fuck you guys). Tiffany.. Oh yes.. that Tiffany.. Is appearing in playboy next month.. About 10 years too late...

Moving on.. Next we have snowman PORN!

I love maxim. I think I scored too high on this quiz for my own good...

Is sisqo Micheal Jacksons offspring?? Is he slowing transforming to take The king of pops place?? You decide!

If you are planning on going on a date any time soon, but your not feeling too confident.. Then check out Zefranks online predate confidence builder

The web ring that I am in (the one that works atleast) just sent a email asking everyone to give everyone else traffic.. so I guess if I do it perhaps I will get good hits.. if nothing else a boost in karma never hurt so here it goes
Jish asked me to say HI! to my webloggers webring neighbours.
» to the left of me: The Red Kitchen.
» to the right of me: Mute Troubadour.

Both are very cool sites worth checking out.. In fact one is allready linked over to the left...

I dunno.. but the virtual sex machine looks a little too much like a earthworm in a test tube for me.. but.. whatever gets you off...

OOOOOOOOOooooo the creators of junkyard wars have a new show coming out!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

I think the guys over at FNGi will apperciate these tech support shirts..

Check out the very cool Lego MEchs over at this site.. very bad assed..

Turn any picture into ascii with this geek time waster

I ran across this and you KNOW its one of the best sites ever made!

I used to allways play with the little green army men.. I never realised there were so many rules to it..

I'm not sure which is cooler.. RoboCar or this giant lifesized gundam..

Here is another sweet online game to check out..

I don't even try to find furry shit anymore.. I just browse for a minute or two and it still finds me.. ARGH I am cursed..

I think this guy may even be loopier then our friend at the time cube site.. if its possible..

Check out doktor data on how to defragling a motherdisk..

Oh wow.. This is aweful

And here is the link I was talking about earlier.. quite possibly the greatest thing I have EVER found on the internet.. this is fucking incredible kiddies.. Enjoy!