Please fasten your safety belts

Hello kiddies.
My power supply took a dump on me. I got that fixed, and things were still wonky. By the time I got things kosher I had a metric SHIT-TON of links in my links to post folder. So guess what!! ITS LINK HEMMORAGE TIME!!!
Its taken me two evenings to get all of this shit sorted and renamed. So enjoy!!! Theres a little something for everyone in here. I suggest you view as many of them as you can! Some really choice shit here!

*twitch twitch*

Everyone still alive?


Rolling white and nerdy

Man, this new Weird Al song kicks serious ass.. The mans still on the top of his game..


Re: Your Brains

This has to be the greatest zombie song EVER!!

Also, zombie related, World War Z comes out in a couple days.. think I may need to order my copy now!

Honda + Tetris = Funny Commercial. Great stuff!

game girl advance: File Under Mad Skillz

Holy Crap! This is the craziest rocket jumping I have ever seen! I think at one point they rocket jump off a rocket in mid-air..

And here is yet another funny commercial, Human Dominoes!.

Awesome video games!!!! Previews the NES!!

Ugh. I've been posting alot of video clips lately.. But I guess I have allways posted alot.. Even back in the heyday of Daler!

Blah.. Oh well.. More to come.. Time for beddy bye for me..


Morning quicky

I get to leave for work late this morning so I am gonna squeeze off a quick one.

Check out this video of EXTREME SITTING! Man I don't think I have ever seen someone do a 360 in a wheelchair...

Three Dead Rising links for you, the first is funny Megaman Goes To Willamette (In two parts) the Third is functional

Oh yeah, and I kinda have been finding GameJew to be entertaining!

Well. I gotta go potty and get my ass heading out to pick up some parts at the computer store. Laterz Yo


A Killer in me is a killer in you.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a surgeon in the days of yore? Well check out this little game, its quite addictive!

Note to self, Do not grab the 6000 volt electric fence!

I know I've been down on South Park for the last few years as being mostly crap, but I am still a fan of Matt and Trey. So check out this Orientation Video they filmed for new Universal Studios Employees, and was later ordered destroyed.

If you know me, you know I am partial to mindless violence, So here is a video of some sweet mixed martial arts ass kicking! And here is a pretty sweet video of 16 buildings being blowen up at the same time.

NICE! This video makes me want to break out TrackMania Sunrise again, 1000 cars all at once. A very graceful and awesome video. No NuMetal is a bonus..

And to finish, Todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!!! blech.. blech.. wheres the bleach??

Well, thats all I got for now.. been a bit busy the last few days.. More to come!