Eeeet's sooooo real

Man.. Cory and I used to allways goof on sammy sosa about him being all about being sooooo real.. I don't really have any clue why I've been hearing so much about him lately, but I figured I should chime in with that just because cory and I are about the only ones who will get that joke.

Lets see. I have a few links for you guys.. I wish I had more time to post, maybe when we get broadband again..

Sex or something else? Take the quiz!

Finally I can sleep at night http://www.111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com/ has been updated!

Here is the official cars.com cartalk list of the gayest cars in the WORLD!

Sweet fancy moses! Someone please buy this item just so this description is no longer on ebay!

Poopreport! I think the world really needs this right now.

Beatallica. Wrap your mind around Beatles songs done Metallica style. AHHHH

Two days ago I was backing out of work and a drunk guy backed into my car. FUN! I've never had a accident before and it pisses me off. At least with this website I can know what intersections to avoid. I really believe everything in the world should have a danger Index.

Check out Ill Mitch. The coolest white skateboarding russian rapper EVER.


The guys at EGM recently interviewed Henry Hill (the guy that goodfellas was based on) and had him sit down and play some of the recent crop of ganster games (and animal crossing). Pretty funny shit!

Check it out. A UFO for your flight sim. You Can Now Fly The USAF Ultra Top Secret TR-3B! This would be sweet..

This was going to be my blech of the day. I have watched the matrix three times in the last 34 hours and I found this page very disturbing for the trinity costume. And the white queen? Oh god. Is this what happens when geeks find their mommys makeup?

Now. I said that last site WAS going to be the blech of the day. Until I came across this beautiful BLECH OF THE DAY

Good fucking lord. For one. Why is fucking president bush on vacation again? This guy gets another break when the rest of the country is at work or fucking unemployeed because his war didn't restimulate the economy like he wanted it to. Shouldn't he be in Iraq trying to find those weapons of mass destruction that never quite seem to show up?. And for two, i thought segways were supposed to be idiot proof and untip-able! What the fuck shrub?

Well.. its time for me to go to work.. stay tuned for more..