Oh shit

Sweet baby mike in a basket. SPiderman the movie, the game is fucking awesome!!! That would be the reason behind the lack of posts, that and noone lives forever.. But heres a post for you because I have found the strenght to put down the controller for a moment or two..

So.. On with it!

The hacked ROM reviews over on IMockery are fucking great.. Go read about the classic NES game MEgacrap and the wonderful Nude Punchout!

Man.. I used to love the little M.U.S.C.L.E. guys you could buy.. man.. that was back in the 80's right??Weird that I can remember that.. heheh I used to have fucking boxes of these fuckers..

"Oh Honey! Pull my pussy lips apart
and take the tip of your tongue and
spell the alphabet on my clit!"

I don't know why you would want wav files of women saying this kind of stuff.. but...
Oh yeah.. make sure you look around on that site for awhile cause there are some true fucking jems like this:
"Tonight I'm going to lap
dance every midget in the house!"

And if that gets you worked up.. then run and get yourself a pengal!

This drew carrey fan fiction site was definatly runner up for the blech of the day.. However BUTCHDADDY took the cake today.. BLECH OF THE DAY

Oh god.. I found some more totally blech sites that deserve linking.. so check out this one first
Then check out PENIS RULER!!! I know.. I know.. your expecting some wacky Sci Fi about the master or the penis aliens.. but.. sorry..
Then we have The KegelMaster 2000 (TM) Their URL is definatly the BOMB.. It was actually one of my first choices, but it was allready taken..

This is a pretty fun game.. "Watch out behind you"!!! Careful or you'll catch one in the ass...

Oh shit.. We so used to do this to noobs on IRC all the time.. Good times...

Which highschool stereotype are you? SUPRISE!! I was a geek!!

Want to know how much porn is in a printer cartridge?

I SOOOOOOOOOOO want one of these so I can wreck Havoc anywhere any time!!!

Would you care for a robot for your house? I think I would..

All about electronic masturbation

Now don't go shoving real grenades in your ass.. Get these military sex toys instead!

Lord of the rings fans.. start your drooling..

WOAH!! Ice cream with alchol in it!!!

well.. I gotta go get ready for work.. later gators..

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