Ok, I'll first start off by saying: Congradulations Jon and Girl! That kid is going to be so spoiled. lol.
Next I'll say: I might be without internet access here in a couple of days too :( It hurts!! aaahh the pain!!. I'm limping around on my dialup account for my old dsl account, but that will go down next Tuesday. And I really don't think there is a broadband provider covering the area of my new place.

Lastly I'll say: LAN Party at my place in 2 weeks(Oct 4th,5th and 6th.)
I just moved into a new place and I have TONS of freaking room. I don't know what to do with it all. So I decided to dedicate a weekend of it to a lan party. Basically anytime over the whole weekend is good. Plenty of room to crash if need be. I'll need to get a few tables/chairs. I have a 5 port hub, if someone could donate an extra one or two(there's some nice ones there at fng*hint hint* :)
Might not have internet access(as stated above).
Any and all welcome. Bring a friend or two. I should be able to fit around 18 ppl here(and more in the garage if needed). The place is real easy to get to. The hardest part would be loading/unloading your computer :D

Send interest, questions, comments, concerns, rants, raves and homosexual dinosaur porn to ntc3driver@hotmail.com

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