You know. I haven't really heard much about the segway since all the hoopla went on back in the day. But tonight I stumbled across this page where a guy is documenting his experience with his HT

wah! This is pretty nuts. Very cool though.. Check it out.. I guess..

Heres some valentines urban legends for you to enjoy via snopes.com

Having lived in a very very very snowy part of the country most of my life, I find it odd that I've never heard of snow rollers before..

Oh Yeah! "Operation: Whatever the fuck crazy-ass nate they come up with for the Iraq war" Is in the house! I still say that Get Your War On is one of the most humorous and original satires on the entire fucking internet...

Just browsing I came across this site and they have a review of one of the best and hardest to locate around here sodas in the world. Jones Bubblegum Soda! And if your ever interested in checking out some of the best soda I have ever tasted in my life get yourself a case of jones rootbeer at their site.. It blows barqs away!

This is the coolest fucking cd player ever! I fucking mean it, its insanely sweet!

Hello, My name is Scott. Well, mine isn't.. but this guy who has been wearing a name tag for the last 835 days is..

Well.. I guess thats it for now.. Not quite anywhere near my old calibur.. but...

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