I still maintain what I said about waterworld in the last posts comments. So get off my kool-aid motherfuckers

Oooooooooooooo X-E just did a awesome review of presto Magix. Quite possibly one of the coolest 80's toys that I forgot about. Fuck you scott. I do remember them..

Dear whoever the fuck found my site searching for this. Fuck off. But I would imagine basically its two pieces of bread (white) with a liberal amount of shit spread between. Perhaps a smattering of your favorite condiment would help enhance the flavor. I wouldn't suggest peanut butter as that would only make the whole ordeal more stick the the roof or your mouthier (is that even a word, mouthier?). Perhaps for the consumate gourmet you should try eating about three pounds of lunch meat the day before you plan to make shit sandwhichs for you and your guests and then complete the sandwhich with some nice watercrest and mayonaise. For a nice alternative you could try a piece of cheese in the sandwhich and try toasting it for a shit sandwhich melt. Please don't post any success stories shit sandwich breath.

I fixed the archives. So feel free to check out some of the awesome oldness.

Ugh.. Its like 6 in the morning. I;ve been up since 2 fucking AM for some damn reason, and I can;t get back to sleep and its really pissing me off.. ugh..

Ok.. Now its 4 in the afternoon the next day and I am forgeing on with this post..

This was a very very creepy read. Especially if you are even a little bit clastrophobic. Much in the vein of my son peter. Do you rememer that site scott?? I kept myself awake many a creep'd out night reading this kind of shit..

I got the archives all fixed up.. I don't know if I said that allreayd or not.. but they are fixed and all is veiwable again..

Thanks scott. I had finally gotten the fuckign hot or not craze out of my head.. and then you send me this. Is my Blog HOT or NOT? I even signed up.. I hope my blog is hot..

This is pretty sweet.
. I recently saw a system that looked like a nintendo64 controller with what looked like a IR port on the top if it and AV plugs and a AC plug. Well you hooked it up to your AV jacks on your TV and it played like 100 and some odd NES games and the IR port thingy was actually a lightgun to play duck hunt and hogans heros.. I wish I had a link for this because it was actually quite sweet, and a second controller hooked into the first to play two player games..

Would you like three reasons why some people should never be allowed to make flash movies?
there are actually 3 more in the series, but my eyes started bleeding after the first three and my head exploded.. Just change the number in the URL if you want more..Now to make up for that crap. I am going to link one of my favorite flash thingies. Please post in the comments With other wonderful flash thingies for me to enjoy. If anyone remembers the crazy one with the russian techno rap song and the end of the world and stuff.. drop a link to that because it would make be very happy
Lobster Magnet

Oooooooooooo Soft Cell phones. They kinda look like maxi-pads for robots though..ugh..

There are some pretty decent jokes here if you don't mind wadeing through some crap. Commonly misunderstood computer terms. Also check out the much funnier Hollywood films Vis Internet Subtitles. What if chat lusers and haxors did the subtites for our movies.. And of course. I had to come across furry while check it out..

Well this turned out to be quite a long post. So I am going to pinch this loaf off now and send it up for yous all to read. Enjoy and please linky link some flash goodness for me. Scott at very least I expect pusher robot linkage!

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