I'm gonna whip you silly and I'm gonna fuck you stupid.

Way of the gun has such fucking great dialog. I love that movie.

I was wondering today where fruit flies come from.. are they allways on our fruit and we eat them with our fruit or what? Luckily the straight dope is here to help

Ever wonder what some possible titles to your favorite one hit wonder songs could be?

Here is a cool little CAstlevania flash game for you.

Buck Truck the rapping trucker
Need I say more?

Grayson. Dick Grayson. FUCK YEAH! This is allmost better then batman: dead end

What is this crazy mystery animal? Weird

Why dear lord is anitfreeze so yummy?!

More then you could ever want to know about bottle water

Take one fancy pants italin food expert and one wine and spirits expert. Insert them into a non fancy pants "restuarant" like The Olive Garden and hilarity ensues

Make yourself a GIANT keyboard

MMMMMMM watermelons. Square and Pyramid style!


well.. its work time. Enjoy

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