Links Especially 4 U

Someone from work quit today, and his last email was hilarious.

Basic Instructions. Your all inclusive guide to life well lived.

Nanaca Crash. I don't know what the fuck this is, but I can't stop playing it! My current best is 2009.56m. And they were right. If I liked that game, I also loved Pio Pio!

Here's another great David Sedaris piece from the New Yorker.

This would seriously suck. I would have pissed my pants.

Valentine for Perfect Strangers. I don't even think my brain has words to describe this.. Its pretty fucking.. I dunno.. Some of the youtube responses are great too.. I think one more link, and this becomes a certified Balki-Bonanza. So lets DO IT!

Here are some funny graphs. Enjoy!

Man.. This tech demo from lucas arts is pretty sweet ass..

I can't remember if I posted this before, but check out this awesome lego mindstorms automated car factory!

Oh god.. I allmost forgot. Your BLECH OF THE DAY

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