Happy Birthday Spam!

Oh hell yeah. Go out and make a penis enlargement cake. Its motherfuckin spams birthday! WOOOOHOOOO

I think this may be the coolest fucking lego thing I have EVER seen in my life.

Check it out. Two awesome games:

Online MMO Risk! Fuck yeah!

New tower defense game! Protect the server!  I think this is one of the harder ones I have played.


Ok.. 30 minutes later.. god that games addictive.

Neatorama had a cool article up about 30 strange animal mating habits. Entertaining read. I'm glad I'm not a bee.. That's all I'm sayin. Here's a quote:

"Actually, "court" may be too strong a word: the male giraffe basically follows her around until she gives in and lets him have her!"

Sounds like marriage...

Oh, and Cory, It mentions the dolphins prehensile penis...

Here are 12 quick and easy steps to being a computer security idiot.

This is a great article about the history of batmans vehicles.

It's art! No! it's a puzzle! It's both!

Check out this guys badassed driving skills.

Funny Ebay feedback!

Wham! Biff! Ooof! Some sweet fighting skills when this guy takes on 5 attackers. He's got nothing on these kung fu masters though.

So.. Why exactly are these places blurred out in google maps?

Have you ever wondered what the exactly opposite of absolute zero is?

How dating my ex was like playing DOOM II on nightmare mode. In the vein of the ever classic Things my girlfrienda nd I have argued about.

Time for me to get my ass to beddybye land. Have fun with those links kids. And if your not fucking watching Heroes, than WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Sweet god just when I didn't think it could get any better, it does.. by leaps and bounds.


I allmost forgot.

Your BLECH OF THE DAY. Be sure to watch the videos near the end.

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