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Super-Size Me (with Whiskey!)

Why are people so fucking retarded? Don't they realize that when they give their kids names like "Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K" (Pronounced Yourhighness, and Special K after the drug Ketamine) or "4Real" that they have to walk around with those for the rest of their lives?

I usually try to keep my distance from 'american idol' type crap. But this guy from a recent America's got talent is really good. I would totally buy some of his music.. if.... you know.. I actually bought music..

PEW!!!! its Nintendo Papercraft! New desk toys!!!

This is the very exact reason I fucking hate amusement parks! Fuck that shit..

Oh man.. I have spent WAY too much time looking through this extensive list of Macro's from the 4chan boards.. some fucking awesome shit here.. and oh yes.. Cat Macros..

This post now with bonus lolcats! Is it wrong that I subscribe the rss feed from that site?

About a month ago, Chris from cutewithchris posted a video of him performing the lyrics of "Buy You a Drank Shawty" which I thought was fucking great, since then I have been scrubbing his archives and the guy is actually rather funny. Since then, He's also "covered" a interview with T-pain, and dealt with the comment fallout from his video from the internetidiots.

mmmm Hopsicles!

Ok. So this dress technically has not inside, so if you have it on, are you actually naked? God I love mobius strips, and Klein bottles...

And finally. The (not totally gross) BLECH OF THE DAY

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