I have seen god

And he is Sam Raimi
Spiderman was fucking incredible!!!!!!!!!!
It was like a two hour orgasm...
Except for the organic webspinners, but that was kinda ok.. I think I may be able to live with that.
And them Killing off Aunt May and Mary Jane in the first movie.. that really sucked... It really went away from the comic book continuity. I mean.. Aunt May was allways kind of there, but in a not really knowing way. And he is supposed to be with MJ in the comics...

And the part with mary jane and the green goblin, when she started to fall in love with him.. I don't know.. I really didn't think that fit...

But all and all it was a good movie. There were a few little things in there that really pleased me.. Small semi-cameos and mentions of stuff that happens in the comic or that I realised would unfold..

By the way.. Pretty much all the spoilers I wrote above are lies, and are just intended to get back at cory for that fake news story him and Jim sent me way back in the day..

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