A few of my favorite things

I have been a huge fan of the animutations since.. like forever ago. But I just watched Earth Vs. The Funk for the first time and its fucking awesome! YAY!


Oh man.. I want one of these wooden keyboards.. Nice! The 2500 dollar price tag is a bit prohibitive though.

Oh god. This is definatly todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!! ARGGGHHHH

GOSH! Superman is such a dick!!

Well.. I keep falling asleep at the computer so i think i am going to wrap this post up now and take a nap.

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ludicrous said...

Hey Jon I just was looking around old twilightheadquarters.com/nexus.html and stumbled upon your site! Good to see you are still alive and well and back on the internet! I actually rode a bike probbaly not too far from the south of you on my way here to Minnesota from Philly. I am heading south and then further west in a couple of weeks! I really REALLY like that new animutation!