My name is Jonas.

Is mcdonalds encouraging its consumers to have some kind of weird ass food sex with its double cheeseburgers?

This is hot. I would so buy this as soon as it hits the market.. One big pad and just throw your rechargable shit on it and it goes and charges it up... One pad to charge them all, and in darkness bind them!

Just in case you ever need to know the reason why you have asshair!

The Hummer PC mod!

Oh hell yeah. Its a foldable katamari damacy guy! FUCK YEAH!

Check out these videos of Del the funkee homosapian (Aka Deltron 3030) performing at the Sega Dreamcast launch.. Especially good is protoculture, an awesome rap about video games.

Tube gossip. Interesting bits overheard on the subway

Grand Theft Auto Brick City. Too bad it will never happen for real.. it would be awesome.. but keep the hope alive that lego star wars will be a good game!

I have quite a few links saved up from the past months that i was keeping in case i started posting again. So i will be smattering them in and hoping that you guys like them.

One example is the star wars one man show! Nosing around on the site also found me a short film that this guy did called "x spots the mark" which was very entertaining/

I don't know if you guys got to play with sodium in highschool lab or not.. but I did. I allways wondered what dropping three pounts of it in a pool would be like! INCREDIBLE!

First there was the prank where the guy parked like a asshat to see what kind of notes got left on his window.. Then came the semi anti=prank where someone decided to leave nice notes on the windows of people who parked well.

Something awful formum: New changes to the starwars saga!

And to wrap it up. The Beastles! Some nice mashup fun for you!


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Cory said...

haha I love this line:

This video tape clearly demonstrates that sodium can throw itself farther than you can.

Jon said...

I'd hit it!