Its howdy doody time!!!!!!

hi.... Oh god... I am fucking tired.. I started writing shit and all I did was write the same word over and over and over again.. Let me start again and pretty much just ignore this part..

Hi! I'm Jon McClure. You may remember me from such webpages as JonsNews and Bikini Girls take on the world..

right.. anyway.. As you can see.. The page is back up.. Not perfect by a long shot.. But its fucking BACK UP. Nevermind Mr. T up there.. His purpose is clear..

I'm excited. I missed doing it... Heres what you can expect from me:
Inane banter
Long ranty shit
poor spelling and grammer at times
The funniest shit on the internet found as only I can
Furry tentacle rape pictures
pretty much everything I hope you have grown to love and miss

I will do bits and pieces with the layout. Fuck.. If anyone has a better layout idea send it to me..

Things I need:
Help. I need some fucking KICKASS people to help me keep shit up. Just one or two that can find crazy shit on the net. If your interested lemme know or something.. If not I will just keep doing it myself oldschool solo style.

its about.. 3am right now.. I have to fucking drive to toledo at about 8.. that means I have to be awake in about 4 hours..

Heres some updated shit with what had been happeneing to me.
In april I quit my old job of doing tech support. It was driving me nuts and I wanted a change. I promptly moved up to stay with Girls family until I got settled in. I spent about a month and a half unemployeed. Unxmaal was right.. I should have had a job lined up before I quit. I just couldn't take it anymore though.. I searched for jobs. Anything tech.. One allmost panned out doing nt admin for some bank shit.. Would have been a tight job.. If I knew more about the networking side of NT or something.. Fast forward a few more weeks.. Being unemployeed sucks.. No money...wedding zooming up on us fast.. I get a call from someone at western southern life insurance.. I interview.. It went well. Blah blah blah.. So now I am liscensed to sell insurance in the state of Ohio and I work for western and southern.. Pretty crazy shit of paradigms.. But I am excited as fuck and I am loving this job..
During that whole process I had dial up.. Yeah.. I couldn't stand viewing webpages so I didn't.. Then TODAY I GOT MY CABLE MODEM. Yeah.. you know what that means.. Jons mother fucking back..
Anyways..... Enough with the jibba jabba.. On with the links!

I know awhile back I mentioned the dustin diamond teaches chess video. And I know you have been asking yourselves every fucking day.. When the hell is jon going to come back so we can have some VIDEOS OF SCREECH TEACHING ME HOW TO PLAY CHESS????? Right now my friends.. Right now...

I'm all for wrestling. I love it.. Its great.. But.. WHAT KIND OF FUCKING REDNECK WOULD BUY THIS???

Rgiht.. With this quote on the front page need I add my own bit to it? ""THE #1 MOCK MAIL ORDER BRIDE/ ASIAN PORN SPOOF SITE IN THE WORLD!"

Oh yeah.. You must have our alma mater.. You got to have our alma mater.. (uhh I think thats how the begining of "My ding-a-ling" goes). For those of you keeping score at home.. Thats 1 furry tentacle rape site so far...

For those of you who can't wait the few scant years till they are official legal here is all the mary kate and ashely olsen porn you could want. Which personally is none. but...

Blech.. (2 folks.. Count em'.. Two...)


This too disturbs me.. Take, eat; this is my body. (mathew 26:26)

I honestly liked jar jar.. But I know enough people that would still get a kick out of this.. By the way any of you heard anything else about that crazy Episode one rouge edit out there??

I know to finish this all up you all would LOVE some knight rider fan fiction.. eh? come one.. admit it.... ok.. fine.. Here.. You can have it!


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