Besides.. Its right here!

I have a new found respect for MySimon...

Make sure you take a few minutes out of your busy day to take the Contemporary Christian music test. I never knew Earth Wind and Fire was evil..

I see alot of fucking nuts shit on the interweb.... But.. I honestly think all of the dolphin shit I find is some of the most fucked.. I now am learning how to shapeshift into a dolphin.. I should have this completed before next week...

Noooooooo dear god.. Not Paula Poundstone.. Say it ain't so!

If you are on a broadband connection at work then check out this fucking tight ass speed test..!

I found out today why cats lick themselves...

Their fucking delicious!

You know those corny java applets that let you drag the clothes off girls and see their boobies.. Well here is one for britney spears!

Can't take the normal boring news headlines? Then how about getting them in haiku form! Pretty cool I guess!

Do your current benefits at your job suck?? No paid time off for vacation? Then use this handy little page to help yourselve get carpel tunnel faster so that you can hook up with the workmans comp and get some nice vacation time off...paid of course..

I got plenty of respect for anyone nutty enough to fucking launch himself into space.. Go man go!

YAY! Those marketing smart guys over at realdoll are coming out with a male realdoll with INTERCHANGEABLE PENISES!!!

Just what the world needs at this point. A site with pictures of naked girls holding a cat???? ahhhhh

Oh god this is tooooooo fucking cool!!!!!!!! Scott is going to fucking LOVE THIS!!! And here and here are some other sites you will enjoy if you liked that one!

Thor. The nordic ROCK AND ROLL GOD!

Click here to see a picture of one of the guys from ZZTop floating around in the vomit comet (That plane that can simulate zero gee) Read the article by Penn Jillette who was there too.. Also go spend some time at SinCity.. Penn and Tellers offical site.

Well.. Thats its for tonight.. Enjoy. The comment thing works at the end of the post too.. Comment what color you think the visited link color should be....

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