Episode 2

I just got back from the theater and ... WOW !!!

This one makes Episode 1 look like a Saturday morning cartoon. But now after watching this one, I see how important much of Episode 1 was to build a foundation to go off of. The love story was done very well, but seemed a bit rushed. The fight scenes were off the page. In the latest trailor where you see a bunch of Jedi in the arena getting attacked from all sides was simply astounding ! And most importantly you begin to see how destructive Anikan allows himself to become when left unchecked.

Just remember ...

Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

And Yoda will kick anyone's fucking ass !

His fight scene in Jabba's palace with Jango Fett rocked ! He was flipping all over the place and going CRAZY and Jabba kept swatting at him like he was a fly. I still dont understand why they killed off Obi Wan. And it wasnt a "hmmm he might have lived type thing", he was cut from shoulder to groin in half -- So I guess the later Obi is a clone. Speaking of Clone's, the clone troopers themselvers were bad as fuck too. My favorite scene in the whole movie though was when Darth Sideous tried to instruct Jar Jar in the ways of the Dark Side - Jar Jar did this little Jedi type flip thing and landed and his pants fell down and then they just show Darth Sideous slapping his forehead. It was great ! BTW - FUCK YOU JON, None of this last part happened !! LOL !!

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