Not going to let the fun end ...

I was going to open this store as soon as I had enough money saved up.

Hey bartender ! Gimme a Satan's Semen !

Drink your Satan's Semen and lock yourself indoors, GTA3 is out for the PC ! Also I am so glad the XBox is down to $200 cuz I want STEEL BATTALION !! Look at the fucking controller for it ! Speaking of controllers, if you dont like your plat's controller, check these guys out ! They have some fat ass Marvel game stuff too =)

Man first the British took away the people's guns, now look you cant even keep your underwear !

Want to get on Battlebots but are too lazy ? Well then turn your laptop into a fucking robot to get you a beer.

Or if you are the ambitious type, find a schmuck with a big yard and build your own life size Millenium Falcon !

I am going to sign off now and install Internet v2.0 everywhere near me because they just set a new speed record, 625 megabytes over 7608 miles in 13 MOTHER FUCKING SECONDS !!! OH GOD !!!!!!!

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