Howdy Ho Neighbors!!!

Guess who got their internet turned back on!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Thats right kiddies! Its me!!!

I haven't been able to post the last couple days since I got everything hooked back up because girl has been very very very veyr sick and I have been putting all of my time and energy into helping her.. but.. i digress, most importantly I'm back.. and I got to say its good to be hooked up to the outside world.. I turn on the TV and Conan O'Brien is on Comedy central.. which is pretty cool.. I see a new guy hosting beat the geeks, and its all so new to me..

Ahhh well.. As you guys know I have a child on the way.. and most of you have been here through my whining and begging for money stages.. even though it really never paid off except for a few kind people.. Even when I was just asking for a buck a piece to make it worth my time that i was pouring into the site.. Well.. Now I with the kid on the way and the money situation being absolute shit now that I am only working part time.. I am resorting to hawking cool shit off on ebay.. Check out these listing for what I have up there right now, I'm selling it through girls brother and expect to see alot more newer stuff up there including PS2, Xbox, and gamecube games... so instead of asking for all of my good readers to just give me money.. how about you buy some of my stuff... But like I said.. keep checking it cause we will be putting new stuff on there daily..

but.. I have tommorow off.. so expect to see a long post tommorow boys and girls.. for now I have to get going to work

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