Links for the proletariat

Desktopography is some high end shiney for your desktop wallpaper.

Overlord and Razorwire are the two most l33t haxx0rs in the world. Watch their adventures. When I saw the first video I thought that it would be perfect for acceptable.tv. And guess what, now its on it!

Its still not as good as Gemberling or Sockbaby! Go tell your alien brothers that Ronnie Cordova says their GAY! I don't know why, but I still think that Sockbaby is one of my all time favorite things on the internet..

I think some of my very first links on this site were to X-Entertainment, and they've consistantly cranked out quality content on that site for quite some time. So check out this artice about Dead Sodas.

I know the description of a turn based fighting game doesn't really sound the most fun, but I tell you what, the first time you rip your opponents arms off, and uppercut his head off you'll be addicted.

Stupid lusers.

This game is a pretty good take on the traditional Arkanoid/Breakout mold.

A scientist is going to see if its possible to live underwater using algea as both a source of food and oxygen.

This is a really funny use of the Mento and Coke trick.

Read some of the emails in the Inbox of Nardo Pace, the Empires worst engineer

Is Laz-D the greatest rapper ever? Definatly not, but its definate that Jelly Donut is the best freestyler in the entire world!!!More JellyD here.


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