ASDFQWERTy I can't think of a post title.

OK. So I set up a etsy shop last night, to maybe sell a few of my pictures I have taken, or some other odds and ends. I also have up there a couple geeky gamer things my sister has made, so please check out her Super Mario and World of Warcraft bead art, and maybe buy one or two.

So, here is how this next part is going to work. I made two youtube playlists, one is of summery summer music, and the other is funny summery activities. You can enjoy this any of three ways:

1. Watch the funny summery videos, then watch the summery summer music.

2. Press play on the summery summer music, and then turn the volume down on the funny summery videos

3. Don't watch either, and let me know to stop wasting time making these playlists and post more furry porn.

4. Play the music, while enjoying the rest of the post

And here are the Summery funny videos!

So universally Bioshock is hitting to rave reviews (minus the fucking secure-rom bullshit that they will eventually have to take out, and a few other launch bugs). Pretty much anyone who plays it realizes that it is a fucking gaming masterpiece.

So what do you think is going to be the response when you totally pan the game in a three paragraph review on your Sony fanboy site. Enjoy your bleeding ass. (click that second link folks, its still one of my favorite older school internet reads.)

Thank god our gov't is still doing things to protect us on some fronts. See The Ocular Penetration Bill Of 2007 Also from the ONN, The new gap kids, made by kids for kids line seems to be a huge hit!

Man, this is far superior to the lame little bunny foofoo shadow puppet I whip out for my kids from time to time.

ATHF Zombie Ninja Pro-Am Trailer I don't think I have ever seen a game title that more sums up what a game is all about. But they leave out that it also involves mini-golf. This game is going to be the best kart racing/fighting/golf game ever created. And in case you hadn't seen it yet, the intro the the ATHF movie is fucking genius.

Do you have several hundred old processors just laying around? Craft that shit up motherfucker!

I would have never thought of stacking dice as something even remotely entertaining, thank you interwebtubes. Man, some of these videos are pretty crazy.

I found the site Pirate Rehab a few months back, and its been a great place to find awesome freeware to replace things I maybe would have gotten previously in not so ok ways.

Anyways. Time for me to turn in for the night, I've been switching between this post, and trying to fix some dhcp errors on one of my servers at werk, so this post was a little bit shorter then I wanted it to be.. but I gotta get to bed, or else morning will be more hell then usualy. Enjoy the links.

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