Holy shit.

Usually I don't post the political bullshit here. I leave the world of crazy ass politicians to my main man Cory at SpaceTomatoes, but I had to comment about this.

We need another 9/11?!

Apperantly thats what this fucking retard thinks.

I bet the general public will totally get behind this. Fuck, book me a plane.
Holy Christ.

Regardless how for or against the War you are, 9/11 was bad. No fucking good has come of it. (unless you run a major oil company)

I don't even know how to fully vocalize how completely fucked this article is. Stu Byofsky may quickly become the second most hated man in America (sorry, hell's got a special place reserved for Bush)

So Stu. Good luck in the future, as you see your career and dreams fade away. I was going to write a sentence about how if there was another attack I hope hes in it, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The people who died that day didn't deserve it, and to say more people deserve to die just so we can fucking hop on the bandwagon with our bullshit fake patriotism and fucking sell more Lee Greenwood cds and flags, thats fucked.

Anyway. Since I've never really done a political rant before, and I feel kinda sick from reading that article, here is this, Sexy Stormtroopers.


Cory said...

Oh yeah. Hot stormtrooper sex!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't necessarily put myself into a group that agrees with the article, but I think it's important to point out the overall motive and how accurate some of the points are.

We bonded together after 9/11. We were very united. We had become lackadaisical and took for granted our freedoms and felt invincible. The 9/11 attacks served to remind many people how fragile life and freedom really are and roused people to start living more on purpose. Imagine how many people called a loved one that day that they were angry with and apologized, or how many people started a trust fund for their kids and took a little more time that night to tuck them in or held them a little longer.

Think about how many stories you've heard about a person that survives cancer and turns their life around, starts a foundation and dedicates the remainder of their life to helping others?

Sadly, our country is now very divided over the issue of terrorism and many have thrown it to the back burner again since we haven't been significantly attacked again. Just like sometimes it takes a drunk person losing their family to get their priorities straight, another successful attack would remind people why they might not want to jump so quickly on the bandwagon of criticism about enhanced security measures at the airport or public security cameras.

Anonymous said...

Oh and way to go rocking the storm trooper mask. ROFL. Wow.

Jon said...

I hope I don't need to point out that its clearly not me rocking the storm trooper mask

Anonymous said...

Oh. Not so sexy then. : (

Jon said...