Welcome to the new digs.

My old host is shutting its doors. jonsnews / jonslinks / whatever I called it at different points was hosted with Vectorstar.net for 7 years, and I'm sad to be moving.
But its also a chance to change. New name, a little bit of a tweaked design, I have a few other tricks up my sleeves. So hopefully this change will be for the better. Ah well, on to the post.
So right now, jonsnews.vectorstar.net is down. So If your finding this site. I'm not positive how. Once it comes back up, and until it dies for good, I'll put up some redirects. So if your here, bookmark this page and go ahead and get rid of the old address.
On to some content!

Oh god. I can't wait until I get to see "Minesweeper: THE MOVIE"

Wtf‽ Venomous Butterflies‽ This shit needs an interrobang.

I love Old Grandma Hardcore. Who doesn't, I've also got to enjoy the frustration that you can experience in Overlord. Its a hell of a game though. Give them shit granny!

While I still think that "Let Forever Be" is one of the best Checmical Brothers videos, their newest, "The Salmon Dance" is very very good.

Awhile back, I linked the flickr set of a fellow named Goopymart called "teh internets", which was quite awesome. Well now Ape lad has made a similar set, of http error codes as comics.

Tee hee hee, is tiny little ninjas!! Whats worse than tiny ninjas? Tons of ninjas, can there be too many ninjas?

Check out 'The Glitch' a short movie starring the piefucker, Jason Biggs.

WTF!? A man with a tail?!?!!?!?

God. Ironman is going to kick incalculable amounts of ass.. I cannot wait. Oh yeah, and Kevin Smith is still the shit. I can't wait to see his season opener for heroes...

And to wrap up this tiny little post, a first (I think). I give you:

THE MULTIPART BLECH OF THE DAY Now with bonus wiki-power!

So anyways. Welcome to the new site. Its the same as the old site. Night night.

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