Cake rocks my ass!

Go download their new song Short skirt Long jacket its fucking awesome..

I used to love The dukes of hazard. I had all their action figures and everything. I used to make my mom be boss Hog though.. I kinda feel bad about that now.. Cause that's the only figure I would ever let her use... Oh that brings up two things in my mind.. The first is action figures. Girl got me the new Spiderman classic figure. It has FUCKING 30 POINTS OF ARTICULATION!!! His fucking hands can pose and his toes can bend. Its fucking incredible! Second thing. The dukes of hazard was a big show in the 80s. I remember it. Hence I remember the 80s. So fuck you guys..

This is the ultimate way to theft protect your PC.

Want to find a clown close to you? I know you do. Maybe this one will be close to you if your lucky and want to scare a lot of little kids..

The largest rock formations underwater ever were found recently. Dubbed the lost city. This is some pretty interesting stuff. Especially that there may be some totally undiscovered life living there.. Cool..

Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am a mannnnnnnnnnn of constant sorroooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Oh brother where art thou was a awesome movie and I fucking love that song for some reason..

Scapegoat wax - Aisle 10 (hey Allison) is a fucking awesome song too

Hmmm I wonder if it would be wrong for me to get a prescription for this drug???

Check out this fucking funny Tenacious D music video entitled Fuck her gently

HAHAHHAHA check out this page for all your Dick Cheney news. Is Dick Cheney dead yet?

I used to rave about Anarchy Online. Its seems its REALLY going downhill. Go read this review of it. I fucking love Something Awful dot com


Hmmm. You have to be super fucked up to make a web page devoted to your sex toy... BLECH

The fact that anyone ever created something called the recto rotor scares me. Make sure to check out the rest at the Museum of questionable medical devices.

George Lucas In Love is one of the best short movies I have seen in a long time. GO CHECK IT OUT!

Check out this cute site some little kid made dedicated to furby.. wait.. what's that?? SHES 42?!?!?!?!?

Wait for it..... Wait for it.. BAM!!! BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!!!!Be sure to explore and check out the "sounding" gallery....

These are some of the greatest Dilbert comics ever. Actually. I don't think Dilbert would ever really have the phrase "Fatty queercakes" in it.. They still fucking ROCK

Oh look.. Role playing game poems. I mean.. I like role playing games. I like poetry.. But combining the two???

Check out this page too. Make sure to read it carefully. Its called thispagecannotbedisplayed.com as a hint..

Make your own text adventure!!!

And to wrap it all up nicely. I have for you some of the weirdest fetishes I have ever seen. First be sure to check out the sock worship site.. Next we have J.R.R. TOLKIEN FAN FICTION!!! AAAHHHHHHH And finally we have this.. This is weird.. Its a SCUBA/Diving suit fetishist page.. Weird weird weird..

ok.. Well its work time.. More later..

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