Die Hard is such a bad assed movie.

Actually.. This whole being sick and sitting on the couch thing may not be so bad.. I just got done with die hard (which I had honestly forgotten was so fucking ultimately cool) and now starship troopers and the godfather are both on and I don't know which one to watch..

My lower back hurts very much when I sit up like this from the spinal tap that they did on me day before yesterday.. If you ever get asked if you would like to have a spinal tap (Also called a "Lumbar tap" by freak doctors) just say no... It ain't fun... Basically they take this about 3-4 inch needle and jab it into your lower back and feel around until they can plunge it into your spine and they suck out the life sustaining fluids from your SPINAL FUCKING CORD. And definately do not ask to see the needle before they start.. I did.

I have raved about how stuff works dot com before.. They have a section on how waterguns work.. great for some fourth of july reading.. I want to build this one day. It would rock my ass.

I love magicians, and I love self defense. This is perfect!

Seems as though there may be some REALLY hidden files in windows.. May be something to check out..

SAy it ain't so.. Optimus Prime.. Dead?? NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Ok.. That wraps it up for me.. My back is hurting really bad right now from the spinal.. I am going to go watch godfather and then try to update in a big again..

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