I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless,but not for long
The future is comin on.

I was going thru my daily reads and I saw on IGN dot com that they had a interview with the Gorillaz on their site.. Cool I say to myself.. After clearing out that damn floating banner ad I click the link and it FUCKING ASKS ME FOR A USERNAME AND PASSWORD AND OFFERS ME TO SIGN UP AND PAY FOR THIER SHIT.
Lick my sweaty nuts IGN. Suck a camels greasy schlong.. To make me feel better heres a article about the gorillaz. And a interview!

But on the upside I did find this linked somewhere.. So its not all bad..

Today I was part of Joels wedding and it was really cool and a total honor to be part of that..
Tommorow is my bachlor party.. Woot

Hmmm. I may have to get a tongue piercing before the wedding..

I'm not sure I trust scientist that quote HP Lovecraft..

I went to the chinese food place the other day and got the buffet and they had chicken nuggets there.. but they really didn't put much effort into their engrish and they labeled them "CHICKEN NUTS". Oddly enough there were very few gone..

Yet another great X-entertainment PokeHunt. Go read!

Uhhh its steve from blues clues personal site. Be sure to check out the hidden link on the bottom left.

oh goodie.. Backdoor boys fan fiction!

Be sure to go get your declassified nuclear expiriment videos today!

Here is a definate way to get people to read your instructions..

This site says that Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa and I FUCKING AGREE!

Todays BLECH OF THE DAY is another fetish that I just don't fucking get! And I will quickly follow that up with your one stop shopping site for furry shit! And uhhh PONYGIRLS

Necrophilia! - A users guide.. BLECH

MMMM this is really good icecream. You want some of it? Oh! My bad.. I didn't realise you were lactose intolarant...

Uhh this freakbox thinks that the 80's show "small wonder" was sexy.. BLECH

Ok.. well thats it for now.. I got my bachlor party tommorow like I said.. I get married next weekend.. So posting may be a *little* sparse.. But I will get on here as soon as I can throughout it all.

Oh yeah.. I got a email from a reader (Which fucking made me very happy. I LOVE FEEDBACK PEOPLE! USE THE FUCKING COMMENTS AT THE END OF EACH POST!!) and they turned me on to a really cool band.. Go check out AbandonedPools I think they are pretty bad assed...

Keep it real!

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