I am having a really hard time thinking of a good title for a post.

Jurrasic Park 3 looks pretty bad assed. I'm glad they kept it under wraps so much until it got ready to come out.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Now that I have a cable modem and copious amounts of free time sitting here resting I think I will go to two of my favorite sites today.. Dark horizons and AdCritic. Broadband rocks!

Tori Amos is pretty freaky.. In her next alblum she will be covering Eminim, Slayer, the beatles, and many others.. It will be a very.. Odd alblum to say the least..

Interested in AI (the movie)?? Then be sure to go read the story that inspired it..

I guess this beats the hell out of slow condoms. I would think just picking them up yourself at the store would be easier.. but.. If you get embarassed buying them or something.. Somewhat useful I guess..

Can't get enough tentacle porn?? And I know you can't cause you come here.. Then go learn to MAKE YOUR OWN TENTACLE PORN!!!

Hmmm. William Gibson had written a script for Alien III and it seems badassed. Go read what could have been.

Check it out! The Armageddon Bra warns the wearer of incoming missles!!

Want to join a UFO cult? Well.. If you do then make sure to join the biggest one. Raelians are pretty sweet. They want to clone a human (Infact their labs just got raided by the US Gov't), build a embassy for the aliens, and create UFO land. Fun fun fun stuff to read!

Missouri Man Bakes Fireworks, Blows Up Kitchen. Do I need to do more then quote the title? And then we have idiots trying to make gasoline fireworks and blowing their damn legs off.. Fuck me. Natural selection I say..

I thought that science hadn't figured out how cats purr. I guess I was wrong..

Learn how to Impale a lobster like a master!

If I got bit on the penis by a snake I would be very upset.

A couple of kids open their own toll booth and make 270 dollars. I think I may do the same. I live on a highway too!

Check out this video of a pissed off baseball player kicking the catcher in the face!!! bad assed!!

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are both ready for a new Indiana Jones movie. I fucking LOVE indiana jones!

Uhhhhhhhhh riiiiiiiiiiiight.. This is just plain weird..

I've been back a couple of days.. and I think its time to bring back the BLECH OF THE DAY!! da da da ANd here is some dragon furry porn to boot! Yay!

I don't know about all of you.. But sometimes I have a bad problem with bleeding nipples. I am ordering a box of these!!! Heres a testomonial from the NipGuard site!
Dear NipGuards, I'd really like to thank you for saving my nipples. Before I discovered NipGuards, my nipples would often become erect and chafe against the jersey I wore for basketball. However, with NipGuards in place, I can play without fear of bleeding, cracking, scarring, or other painful side effects of my nipples. I showed my nipples to all of my teammates and they couldn't believe it! They all ordered some too. So thanks, NipGuards, from myself, my team, and most of all my nipples


For some reason I have lost the use of my desktop.. Its there.. I just can't click on anything on it.. Dammit...

Nothing is as hot as 8 color C64 Porn!!! NOTHING!

Oh goody.. A website named the Aesthetic meat foundation! JOY OF JOYS!!

Are you a sexaholic?? Then go here for some help.

Oh man.. This interactive ralph wiggum is simply one of the greatest examples of artifical intelligence ever made!!

I fear that Cory is turning into a raver. Hopefully ProjectPLUR can save him before its too late!

When I was in boyscouts the Monkeys Fist was the most sought out knot to know how to tie. It fucking rocks. Its a great know to know how to tie for camping. Plus if you put a nice heavy stone in it you can whack the fuck out of people.. Its fun.. I was one of the only 3 people who knew how to make the knot at camp. It was fun..

Well.. Big brother is back.. It sounds like this season they realised that the only way to make this popular is to relise that SEX SELLS. So hopefully the webstream will be worthwhile this time...Hopefully the won't kick off the interesting and slutty people first...WOAH WAIT! holy fuck there are allready two people sleeping together.. Cam four!!

Make your own fireworks show.. Just be careful George Bush doesn't come and beat you up...

You all should find hours and hours of fun stuff to do at the virtual pig dissection page!! HAVE FUN!!!


I love multi tools. I want a leatherman wave. I want one of these. I want a spyderco one too. God. I want lots of money to waste..

Ok.. Well I have to go get ready to go to the Dr again.. Girl will be home tonight to help me finish getting better..

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