Comedy Central blew it on this one.......

I don't know how many people watched Comedy Central's Contest Searchlight last night and when ever else it was on, but it was STUPID!

I think that they were going for some sort of "reality TV" show that showes how hard it is in the tv industry or something. If you aren't familiar with the premis, here is a bit of background.

Normal everyday people send in their ideas for a tv series and you get to look behind the scenes at what actually goes on when a tv channel tries to put together a new show. At the begining you see Dennis Leary come into work all pissed off and wanting to know why the cameras are in his office and running around like a complete asshole. He very much reminded me of every single dickhead boss i ever worked for in my entire life all rolled up into one moron.

Anyway, you get to see what happens when he "forgets" that the show is actually happening and then John Stewart backs out of costarring and they have to find a replacement. Dennis and the crew are frantically calling everyone in the book trying to find someone to do this project and of coarse no one wants too.

I was buying it for a while until they showed the 10 semi finallists at the party they threw where they were going to announce the 3 who got selected from those 10.

I'm sorry, but if you are going to make what is supposed to be a "reality show" about real people trying to make it in show business, you CAN NOT use an actor that has been in a couple movies before! In the group of 10 semi finalists there was one black dude who was wearing a dashiki and at first i didn't recognize him. But they were doign this whole Real World thing where the individuals would get solo time in from of the camera and had to do a journal type thing. When he did his, it turned out to be Dwight Ewell who played Hooper X in Chasing Amy. He also has quite the filmography accourding to IMDB.

So, if anyone thought that this was all real forget about it.

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